When To Eat Carbs For Faster Fat Loss (3 Sneaky Carb Timing Tricks)

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When are the 3 best times for you to eat carbs for faster fat loss? Watch Shaun’s video above and he’ll show you exactly how to burn more fat (INSTEAD of carbs) while still enjoying all your favorite foods every single week. FYI – This is NOT the traditional advice you’d receive from most nutritionists or personal trainers (because it actually works).



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livnbe78 says:

Do you do resistance training during your low-carb days?
If I do low carb for 4 days then do I do high carbs for 3 days?
Are the carbs clean carbs or dirty carbs like in carb-backloading?

pixdav says:

+getleanin12 “I know, but God designed the human body to be a survivor. So
your body will do whatever necessary to protect itself by holding on to
more fat.” wow dude “GOD”? lol please educate yourself. the result of
evolution and natural selection has made us survivors. 

TheCrawler07 says:

I’ve been on low carb for too long apparently, so excited to try your
method. Thank you so much!

Pujan Pun Magar says:

This almost-magical fat eliminating method burns weight faster than any
powders, pills, or potions. Copy and Paste Into Google Skinnimaker System
to find out more.

LuisM214 says:

So have a cheat day every 3 or 7 days?

Danielle Judith says:

christopher cortez asked……
“During the 3-7 days of only low carbs, should I do intense cardio workouts
or just weight lifting?”
was this question answered?

sowmith says:

To average people who want to get skinnier–but can’t get started. Copy and
paste into Google Mimmu Fat Blast right away.

stuo11 says:

Hey man vince delmonte says if your over 13% body fat you dont deserve
carbs at all, is this right?

jeffe kumar says:

Just Go and Google Fat Blast Furnace and you will realize why some foods
‘explode’ in your stomach.

Tomas Grigaitis says:

Metabolic Bursting Sequence? Seriuosly? why you not call it hist HIIT?

getleanin12 says:

Thanks Will! Check out more of our videos. Great stuffs too.

getleanin12 says:

While we know you can’t point a laser and spot reduce fat in just that
area. With that being said, the nutrition and exercise information we
provide helps people burn off stubborn fat in areas where they just can’t
seem to lose it no matter what they do (hit a “plateau”). This is why we
say you can legitimately “target” stubborn fat. If you don’t trust our
information, that’s okay. We completely understand. But, we do think you
would be missing out. Thanks!

B says:

Hey Shaun, what’s your take on Creatine?

getleanin12 says:

You’ll be fine as long as its post workout. If you’re already lean you can
get away with all kinds of different carb timing methods…it’s the people
who are overweight that should pay attention to tricks like this and focus
more on a overall calorie deficit..if you’re already 6%…you can play
around with a lot of different methods and not have to worry about it. Hope
this helps!

Christopher Cortez says:

During the 3-7 days of only low carbs, should I do intense cardio workouts
or just weight lifting?

getleanin12 says:

Thanks for the positive feedback! We try not to be sheeple. :)

Francisco Garcia says:

protein for energy? Since when? the body can only use carbs or fat for
energy not protein…..

ShynePo817 says:

good video, shaun. Why is it bad, or so i’ve been hearing, to eat a lot of
carbs at night?

getleanin12 says:

Would you mind shooting us an email to support[at]getleanin12[dot]com­? We
can help point you in the right direction.

ckneasel says:

Anytime i see a food timing video, it’s an automatic dislike… cause it’s
complete BS… God bless… I’ve been eating carbs EVERY NIGHT an hour
before bed, and am not gaining fat… must be a miracle i suppose…

kingdarko says:

“because you’re” Obviously you’re are an imbecile who’s viscosity is equal
to their excrement.

Alan Shepard says:

Supposedly the good information is in a report you have to submit your
email to get. Here’s hoping the spam I will get is worth the hassle.

Rashy Rash says:

Use fat stores for energy

JCGrantatAC says:

You should do a video on whether macronutrient ratios matter, for weight
loss and fat loss, when a person is eating at a caloric deficit. This is
the issue where there is the most debate and the one that matters the most.

spearsg says:

Makes a lot of sense. Stuff I haven’t heard anywhere else before, or was
only presented fragmentally/incomplete. Really something. You can see he’s
done the research instead of following like sheeple.

anavywife28 says:

I posted from my iPad, it really changed up my sentence, I hope u
understood my previous post

Georgios Spartan says:

t4 to t3 not t3 to t4

Jimmy Q says:

by far the best, most informative trainer on youtube

getleanin12 says:

Yes you do. Eating protein alone will not allow your body to produce the
fuel it needs to burn any fat. You have to have a healthy dose of carbs for
your body to have the energy it needs to workout.

Malab Dichu says:

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will find bellyfattack.com On there you can find a practical free video
presentation by a successful qualified dietitian talking on the best way to
get rid of fat. This made it easier for Madellane to burn her belly fat.
Just give it a shot. It might help you out as well…

23Fulani says:

I really love this video. Thanks for your help. I dropped 6 lbs in 2 weeks.
Now I notice that it has slowed down already, and I have not changes any
part of my routine. Perhaps, I am an not eating enough carbs at the right
time. thanks

Velia Cote says:


ckneasel says:

Lol don’t listen to these timing people… All that matters is the macro
breakdown at the end of the day or week really…

getleanin12 says:

If you throw in an occasional cheat day – Not talking about cleaning out
the fridge here, as the goal is to cheat long enough to get it out of your
system and reward yourself, while metabolically triggering what your body
needs physically and mentally. After cheating, your metabolic pump is
“primed” for super fat loss. ~Gl12

getleanin12 says:

We hate spam as much as you do. We do not tolerate it or send it out.
(Notice all the deleted spam comments in this video alone???)

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