When it comes to finding a winning fruit smoothie combination, the thing to keep in mind is KISS: Keep It Sweet and Simple!!! I don’t recommend trying to shove a bunch of expensive dehydrated “superfoods” [More]
Ingredients: 1 Banana (or 1 cup blueberries) 2-3 cups raw spinach 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1.5 TBSPs Roasted (or raw) natural almond butter 2 Heavy TBSPs of Natural Plain Greek Yogurt (optional) Sweeten to [More]
Find the full ingredients (and other recipes) here: http://rawcave.com/lose-weight-green-smoothies/ WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO? Zac shares a fantastic green smoothie that will aid in weight loss while not sacrificing taste in the slightest. This is just [More]
http://www.destroybellyfat.com Hi, I’m sharing a new discovery for me. Smoothie diet Want a sneaky weight-loss trick? Go thick. Thick smoothies will leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied than thinner drinks with the same amount [More]
If you want to lose weight in a hurry, then the Fast Diet is the way to go. Learn how to make a low-calorie,yet filling, smoothie that will help you get through your fasting days [More]
TIP! When selecting food for the best nutrition, choose items as similar to their original state as you can. Unprocessed, fresh foods are the greatest way to make sure that you get the most nutrients [More]
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