Extreme Weight Loss – “James” (Season 1 / Episode 4)

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James is a 26-year-old man who had hopes of becoming a pro football player. Now he gets winded just walking down the street to the lamppost outside his home. His abdominal hernia can’t be fixed because it’s unsafe for a person of his stature to go under anesthesia. James has been engaging in late night workouts so that no one else will be around to see him. It’s a start, but he needs help. Well, help is on the way.

Chris Powell surprises James at one of his 2 a.m. gym sessions. They jet off to Los Angeles for boot camp and the initial weigh-in which registers James at 651 pounds. There’s some combativeness during the first workout, with James making demands for water. Chris won’t give him any until he finishes the fight. When James returns home to Texas, his home has been transformed to an environment conducive to weight loss. His bedroom is now a home gym.

James is tasked with losing 150 pounds in three months. If he does this, Chris will reward him with a special bike that will hold his weight. James drops 51 pounds over the first 30 days. He’s getting support from his family, with his mom being his biggest advocate. On day 50, Chris challenges a stubborn James make a roundtrip run to and from that pesky lamppost. He makes it with a few seconds to spare. At the 90-day weigh-in, James is down to 497. Time to go for a bike ride!

The next phase involves losing 80 pound over three months. James works hard right up until the day he’s admitted to the hospital after suffering from heavy fevers and shortness of breath. This illness threw a monkey wrench into his workout regime. At the next weigh-in, he’s down to 486. That means he only lost 11 pounds.

James is introduced to former Dallas Cowboys stars Nate Newton and Michael Irvin. Why? Well, for his milestone, James plays a little football under their watchful eyes. The workout impresses Michael Irvin, as well the men James plays against. Then it’s time for Phase Three. Chris asks James how much he wants to lose this time around. He sets the goal of 30 pounds a month to get back on track.

As day 270 rolls around, James heads back to Los Angeles for the next weigh-in. Chris realizes that his client is a completely different person. His target weight was 396. James comes in at 394. That’s 257 pounds lost in nine months. Three more months to go!

At the end of a grueling year, James is brought to the site of Super Bowl XLV where a cheering crowd awaits. His transformation is amazing. At the final weigh-in, James comes in at 338 pounds. That means he lost 313 pounds in one year. As a reward for this remarkable achievement, Chris gives James two tickets to the big game. You could say this entire experience has been a total touchdown. Way to go, James!


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Jennifer Alegria says:

The extreme weight loss is really inspiring especially James’s episode.
Actually i’m trying to losing weight also and i’m reading the new Ricky
Dawson’s free report “The 7 Golden Tips” . It also contains a lot of
valuable information on how to drop pounds easily so i think it’s helping

lauren marshall says:

how long do u guys think it would take to lose 50lbs? i am 11 and at weight
140 ;( I NEED to LOSE 50lbs BADLY! 

Syahmi Rosli says:

Im 16 and Im 350 lbs and 6′ 1″. I need to do it. I CAN DO IT. YES…..

Jack White says:

But his end weight is still obese lol

CRaul87 says:

The nutritional tips on this show are HORRENDOUS!!!
“You need to eat less protein” she said … OMFG!!!! I guess all that
protein is the reason all professional bodybuilders are “fat”….

Jared Gonzalez says:

Im 12 years old and im 100 pounds want to go back to those old time when I
was 85 pounds what do I do at my age PLZ someone help me out!

KravaLLT says:

Getting a free home gym and all this other shit just for being a fat tub of

LaOm33 says:

I am 24 Started working out 5months ago . Before that i haven’t trained
for like 20 months I had 2 surgeries gained 50LB , 25Kilos because of
medication. Now i am 240LB – 110Kg . Training 5 days a week from the first
day 1h 30m or 2h avg. 

Kayla Mackenzie says:

I’m 13 almost 14, 5’3, 97 pounds, and I only eat 400-500 calories a day,
and workout everyday…

The Skeleton Healer says:

Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of
the future.
It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not
at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not
misunderstand me, danger is very real, but fear is a choice. We are all
telling ourselves a story.

Tekuila Gaming says:

This guy makes me feel better about my weight problem and makes me feel
like I can lose it.

Bruce Wayne says:

No matter how much i eat.. I won’t get fat… Maybe it’s because of all
these crime fighting :P jk..! Yeah im serious I’m not gaining weight..!

Jimmy M. Meier says:

That’s so inspiring ! I’m really impressed by James . i know that it’s
really frustrating & overwhelmed to be fat but guys like james are proving
that there’s nothing impossible for humain beings . I remember when i was
over-weighted , i was struggling every single moment in my life until i
decided to get my dream body .

Susan Wyse says:

Angry fatties are hilarious!

Mackoek says:

I never get why these super obese people are so ‘desperate’, yet they never
seem to think about studying the basics of nutrition and getting a bit
smarter with their food.

SM H says:

i like how i skipped all the drama and went straight to the climax, lol

Living Well With TJ says:

Sadly, he died during surgery three months after this aired. 

jenferlyn84 says:

He is handsome and has an attractive personality. Health is the most
important though.

Christian Andersson says:

Srsly, how fck do u become that big?
I mean, after changing your whole closet several times, u must realize
something is srsly fucked up.

Zamolxes77 says:

Ok, someone knowledgeable explain this to me, please, I’m fairly new to
weight loss.

Why is he denying him water during workout?

I always thought that water helps increase your metabolism, O and H2 from
water are needed as catalysts. I drink it all the time during workout. I
wait for that sensation of dry lips, or a bit of a dry throat, then drink a
12 oz cold water bottle, not dunk it, but sip it slowly.

Or maybe he has too much water locked into his adipose tissue? Some light
on the issue would be appreciated.

tikka masala says:

Fat ugly obese Americans Faggots

Nova says:

im 5’1 127 lbs trying to get back down to 106 after having anorexia and
rebounding.. 20 lbs is nothing compared to this. Inspiring! 

Disk Jockie says:

i fucking workout 5 times a week, take supps, take like 8 multivitamins a
day and try to be as healthy as i can…i get acne and this fat piece of
shit had none even as a whale

Bryan Brockman says:

he is surprised he is chosen…yet there is a camera crew filming

D Taylor says:

Wow what a show. This should give any one over weight inspiration.

Sofia Greenwood says:

You are able to lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks safely & naturally even when you
haven’t lost weight for long periods

Rommel Magaña Brizuela says:

I’m not obese I’m fat I really wanna lose at lease 20 pounds

Leslie Seibel says:

Good for you!!!!!

hellokimmy says:

Michael Irvin’s voice made me melt a little.

ThetwoTards says:

39:33 that guy looks like he needs Chris Powell too

Lysa Malu says:

is it just me or is james such a likable person… :)

OlFexMaGe says:

0:15 gabe newell

FeloniousAngel says:

He’s got souch a handsome face under all of that! I hope he gets under the
weight limit for the hernia surgery. I hope he keeps up the regimen :)

Thanks for the upload.

SDI LABS says:

well somatroph hc works well and lots of people are losing huge amounts of
weight on it and keep it off, see the videos on my profile

Melanie Thompson says:

Help me raise money to get to weight loss camp!



WormChemistry says:

that’s a big belly button

babyswithrabies says:

so dumb not to let him have water in the beginning. being dehydrated drops
your metabolisum by 25% 

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