Before & After Complete Nutrition Extreme Reveal Weight Loss down 32lbs

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This is my 60 day before and after pictures video. I am on Complete Nutrition supplements and my exercise to accompany my supplements and diet was The Firm Express 30 day workout program. It is marketed for women, however, I started at 300 pounds and I knew i wasn’t fit enough for an “Intensity” nor a “P90X”. I lost a total of 16 pounds working out every day, instead of every other day. I also managed my Calories using MyFitnessPal app on my phone.

After The Firm Express, I started on the KettleWorx system. I am barely on Week 3 of the system and have gone from 284 down to 268, an additional 16 pounds lost in days 30-60 for a total of 32 so far.


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Michelle Rodriguez says:

Wow dude!! Good job, thanks for sharing!

Dc Castro says:

Hey good job buddy keep up the good work 

iamforevernyc says:

Amazing results

saga mahesh says:

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rochoa11 says:

@myweightloss69 THANKS! your an inspiration man!

hanumichanuma says:

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isha neupane says:

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rochoa11 says:

are you watching calories?? how many are you eating a day if you are?

myweightloss69 says:

@rochoa11 I use an app called MyFitnessPal to track everything i eat. I’ve
done it about 95% of everyday for the last 2 months. It automatically sets
goals for you on how many calories you need to eat in order to lose 2
pounds per week. I started with 1950 calories a day and now its at 1750
calories a day. But i always tried to be 100 calories under that. There
were days that I went over, but i ensured my weekly count would be at or
under goal

Durga Bartaula says:

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Laura Bustamante says:

WOW! Amazing. Great job. Are you still using products frm CN?

Sandra Sanchez says:

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Artem Magadiv says:

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