WHAT TO EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT (to Lose 10, 20, or 30 Pounds) – Weight Loss Tip

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WHAT TO EAT TO lose weight (to Lose 10, 20, or 30 Pounds of Pure Fat) – weight loss Tip

In this video I give you the truth about what you need to eat to lose weight. The weight loss industry has products to sell you so they will tell you that you can only lose weight by eating their products.

But in this video I’ll tell you exactly what kinds of foods you can eat and still lose weight. And my answer probably has NEVER been mentioned by the weight loss industry.

Watch the video to find out what foods you can eat to lose weight.

The answer I give in the video does NOT mean that I’m advocating that you eat unhealthy foods. The point of the video is this: When you ask “What can I eat to lose weight?”, you’re asking the wrong question.

Did you know that by knowing how many calories your body needs each day, you can control your weight? That number (I call it your Daily Calorie Allowance) is the tipping point for FAT GAIN, or FAT LOSS. If you eat more calories than your Daily Calorie Allowance, you’ll put on fat. If you eat less, you’ll begin to burn fat (without effort).

Also visit this article at my blog: http://daily-weight-loss-calculator.com/members/blog/science-supports-total-calories-as-cause-of-weight-gain-or-loss/

You can find several weight loss and DIET CALCULATORS on my website. They are free to use.
Look for the ‘CALCULATORS’ link in the sidebar.

Here’s a list of some of the calculators and how they can help you lose weight:


(BMR Calculator)
Use the Daily Calorie Allowance Calculator to get the number of calories your body needs each day (your BMR). When you find this number, you can reduce your calories below your BMR and begin to burn fat and lose weight.


Use the Ideal Body Weight Calculator to find the weight range that’s healthiest for you. Are you dieting to reach a weight that still leaves you in the “Overweight” or “Obese” range? Know for sure what you should weigh.


Use the BMI Calculator to determine how overweight you are and to determine your risk of developing weight-related diseases.

Find your classification: Underweight, Healthy, Overweight, Obese, Morbidly Obese.


Use the Food Conversion Calculator whenever you find a packaged food item whose unit of measure needs to be converted into a more familiar unit–like grams to ounces. Or you can use the calculator to scale recipes down or up–from family size to individual size, or from individual size to family size.


My premier calculator, the DAILY weight loss CALCULATOR, will tell you how much to eat to reach your desired weight. And if you overeat today, the calculator tells you how much you should eat tomorrow so you can still reach your weight loss goal by your deadline. And it gives you a lot more information than that! Check it out today.

Use the Daily weight loss Calculator to enter and track the calories you ate today. By tracking the calories you eat you can stay below your BMR which ensures that you lose weight.

You can also determine the number of calories you should eat tomorrow to reach your weight loss goal. No guessing. You’ll know exactly what it takes to reach your weight loss goal!




To Your Best Success,
J. Michael Pfau



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JMichaelPfau says:

@nicholethomasx Hi, the name of the song is TAKE YOU AWAY by the band

checkeredshoelace97 says:

i really like this video its moving

Nichole Thomas says:

whats the name of the song?

JMichaelPfau says:

Hi, carlabean007. Dont misunderstand. My video simply says you need to
create a CALORIE DEFICIT. Without it, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight. This
can be done by calorie control OR by exercise (or both). I’ve never
promoted eating everything you want. Eat healthy!Exercise! But weight CAN
be controlled through calories alone (but I recommend exercise too).See
this post on my blog:

WeightLoss Pill says:

Thanks for sharing this video

sarahmjoy says:

Thank you.

B1G_Champ53 says:

thanks i like the video and the song too. im trying to loose some weight
for football

Deathra21 says:

Im trying to lose weight for the camera.

checkeredshoelace97 says:

i likw this video and it will really help me loose some weight

Carla Marie says:

I agree with this video to an extent. There are foods that can make you
gain weight. High fructose corn syrup, dehydrogenated oils, and sugar all
store fat. You have to exercises in order to burn these off. This video is
basically saying that you can sit around all day and not exercises at all.
Everyone should exercise even if they arent overweight. Some people need
restriction, and this video isnt helping. You’re just trying to promote
your website. Shame on you for giving horid advice.

nelson curlee says:

this is nice

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