Top 6 Weight Loss Drinks! Easy, Healthy Ways to Lose Weight! Diet Tips, Green Tea, Smoothies, Juice

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Top 6 weight loss Drinks! Easy, Healthy Ways to lose weight! Diet Tips, Green Tea, Smoothies, Juice

Corrina Rachel reveals the Top 6 Drinks for weight loss & Health!! It’s easy to lose weight with these helpful weight loss and diet tips!! As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Corrina has helped hundreds of people lose weight!!

Featuring Corrina Rachel

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robofish312 says:

I started drinking IsoPure protein drinks (40g) after running a 5k each day
and after two weeks I got a kidney stone which was a terrible experience.

mark smith says:

I would recommend using pure organic maple syrup or organic agave syrup
instead of honey as a sweetener since Honey is essentially bee vomit. (:
great video as always oh and try organic hemp protein as well but not too
much protein people because it is bad for you. We’ve been lied to by the
government and food industry for years so they can sell more meat and

millennialgirl says:

totally agree about the veggie juices vs fruit juices. It is hard to find
recipes that use more greens than fruit. 

crofitness says:

“It’s very tasty and looks like very healthy product.” Talking about being
professional. Hehe I’m not hating or anything but, “looks very healthy” is
not what I want to hear haha… Anyways, good channel ;)

Diamond Johnson says:

Coconut water tastes terrible in my opinion. I just guzzle tho so I don’t
have to think about the taste. Lol

ben22RS says:

I’m trying to get a six pack atm :) Do protein milkshakes help? I buy 7
mangos and a whole bunch of bananas every week to make smoothies as they
are really nice to wake up too:) tried coconut water but it was disgusting
. Really helpful video though ;)

Mike Chrisman says:

haha, force down a gallon of water a day… will help lose weight. water
also helps spark your brain in the morning which actually leads to you
being more active and burning more calories throughout the day… 

PsycheTruth says:
TheSheepLover says:

Dear Corrina, can you please do a video about the thigh gap! Because
there’s a lot confusion about it and everyone is obsessed about it. It
seems like everyone wants a thigh gap. And then are others who are like
“They’re not healthy!” And shame those that have them. So can you please do
a video about thigh gaps and weather they’re an attainable goal and how to
get them and all. Thank you!

San lee says:

I cant stand the smell of greens in a smoothie. What about just fruit-only
smoothies? I blend watermelon and peach. 

samcapo says:

I love snacking on the cocoa nibs. Mmm.. you’re beautiful, btw 

Ronald Sylvia says:

great video as always i know your shooting for ratings but putting your
pussy on the table i mean cmon now that’s taking it a liitle far now 

Joseph1NJ says:

Really like the new opening, nice work.

Ingrid Peterson says:

how about just adding some actual 100% aloe Vera to water, would that be ok
to drink?

Victoria Perez says:

Hello Corrina,

I hope I spelled that right. :) I heard you mention Stevia in your video.
Is Stevia healthy enough to replace sugar intake for long term or would you
suggest coconut sugar or honey?

Thank you,

1222sms says:

Why is she wearing a sports bra? She doesn’t work out in this video. 

eyeadoreava says:

Hey Corrina! Great vid, with some
wonderful nutrition advice..
I’ve been drinking coconut water lately and been feeling great, next step
is to lose my coffee addiction lol I will be grabbing some green tea next
time I’m at the store :) Thank you! 

Angelica Loera says:

Hi Corrina Rachel I was wondering if you could do a review on a product
that I have been using for a while now its a Meal replacement shake called
Shakeology made by the company Beachbody I have heard bad and good things
about it and its pretty expensive 100 dollars for a 30 day supply I just
wanted to know if its worth it what I am paying for it and is it really
healthy like they say it is? please help me for I have been trying so hard
to loose weight and eat healthier.

Crystal tty says:

can you do a video about oil ? :)

xl101027 says:

Corrina, I drink water all day long and never consume soda.
But I am curious for your opinion on my new favorite beverage: plain
sparkling water, no flavors (sometimes lemon and lime added). The bubbles
are what I like about it, but it is healthy?

fuinneoger1 says:

Please be aware that apple cider vinegar taken long term thins the blood.
Exercise helps stabilize blood pressure, but if you suffer from low blood
pressure or are using blood thinning medication, you need to be aware of

San lee says:

I thought sour foods can make you hungrier. 

Shayrae Rush says:

Does coconut water taste like coaconuts? & if it does is there a way to
completely mask the taste?

Peter Holand says:
Viridiana Prado says:

Hi, Corrina, as beautiful as ussual, I love your videos. Just a little
question, would you recommend liquid chlorophyll while working out? thx =)

iloveflossyo says:

Lol who cares about lady gaga lol great vid though!

bertlee20 says:

pretty kitty

spemmag says:

Great video, I love green tea now although it took me a while to get used
to it and lemon and hot water :)

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