TaeBo: Training People to Lose Weight – Tae Bo Exercises

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lose weight with the best training about Fat Loss, this is a super indicate for TaeBo

TaeBo is the master of Fat loss and lose weight.

weight loss and conquer your perfect body with TaeBo Exercises


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Tae Boost says:

Tae Bo is an art that improves your body like no other.

Now Watch this super training.

ed bobier says:

Marjorie Salazar says:
anne says:

love Tae bo… es mi desayuno cada día…

Wadia0820 says:

this one is the best, especially the floor exercises

Leona Banks says:

Why don’t this black nigger ever have black women in his videos. There are
a lot of physically fit BLACK women. They need to see others like
themselves for motivation also. He constantly shows what pale faces are
doing and not even trying to encourage BLACK women. Another black nigger
who hates his skin tone and his own race of women. WHAT A SACK OF

Kim Haynesworth says:

I’m truly losing weight with KM Boxer’s Choice Creme,Tae Bo and eating
right!!!! I’m getting better every day in every way

Gaafitha Mustapha says:

This is DEFINITELY still my favourite Tae Bo workout. Simply amazing body

luis Félix says:

this was the best billi’s work out eveeerrr!!!

Mariana Ramos says:

Aos interessasdos aqui estao treinos bons e com sentido…. vale a pena
“tae bo”

lebon Marie Ange says:

love it

Myrna Obén says:


Angela Alay says:

this is the best !!! 

Anny Ortiz says:

i would love to purchase this video can you tell me the name and year
please thanks

RaNa RnOsHa says:

Tae Bo the best

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