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Carie G. Snow says:

You can lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks safely & naturally even when you have not
lost weight for many years

JoeyMilly VermeulenSherratt says:

Your accent is confusing me. It sounds like your either American trying a
British accent or British trying an American accent. But yeah I agree with
your core argument haha. 


Love you… so young and inspiring 

hadjer fille d algerie says:

nice 1 hhhhhhhhhhhh bt she is right

KettiexD says:

Oh my goodness I was clicked this thinking “UGH, she’s one of *those*
fitness people?! I’ll watch this and if she is, I’m unsubbing” but you
weren’t :D yay

Vatra Theodora says:

Really? :'( :'( 

Anny Kim says:

Ok… So how can I lose weight? What do u do?

shaderrika elmore says:

Lol you got me!!!

InNirvana955 says:

I actually clicked this cause i kinda knew you’ll say what you said :D You
are really inspiring and i like you a lot. Also, you are beautiful ^.^

Firdous Philip says:

There is a way to lose weigh and I gljust drink alot of water and eat

Jessica M says:

You’re right though..

rasp berryboo says:

there is a such thing i lost 15 pounds in ten days before i lived on fruit
vegetable and protein juice the whole time the only hard part is keeping it

mscraftyperson says:

This is not that helpful….

Soukaina Lazar says:

Fuck u bitch !!!

xin-yu liu says:

really inspired me,thanks so much

Ella Kirby says:

You can shed weight safely and avoid weight gain back again if you have the
right nutrition plan, without the need of pills, hard exercises…

Lilly Wick says:

Wow finally someone with brains! 

Jessica M says:


Guls says:

disliked because it isn’t fast and easy 

Ahmed Hassan says:

Just alternative fast

LuvHeartz99 says:

the music at the start tho XD

Emma Lohnes says:

Everybody has different bodies being healthy and exerciseing

Doesn’t always work for everybody and I have lost so much wate in over a
short period of time without dieting

Latoryon Harris says:

Wats her number

babydolly says:

Dumb bitch

Kiki Muldrow says:

U remind me of Willow Smith

kimmay . cx says:

im watching this while eating chips…

ArtOn .Anything says:

If you have just watched this video, don’t worry this young lady is highly
incorrect. weight lose is simple, all you have to do is drink water. If you
have the will power to only drink water for one week and then weigh
yourself, you will be suprised at the weight loss.
To get rid of toxins you can either sweat them out with exercise :/ THE
or you can simply drink only water. Your liver can then function at 100%
and flush the toxins out through the toilet. Remember weight lose does take
TIME. You can have smoothies with water, tea or coffe with no sugar. You
can speed up your weight lose by adding some sort of easy exercise in the
morning for 10 min, so your metabolism can warm up before you eat and the
last stage is only have one cooked meal a day. Water is the secret, try for
a week free, easy and works. Ive lost over 28 kg. Be patient for the win

Angela Buentello says:

I love your hair

Sophia Heaven says:

This is the best thing ever

Ashley Kahue says:

*Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way to target all the unwanted fat
in your body and just get rid of it? You could burn away all of the fat
around your legs and the backs of your arms, while keeping your buttocks
and/or breasts nice and plump. It would be a dream come true! Is it

fatin aziz says:

Have you experienced Muscle Maker Method? (do a google search for it) It is
a quick way to get ripped fast.


Do you make these deadly mistakes in your diets? Copy And paste into Google
Muscle Maker Method to find out.

kin2dottk says:

Hi guys! Have you heard the talk about – Oz Fat Be Gone (google it)? Ive
heard some decent things about it and my niece lost 22lbs within days with

Alshaulyn Sanders says:

How long did it take for u to lose 50 pounds

Michael Boyle says:

Thanks for sharing information. The tips are good and useful, I think. You
can be a great inspiration for other people who try their best to lose
weight. Good luck

Valeri Ham says:

Gracias… es verdad!

Raed Darouaz says:

Good tips but i think using a good weight loss program can make you gain a
lot of time and effort , for exemple the 4 day fat loss or the wl academy
can really help

guruefx1 says:

To ordinary people who want to get skinnier some day, Just Go And Google
Skinnimaker System so you can get started

veera ks says:

To folks who want to melt fat some day, Go Google Skinnimaker Routine so
you can get started

Beraa RvP says:

I had been crying for ages to lose weight and feel amazing when i look in
the mirror and finally ExprezSliminizer has made it a reality. I have lost
25 kgs of fat and after seeing all the fat loss videos i wanna recommend
ExprezSliminizer to all the hopefuls out there. All the best on your

IsabellaLoveeMuahh says:

Thank you so much you motivate me soooo much I just started watching your
videos last night and I love them all:) 

SuriYouth says:

The first time I saw this, I thought she was a bully. But later on in the
video and her others video’s. I realised she is an inspiration. You go
Scola. Young and beautiful and Inspiration. That is so much of the good
stuff in one package. Keep up the good work. Remember stay your self. Don’t
let fame change you. Never forget that. <3 

Jesspyre says:

YOU GO GIRL! WHOO! She speaks the truth!- And yes…. you got me with your
FAST and EASY. Trixy lady. >.<

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