Easy Diet Weight Loss Plan That Really Works, How To Lose Weight, Psychetruth Nutrition

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Easy Diet weight loss Plan That Really Works, How To lose weight, Psychetruth Nutrition

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Toni T Snider says:

To lose weight efficiently and maintain it, you need to have a permanent
plan instead of bouncing from diet to diet.

Bertie Blue says:

The major problem here is humans will not put up with denial we are far too
clever and always find a way round obstacles. Look around your
neighbourhood or workplace, slim/skinny people are in the minority most
people are in some way overweight. Contrasting decades ago when food was
expensive is folly, those who could afford it comfortably were not slim,
members of royal families have had a fuller figure since time began!!
Circumstance dictates our eating behaviour not choice.

Circumstance today makes food cheap, available and designed to appeal
everyone knows the pitfalls but still we relentlessly eat. The oriental
races renowned for slenderness now have access to our western menus and are
intoxicated by it consequently heart disease/obesity is winding it’s
inevitable way into their lives and they are not stupid people.

It is because of one unassailable truth –

We are designed to gorge particularly on high calorie foods (it’s why sugar
tastes so good). We are doing exactly what evolution dictates scoffing
whenever possible. It is our default a perfectly normal and natural thing a
mechanism evolved over thousands of years when the next meal was in the lap
of the gods.

Eating properly is a science which has not yet hit the curriculum.

Antuan The Swan says:

You are so beautiful….:>

How to get rid of cellulite fast says:

one of the best videos on the topic

Hotrods Adams says:

I don’t want to nitpick here because I agree that the obesity rate has
grown, but didn’t people in the 1950s also have a worse life expectancy
than us? I don’t think it’s a great idea to follow fad diets like paleo
caveman etc because we’ve no idea what it’s going to do to our life
expectancy in the long run. The main difference from 1950 and now is that
they couldn’t afford to eat crap foods very often, so do eat treats, but as
a treat not as a habit. And they were a ton more active, so just try to
walk 20-30mins a day 5-6days a week and you can drop a ton of weight.

I agree eating clean most days is best, ie make your own dinners from plain
basic ingredients, meats+ vegetables without premade meals. But for
instance not even my grandma, but my mother when she was a child only got
an orange once a year, we should abuse the readily available fruits and
vegetables that we have in todays world.

David Adcock says:

I have watched all your videos Corrina and agree with everything you have
said except one thing. I am a 62 year old farmer born and raised on the
farm. I have raised gmo crops and non gmo crops both for the last 20 years.
Plants gmo themselves all the time. Knowing what is exactly the difference
between the too, If I had to choose I would eat the gmo crop before I would
eat the non gmo crop. gmo crops are safer for man and safer for the
environment. Grandma had to walk to school and in the forties and fifties
farmers used all kinds of very very dangerous chemicals that we do not have
to use today. So the question is if you think I am wrong tell me why and in

Mazen AlZahrani says:

Great videos, You are my hero these days ;)

hoeloloo says:

The best bosom on youtube.

arron frederick says:

its simple only eat whole grains vegetables and lean proteins and drink a
gallon of water a day thats the only thing she should of said

brissiebabe2009 says:

its not food you fool but technology…..our grandparents didnt sit online
for hours.nothing to do with food.

arron frederick says:

her tits are the only thing i was intrested in

cina gurung says:

Have you tried Skinnimaker System? (Go google it) It is a quick and easy
way to burn fat fast.

rupak neupane says:

This almost-magical fat burning strategy burns weight faster than any
powders, pills, or potions. Just Google Skinnimaker System to find out

Shankar Majakoti says:

i love this video because If you want to get rid of fat fast, you should
search google for Legion Fat Loss. They can help you get the body you

Finchley HairSalon says:

I love your wide knowledge about diet weight loss. Ive learned new things
watching this. I look forward learning from your video tips.

Stevie May says:

why would you ask your grandparents if they were overweight at your age,
wouldnt that be offending them?

Trace Miller says:

I heard a food mantra a while back. If you can’t pick it and eat it or
kill it and eat it…don’t eat it. No processed foods is the message.

Helene T says:

It is true that non-processed, know-the-ingredients foods are healthier,
but peoples diet were generally not healthier 100 years ago. A lot more
people back when did psycial work for their job, which for some was like a
8-10 hour workout every single day. They generally had less money, and only
rich people could afford to get fat. Today people generally know a lot more
about nutrition, and most peoples diets back then lacked vitamin,
nutrients, protein i.e. (since meat, foreign fruits and vegetables i.e.
were so expensive). They were generally shorter, skinnier and lived shorter
lives because of poor diet or lack of food in their early years – there was
not enough energy in their diet to grow, and the hard psycial work was
breaking their bodies down faster. 

