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This is an update on my experience with Oolong Tea aka Wulong Tea aka Black Dragon Tea. I am sticking with this for life and only cut back to 1 or 2 if I do not want any weight loss. I included a link about it and there are many more out there.

Update: 4/16/2014 I have created:
Instagram @TeamOolong
Twitter: @TeamOolongTea
Our own trendy TeamOolong T-shirt (I designed it myself lol) http://teespring.com/teamoolong

Thanks & Go Go! Team Oolong many of you have come along the journey with me for years. Thanks so much, I am glad what helped me has help so many of you!

NOTES and Common Q& A:

Will it help me lose weight fast? NO, it gradually should so Consistency & Time is key. It worked best after 30days in my 2nd and 3rd months.

Can you sweeten it ? YES I used regular sugar & sometimes honey.

Can you drink more than 4 cups a day? Yes but I do not suggest too much more there can be weight loss too much too fast I think its better gradual.

When to drink, preferably before meals up to an hour before it does not matter extremely I was not consistent on 1 hour before maybe 30 minutes sometimes only a few minutes before.

Sleep after just drinking a cup NO lol it gives you Energy and will keep you up.

Brand does not matter much but make sure the type is Oolong Tea aka Wulang Tea aka Dragon Tea. ( I will be using China Classic Oolong Tea by Foojoy box of 100 tea bags cost apprx 5-7 dollars)

It may make you urinate on a higher frequency similar to when you drink plenty of water.

******Results may vary and I hope this is helpful to you as it has really been for me. Research this tea and decide if you want to add this to your daily life*******

Brand does not matter much but make sure the type is Oolong Tea aka Wulang Tea aka Dragon Tea.

I will be using China Classic Oolong Tea by Foojoy box of 100 tea bags cost apprx 5-7 dollars


Amazon: Oolong Tea search

Teavana Stores: Various Types of Oolong available



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Mizz Keep It Real says:
Eloise Kaur says:

You shouldn’t throw away your time andbucks and effort on weight losspills
or creams since their effects if any are temporary.

Kajal Ale says:

Foojoy Wuyi Mtn. Oolong (Wu Long) weight loss Tea 100 Tea Bags,NET WEIGHT 7


Wu Yi Oolong Tea Wulong Tea 100 Bags Foojoy
Which one did u used?? The box r same but only the name is abit different.
The above one is around $9 & the second one is $15-$16
I want ti use d one u used

lola pola says:

i usually brew 2 tea bags in a 30oz cup and let it brew for about 5-10
minutes and drink it. You think that is too diluted or its fine?

Nesha Rangel says:

Down -12 pounds after 2 months of drinking oolong 3 times a day. No diet/no

xmunoz21 says:

Where do you get it and how does it look??? Please reply

Todd Watson says:

What brand of Oolong Tea do you order off of Amazon? There are many
different brands. Thanks!

Kaitlin Piedel says:

When I go to amazon for the oolong tea I try to look up the original but
all these $16-$50 oolong teas show up. I want to cost 4-6 dollars for this
please comment ASAP thank you so much for posting this video I was about to
give up :)) 

Vanity Haze says:

Do you have Instagram? It would be cool to make a oolong tea weight loss
blog and upload pics of the people who’ve followed you on this journey (:

Anjali Pyanan says:

heyy reallyy need ur help!! if i drink it 2times a day after my meals will
it work? like one at lunch and one at dinner 

Veronica Lopez says:

Hi ms real’my name is Veronica. I’ve been watching your videos on you take
and want to say thank you. Well I wanted to ask you if I accidently ordered
the wrong oolong tea’ do you think that would be OK? I ordered one that’s
uncle Lee’s tea. Well any input is greatly appreciated’thank you!

Love Gwen says:

What is the difference between this tea and green tea?

Srividhya Krish says:

Hi …your video has been quite inspirational …I have already embarked on
my weight loss journey…planning to add oolong tea to the regime, but not
sure as when it should be had to reap in the best results, like is it after
meals or before? Many thanks…

manasi sheth says:

Hey is possible to lose weight with this when I have got very less to
lose..?? Like the stubborn weight part??

Quills Jacko says:

What is your face book name?

Melissa Lewis says:

I lost three inches off my tummy the first month with oolong! No scale at
the time and found it is best to measure your inches not pounds yet
especially when starting out with oolong tea. Inches off = fat lost. I boil
the water and pour directly over the tea bag. Seep for 3-4 min. It can be
bitter if left too long. Foojoy China Classic Oolong tea is what I used.
Just got prince of peace organic oolong to compare it to Foojoy brand. This
is working for me! Have not changed my diet nor exercise any more than I
all ready did prior.

Amanda Garcia says:

It’s $4 on amazon
$5 shipping :(
so total $9.
Just ordered it. Hope it works for me. I know everyone is different..
Thanks for the tip +Mizz Keep It Real 

Amy Jackson says:

Can you achieve weight loss still by doing decaffeinated tea??

Alya Jawaid says:

This video makes me happy… finally hope I was looking for cause I love

Kaitlin Piedel says:

I want to spend* not cost

Amber Marie Malone says:

“No work out”! Music to my ears!!!

Tony Austin says:

you look great… O_O

Fernande Jourdain says:

You seem like you’re perfect. If you have it all to together, your diet and
skin, why drink to tea?

Praveen Kumar says:

It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when other ordinary people do
it so easily using Ready Set Ripped (go google it).

Yashvi Lucknauth says:

there are many type of oolong tea.Does all work for weight loss

Janie Williams says:

About to Start this tea thing a size 16 want to be a 9 love my coffee so I
will try it in my coffee.

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