How To Lose Weight Fast + Easy

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Hi guys :) there were so many people asking me how I lost weight .. so I decided to make this how to lose weight fast + easy Video for you guys. I hope to help you with this Video and if it helped don’t forget to give it a THUMBS UP

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Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored Video :) all the opinions are my own :)

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mirella derungs says:

Hi everyone
I’m going to upload a how to stop craving bad food video this week !!
LET ME KNOW what kind of videos you want to watch ..

Dont forget to follow me on Instagram: mirellalicious

thanks <3

Kim McVeil says:

Both of the pictures are beautiful Hun! Before and after!

Brenda Biebrauhl says:

Did u drink the tea cold or hot 

Kristijan Varga says:

u have nice eyes :D

Eva Janickova says:

You’re amazing! :)

Tomas Beli says:

Did you really think you were fat before?
For me you looked *amazing* before, and after you look great, but if i saw
the before version of you on the street last thing i would think about is
fat or unhealthy. :)

Dali D'Souza says:

Thank u Mirella ; I Really Loved the Video ; bt I Was Wondering ; Is it
Okey to Drink Milk , Because I Started avoiding sugar ; so i started
drinking Juices made with Milk without using any sugar , so Does Milk Help
or stop the weight loss ? 

saima ali says:

I dont think u look bad before,but u look. great now Just wana tell u one
thing u are pretty ok dont feel bad cause ppl wana say stuff even if u are
perfect. One thing i know that if someone is bitching about u u probably
are v important for them that they are discussing u s like a model now
honestlo here u go just think that

Joanna Castillo says:

How long does it take to loose the weight

JohnnyRivers says:

Good video, thanks for sharing this.

Leen Rabbaa says:

You are sooooooooo cute 

Cherry Chummys says:

Hi basically I was wondering how do u cope like when your friends snack on
sugar and things like that and what about Halloween

Stephany Lee says:

OMG I loved how u look before. Now too but before you were so hot. 

Dora Duh Explorer says:

Hi! I hope I can get this question answered by you but if there’s anyone
else that can answer this that would be OK to. I’m doing good on the water
drinking but as for eating healthy its beyond my control. Im still a
teenager therefore I live with my parents but we only eat out ( McDonald’s,
etc.) I refer to my family as sugar ants because everyday I’ll see them eat
some sort of donut or cake . I tried asking my family if we can go to
healthier fast food places but they say that salads and stuff are to
expensive. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

Angela Lor says:

love your hair color its so simple but it suits you!

Maria Chavarria says:

You are awesome! 

Kacey Braken says:

is fizzy water ok,your soooo pretty xx

wondah black says:

You are gorgeous before and after! Thanks for the inspiration video

Elizabeth Castaneda says:

How long did it take u 5months

Alicia Mailloux says:

I’ve been trying to loose weight for 3 years and I’m still the same weight
help me loose weight with no dieting make a video for that pls

Games4Bros says:

I feel really akward that im the only guy here is trying to lose weight
Like i feel like its a girls thing lol

Zala Kecman says:

You are realy amazing and beautiful :D

fashionbyife says:

You look like Ariana Grande though your so pretty

Stylishia Luudax says:

you talk alot thats why… :/ but well thanks

Mihila Ketybelu says:

o my god you are so perty

SgtPeppersNo9 says:

Where are you from. You voice sound so cute

Sok im Eang says:

i really want lose my wight ><

beautyinsideme says:

omg girl i love you so much you looked beautiful before and now

anacecilia perreira says:

You’re Brazilian ❤️

Sophia Haggerty says:

Is bottled water ok?

Tiffany Thibeault says:

Ur accent reminds me of AquaMarin o:

Elizabeth Virrueta says:

You are really pretty plz follow me on Instagram

irvinelover says:

Heavy or thin your so Beautiful within !!! Keep it up Kiddo :)

OctaneEnterprise says:

Thanks so much, I know it’s not that usual for a guy to be sensitive if his
weight, but I am and you have really inspired me. Thank you so much and by
the way you look great!

WestSideResident says:

Why are you so perfect. I’m now in love with you. 

Ruaa Mahmood says:

How tall are you?

Cheyenne Ungerank says:

I watched this about a month ago, and every time I feel like I can’t keep
going I watch it again. You have helped me so much. Thank you

Viola Rexhepi says:

you are amaizing <3 

Amanda P. Fraser says:

You are so cute! i have a friend looks like you . I’m trying to lose weight
. I’ve read Ricky Dawson’s new report “The 7 Golden TIps” and It’s really
helpful and i’m starting to do workouts . Thank you for inspiring me
Mirella :)

Michelle Shah says:

Wow your so motivating:) this really helped I hope I loose more weight (:
thank you!

Akira Love says:

This is the reason i will consider becoming lesbian *_* Why so AMAZING
girl! Gorgeous..xoxo

Amanda Taylor says:

are you albanian?

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