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Yerba Prima Psyllium Whole Husks
GNC Psyllium Seed Husk
Cayenne Capsules
Oxyelite Pro
Coconut oil- http://www.doctoroz.com/blog/charles-mattocks/benefits-coconut-oil
Cod Liver Oil- http://codliveroilbenefits4sale.net/

one a day women’s active metabolism

A Guide Through My Journey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP6gILMrZkM

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Mary C. Martin says:

Your body contains the hormone which handles 100% capability to burn fat,
it is Leptin. To losing weight efficiently, you must learn the best way to
accelerate your metabolism. 

Ruth Onaol says:

Hello, Hello! Have you ever tried – Xanbiga Secret weight loss Code – (Have
a quick look on google, c’ant tell the exact place now)? Ive heard some
pretty good things about it. as women’s best friend for easy weight loss
with amazing results to show for it

sayooj p says:

Have you tried Fat Blast Furnace? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way to
melt fat fast.

Ajay Awal says:

To regular folks who want to burn fat eventually, Just google Fat Blast
Furnace and get started.

dasun champaka says:

nice vediois


This almost-magical fat eliminating strategy loses weight faster than any
powders, pills, or potions. Copy And paste Into Google Skinnimaker System
to find out more.

T Davis says:

Thank u Kimonica!!!!!!!

Rachel's Journey says:

Also Kimonica, try the One-A-Day Multivatimin/Multimineral Supplement for
Women. They may be better on your stomach than the ones you were taking. 

Rachel's Journey says:

Thanks for the video…never heard of Psyllium Husk until I started
watching your videos. I think I start that along with cayenne pepper
supplements and Women’s daily vitamins.

Nicole C says:

I’m going to try the Psyllium Husk again. I actually bought some last week
and tried it for the first time Friday…I might try it in the yogurt
versus the water because I couldn’t get it down.

Aspen Edgewalker says:

flax seed, good stuff!

bighairlove1 says:

Hey girl, I wish everyone could see you in person! I have that pleasure and
you are doing a Great job! From Nov till now has been great getting to see
you and talk to you. Working at Ulta has its benefits I guess…. LOL hope
to see you soon. Will be trying some of these tips. Biotin is GREAT for
your hair, skin and nails. Its also said to help with mood and metabolism!
My Favorite multi vitamin is Nature’s bounty gummies. They are better for
you and ur body can actually absorb them.

Ateng B says:

what is the brand of the Cayenne Pepper caps you are using..thank you

Ashley Collins says:

Please DON’T take phentermine diet pills although it does make you lose
weight which is a plus but the side effects behind it isn’t worth it! I
regret those pills so bad!

goldiva05 says:

Where did u get ur Yerba psyllium from??? :) Thanks a bunch!

got2getmysexyback says:

I saw this video and got the cocnut oil pills and the husks and I feel
soooo full.. Thanks for the information.. keep sharing and keep doing your
thing.. your doing awesome @plussizekimonica

Roshell Wimbley says:

Hello I’m new to ur channel it been very helpful with my living healthy

PlusSizeKimonica says:

thank u ,,, im gettin my sexy back woot woot lol

hellojenny24 says:

Have you ever tried cinnamon as a appetite suppressant

Miz Fachion says:

Thanks for sharing these tips. I’m looking for natural supplements that can
get me out of my plateau, this video was right on time.

mysmilewow says:

my multivitamin from gnc works well for me. Did not make me sick at all.
some other vitamins have made me nauseous and vomit it was crazy but gnc
for me there on point. they even have I think a 2 pack for like 1.19 to try
it see if it works for you.

mothersoul1 says:

I used chayenne before, but as a blood purifyer.

PlusSizeKimonica says:

thank u

PlusSizeKimonica says:

hope it works for u i have heard alot about the apple cider

PlusSizeKimonica says:

good idea i will try that before i toss them

PlusSizeKimonica says:

i been takin it a long time so i give it a 172 pound credit……….like 3

L Anderson says:

Hi queen! Since you have started taking skinny fiber are u also still
taking the canyenne fruit capsules? If so how are u taking it?! Thank u for

PlusSizeKimonica says:

thank u for the tip

Eboni Hambrick says:

awesome info girl! i wrote them products down and will try them thanx
girlie! and lookin good by the way!

PlusSizeKimonica says:

i will look into it

Tonigirl519 says:

thanks for sharing on the cayenne capsules….I heard it was good for
inflammation…so if there’s other benefits…I’m for it….

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