Get part 2 on Facebook: My mom was a 53 yr old overweight, depressed and jobless woman and today she’s walking on stage in front of bikini models while being mistaken for a 25 [More]
Fitness can be practiced at any age and any ability. For some of you fitness seems too hard. I want to encourage you that you can do this. You can move, it just might look [More]
As a person ages balance becomes more challenging, which often leads to falls. Falling is one of the top reasons for hospitalization in older adults. A person can improve their balance by exercising their feet [More]
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Learn a few simple but effective beginner cardio exercises for overweight people so that you can build cardio strength without straining yourself. Here are some beginner cardio exercises for overweight people. Like this:Like Loading...
Everyone has got to start somewhere on the road back to good health. You have a right to be healthy & whole. But where to begin? When the thought of a jumping jack or a [More]
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from Obese to healthy weight.. (timeline: Video and pics are not in order, Sorry im a noob movie maker) Like this:Like Loading...
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1 day meal plan 6am V8 ( 8oz) (50 calories) — I use to do 5.5 oz but I changed it since there isnt many calories 8am Protein Shake with 14 banana (Total Approximate Calories [More]
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Maybe there is a sweet job opening coming up in thirty days and you want to look your best. Perhaps you just recently moved to a beautiful beachside town, and want to enjoy the sights, [More]
So you have a beer belly. So what. At least it is hard instead of being flabby and soft. I mean, that is a good thing, right? Actually, a very hard layer of fat over [More]