Easiest Diet & Weight Loss EVER! Lose Weight Healthy Dieting Tips | Psychetruth Nutrition Info

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Easiest Diet & weight loss EVER! lose weight Healthy Easy Dieting Tips | Psychetruth Nutrition Info

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PsycheTruth says:

Does the place your food comes from effect the result of you diet?

Why was “Grandmas” Generation so much Healthier?

What is the Easiest Diet Ever??

*Corrina Rachel*Has the answers!


I JUST got done watching this girl in another video say the 10 worst things
that you should stop eating if you’re on a diet, like white bread and
french fries. In this video, at #9 or #10, she basically says/shows that
grandma ate hamburgers (with white buns), pizza (white dough) and french
fries that she cooked in a kitchen, so you should eat that too. 

ASTR0WIG says:

Corrina has a cute little nosie.

pimpgreen8989 says:

I don’t think it’s possible to avoid factory farming, unless we raise our
own cattle and chickens and living in a apartment it’s not possible for me.

Wang Muncher says:

cooking food is just like chemistry but more expensive.


yeah but you should show us that healthy ass

I know its nice, just turn out :)

chellebabe mac says:

I love how you break everything down,all of this good teaching for free,God
bless your heart.

Helena Wojtczak says:

mmmm you have made me fancy a KFC.

Malissa Jensen says:

Well, my Grandmother was overweight, as was her father… and all of us in
the family now struggle with this issue… I eat tons of fruits and
veggies…but what I do know is that it doesnt matter if I never lose
another pound, as long as I am not gaining :) 

Linda Casey says:

Indeed … but quit eating meat altogether! It’s bad for the health of the

Antuan The Swan says:

You have a gorgeous body… something is working! 

RuudJH says:

This is a long story with a lot of excess information.
Short version: eat less sugar less fat less pasta less meat. Eat more
vegetables and some fruits.

don carson says:

grandma was thinner because she grew up in the country, when you had to
chase down what you were going to eat and bludgeon it with a stick, or
graze in the pastures for berries, 

MaryAnn Bulawa says:

Water is a chemical retard.

Jong Oabmay says:

nice ass too :3

Muhammad Muhammad says:
Andrea Ivich says:

You have great things to share, but you really shouldn’t be doing all this
fat shaming.

blessedisshegroup says:

I’ve learned soooooo much through your videos-THANK YOU!!!

Jan Lim says:

The majority of obese people in this country are from lower income
families, many whom have parents who both work 1-2 jobs. They simply don’t
have the time or energy to cook, so they reach for fast or ready made
foods. My guess is that you make a medium to upper level income, and have
plenty of time to craft your own meals. Just saying “suck it up” to obese
people just shows your vast ignorance and insensitivity.

VivaVistaMac1 says:

LOL AT 10:30! Definitely wasn’t expecting that!

Kleber R. Costa says:

she´s especially hot in this vid…

Muhammad Muhammad says:

i love ur videos…. they gives me a lot of information 

Aardy Vark says:

dont get high on your own supply = big food industry ceo’s etc 

Paraluman Funtanilla says:

I want to be healthy but in my country it’s really expensive to eat
healthy. Turns out health is wealth but you have to be wealthy to be

Navaid Ahmed says:

Hi Corrina

rash carrot says:

You’re hot. Agree?

lawrence drake says:

Great job with this video, very informative.

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