Weight Loss: What is Clean Eating??

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Hi Everyone! This is my explanation of the healthy lifestyle choice that I choose to follow. I am in no way a guru. However, I do have some helpful info and tips to get you started! I am also continuing to learn more everyday!


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Sydni Ray says:

So gonna try quinoa chicken bowl

Rachel's Journey says:

Great video!

gabrielisola14 says:

Thanks kali! Have you ever tried – Xina Incredible Fat Loss (google it)?
Ive heard some amazing things about it and my BF got cool weight loss
results with it. 

Ana Melendez says:

how long should I detox?

Jordan Rosado says:

Thank you for the tips! I’m 25 and a mom of two babies. I am starting a job
Monday so when I look for tips on the Internet, they always want money for
answers lol. I was wondering if you would mind showing a sample meal plan
that you use? Do you do certain exercises and lastly, how long have you
been doing this and how much weight have you lost? :-) I need to feel
better about myself. Thanks!!!

kalidreamin85 says:

Thank you!

kalidreamin85 says:

Another protein shake for mid-day snack. And anything High Protein, Low
carb for dinner. Try and stay away from processed foods and high salt,
sugar foods. The meals that I posted at the end of this video are staples
for me. As far as exercising I run/walk, do yoga and lift heavy. Any more
questions, please let me know.

kalidreamin85 says:

Hi Renee! It’s a basic ceviche recipe I got online. Google Shrimp Ceviche
Recipe and you will have a multitude of recipes! Hope that helps :-)

kalidreamin85 says:

Hi Jordan!!! Sorry for the late response. Congrats on your new job!
Basicallt as far as my eating I try to eat high protein, low (as possible,
DO NOT ELIMINATE) carbs, and moderate Fat. So for breakfast I usually have
3 Egg Whites, 1 Egg with avocado and salsa on it with a piece of toast and
coffee. Then for mid-morning snack I have Chocolate Protein shake blended
with chunky Peanut Butter. Lunch Turkey/Avocado Wraps with a piece of

Charron Thompson says:

Love the earrings

PersonalFitness3 says:

Congrats on your weight loss achievements.

Renee Simmons says:

Can you please post your shrimp ceviche recipe?

kalidreamin85 says:

Thank you!!!

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