As a person ages balance becomes more challenging, which often leads to falls. Falling is one of the top reasons for hospitalization in older adults. A person can improve their balance by exercising their feet [More]
Tara Stiles: Yoga weight loss & Balance Workout is a short but powerful series of authentic Yoga poses that are designed to stretch and strengthen key muscle groups, burn fat, and improve balance for a [More]
NOTE: SOUND QUALITY MAY BE BAD!! Subtitles are available via the CC button. BIPN 105 Symposium Project: The Private Detective PART 2 HERE: Topic: Fluid Balance with Histamine, ADH, and Adenosine treatments. The intention [More]
Title: Exercise Recovery – What Works Best? By line: By Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN URL: Word count: 1,300 words Related keywords: exercise recovery, cool-down, stretch, carbohydrates, hydration, fluids, sleep, workout, post-exercise ——————————————————————————– Exercise [More]