Elise says:

What about the fact that they lowered the weight at which someone is
considered overweight or obese? Or that people on the committee who made
this decision all had very close connections with at least one diet
company? I agree with what you are saying but I do think that the increase
in obesity isn’t quite as extreme as it seems at first. 

wyler smith says:

I sought to for a long moment to lose fat but nothing worked until I
modified my eating routine. Next I began doing general exercise and the
weight began to go down fast. After i ate nutritious plus did physical
activities I took a diet fat binder that can drop the body unwanted fat
more rapidly. I actually have dropped more than 26 pounds and I just have
17 pounds to go to achieve my goal weight and size. I now possess more
strength and feel great!
To learn more on burning fat have a look at my Youtube Viideo – Proactol
Plus Review – Proactol Plus Exposed

hapanue says:

voce ta de parabens viu, tem que fazer algo pra mudar a situaçao da comida
do seu pais, e o pior é que aqui no Brasil cada vez mais as pessoas estão
parando de cozinhar a propria comida para comer coisas prontas, por aqui
muitos ainda cozinham grãos e vegetais , mas nao é mais todo dia como antes

shasashu says:

Great video..

offwithurhead says:

So basically… one of my grandmas says she nearly didn’t eat anything(you
know, poverty), my other grandma ate lot’s of fatty pork and dairy and was
very athletic.

cooloffdog says:

People were more active back then to make a living also

Shadow Heart says:

thank you for hte excellent diet plan… irony applied 

roshan shrestha says:

Have you experienced Stupid Simple Slimming? (Go google it) It is a quick
way for you to shed pounds fast.

Maya par says:

Have you heard about “Crankmax fat loss”? (Go google it) It is a quick
and easy way to burn up fat fast.

Nattynatnat says:

Corrina, do you see the rates of obesity and overweight people increasing
in the same trend they have in previous years? The percentages just seem to
be climbing..

Dremin2009 says:

Just wondering what your opposition to genetically modified foods is based
in. I’m not 100% cool with the amount of genetic tinkering going on by the
scientists, but genetic modifications occur in the natural world and
obviously we have modified species long before genetics was around by
controlling their reproduction to pass along the traits we want, like
larger fruits/vegetables. I think there are a lot of unethical companies
modifying foods, but some of it seems perfectly reasonable too.

Artem Siloch says:

Hi! I’m Courtney.I did -40 lbs last 2 weeks.Go to hd-diet.com

Emily Rose says:

@psychetruth you should make a video addressing how college students can
eat healthier. I am living in a dorm, broke and without a kitchen to make
my own food.

Drpapuffnik says:

In general I have discovered the “joy” of food preperation, cut out
processed and wala! lost weight feel better. Don’t be lazy make it your

ergegregreg gregregreg says:

in summary she’s just saying eat natural foods…

Nattynatnat says:

Horrifying stats! It’s a shame I’m not connected to my family to find out
this information, but great video anyway! I’ve lost 2kg in 2 weeks from
eating healthy foods and cutting processed foods and bad sugars.

milo vela says:

i have such a girl crush on you, just so you know…LOL

fetymann says:

Oh really now??? en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Cell_membrane

yoblad2471 says:

heyo wtf

Catherine DeJesus says:

Love youtube its the best resource for free info just came across new
discovery about women and fat loss it worked now I can still eat icecream
and stay thin and sexy check it out tiny.cc/hot_body_now

Jome Fitness says:

I love her little nose haha

rohosso tex says:

Put Your Comment Here–Spintax Does Work

Mallikinney says:

You should watch “The Supersizers eat” and “The Supersizers go”. They
explore different eras of diet from ancient Rome up to the 80s. But they
also did an episode of the 20s, war time, and 50s. So you get a pretty good
idea if eating that kind of diet is for you :)

Kristian Amora says:

25 dislikes are all obese ;P

Amanda Still says:

I really love how cold-bloodedly BLUNT these videos are! Its like “don’t
wanna do the work? stay fat!” and It’s amazing!

Ananya Zaman says:

lol, check out KIM Kardashian’s special diet plan here

lakecrab says:

No drive through food would help. Park as far away as possible (and safe)
from all destinations and walk a little.

Dorian Davis says:

Corrina your videos really do help. I want to commend you on these videos
because i lost 30 pounds from staying away from process foods, Foods that
contain MSG and Corn Syrup. Keep those videos coming!

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