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Here are 13 SUPER Easy changes you can make in your everyday lifestyle that will lead you to living a healthier life and might even have you losing weight without having to go to the gym! A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to overhaul everything, change everything about yourself, or invest in weird gadgets and exotic foods. These tiny tweaks are things that I do in my everyday life. They seem pretty simple, but they make a HUGE difference.

“Tiny Tweaks Lead To Big Changes”


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Shenni Brown says:

I don’t know where you got your information from but the microwave doesn’t
kill all the nutrients in your food. It actually retains nutrients much
more that stove top or oven cooking if done right.

Astral Projection says:

Plus yogurt is good for your vagina

Monserrate La Puerta says:

Good eating tips i stop drinking soda 3yrs ago no more diabetes. 

prettylittlesyko says:

You can also try agave instead of honey, if you can find the pure types.
It’s as sweet as sugar without all the calories and it doesn’t alter the
taste of food. Only downside is it’s kinda hard to find, I work at
Starbucks and almost no one ever asks for it soi get to take home loads of
it when my manager is about to throw it out.

Mya Olatunji says:

I really luv these tips, I’ve started I’m already realizing change!
Thx Whitney

readingmaniac54 says:

Good tips and your so cute at the end of the video.

Rebecca Elice says:

Hi.. I do not know your name… I am french but i live in South Africa.
i’ve discovered your channel few weeks ago. And you cannot imagine how i
love to take care of myself now. I just want to thank you for all your
channels. specially the Naptural85. I love to take care of my hair now and
it is so easy. May God bless you for your generous heart .

Vanessa Jackson says:

You’re so amazing!!

EH CBunny says:

I add five spice powder and a splash of worcestershire sauce to my ground
turkey. It gives ground turkey a “beefy” taste.

Amber Johnson says:

Wow, I didn’t even know they sale plain seltzer water.

Tiara Grace says:

I hate the microwave

Jess G says:

I know Im late on this video, but I had to comment…

Your tea mug with the knuckles totally rocks! I need it in my life! :-D

DiscoveringNatural says:

Thanks for the pointer on reading. I have an intense work schedule that
keeps my brain RUNNING even in my sleep. Lately, I have been reading
“Americanah” by +Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, 30 mins before bedtime, I find
that I sleep better and “grind my teeth” less. LOL!!!

NoelleNaturally says:

You can also mix fruit and honey with Greek yogurt and freeze it. The
flavor is amazing, the texture is even creamier than ice cream and it
tastes delightfully unhealthy!

DeeLight41 says:

I ate an artichoke for the first time (@ 39 y.o.) and I loved it. 

jessica s says:

girl you so crazy!

AMWB says:

Can you do a tutorial on your hairstyle in this video?

Nadege Andre says:

Honestly adding honey to Greek yogurt gives it a better flavor. I am 3
months microwave free. Investing in warmer, have one at home and at my job
is the best investment.

mara.iara says:

Thank you, Whitney – sometimes all the different levels of healthy
lifestyles can get frazzling, but this sounds very doable. I think I’ve
tried all of these at one point or another, but what I’ve lacked is
consistency and the combined effect (the lifestyle, rather than just
individual practices).

shameeka gabriel says:

Please enter me in the giveaway:) u are such an inspiration to many people
and Ur videos are so help full to enhance peoples natural beauty not hide
it I love u and Ur beautiful family I’m dark toned god bless thank u

LaDee Daa says:

I know it sounds gross but goats milk yogurt is suppose to be better for
you then cows milk yogurt. I just brought some organic goats milk yogurt
and tried it. Taste pretty much the same as the cows milk yogurt, my body
did do a quick “WTF?” when it entered my belly (my stomach just felt
confused for a moment. lol) but after adjusting I haven’t had any problems
so far. I still don’t eat a lot of goats milk products because im trying to
figure out why Goats are considered an evil animal first but cows milk
anything is considered really bad especially for those of us who are acne
prone as it can make your zits worst!

Ella wallace says:

simple, chic and cute. love it!

Mstas68 says:

YOUR HAIR IS THE BUISNESS!!! AMEN about the mind!!! Great tips.

LaDee Daa says:

Giving up soda is hard at first but it gets easy after a while. I grew up
drinking almost nothing but soda, I drank soda like it was water growing
up. I gave it up when i was preggers. After 9 months of not drinking soda i
realized that it wasn’t really that hard. Even though there was soda all
around me since my family still drank it, i was able to give it up without
much effort even after having it practically encoded into my DNA (Since im
pretty sure my mom drank soda when she was pregnant with me. Even to this
day being pre-diabetic she can’t give it up and drink the even worst diet
soda to avoid the sugar in regular soda)

Now, 9 years later i might have some soda when im out and about and have to
eat fast food. But honestly, it taste HORRIBLE to me now, especially if
i’ve gone several months without drinking any and especially if it’s warm.
It taste like chemical soap! I can seriously taste all those chemicals in
it. You will be able to taste them too, you just have to let your body get
adjusted to not drinking it for a while. I’d say at least a two or three
months. After three months of no soda drink a coke and tell me that it
doesn’t taste like poison! I do still drink fruit sodas from time to time
because most of them (the more expensive ones) still taste good even if i
haven’t had them in a while.( I still love Caribbean sodas like Champagne
cola, Banana soda and TING! I just don’t drink them often) or ginger ale
which still taste good to me after not drinking it for a while.

Julie Parton says:

I’ve just discovered you. You are awesome!!!!

Atiyah Sylver says:

Love the vid but if you really in need of a healthier choice in the bread
department, opt for WHOLE GRAIN bread as opposed to WHOLE WHEAT…

Fandomkat says:

These tips helped so much! Thanks.

Judith Stephens says:

Most wheat sold in the US is GMO (genetically modified organisms). Don’t
eat it. Many great tips. Thank you.

R.Y. Mayfield says:

You crack me up. : )

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