Weight loss, Sugar Addiction, Glycemic Index, GI, Nutrition

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Part 2 of dealing with sugar addictions.
weight loss, Sugar Addiction, Glycemic Index, GI, Nutrition

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You can improve your health, reduce sugar cravings, have more energy, lose weight, control your appetite & hunger, just by eating low GI food. Most fruit is low to medium GI. Improve your diet and wellness.

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Arocho Clayborne says:

I also need to lose weight, please help me too

Rohit Sinha says:

To average folks who want to burn fat–but can’t get started. Just Google
Fat Blast Factor right away.

marthychatow says:

Hey, have you heard of “BellyFatTack”? Simply do a Google search and you
are going to spot bellyfattack.com On there you will find a useful free
video presentation by a recognised medical professional revealing the way
to eliminate fat. This helped Brenda to eliminate her abdominal fat. Just
give it a shot. I hope it will help you too.

ThanksIKnowImlucky says:

@adoravenus3 Thanks alot, that site sounds really great. I will check it
out. May as well give a shoutout while im thinking about it, Sean Croxton,
Dr. Mercola, and Paul Check are also really good sources for health info
and have helped me alot, as well as Psychetruth.

3DMarkSeries says:

Very good video

poosta7 says:

Actually, commiting to and staying with “regular exercise” is allegedly
harder to do than quitting nicotine (or even heroin)…..95% of the people
in the USA are basically, like sea sponges, “sessile”.

Tracy Walker says:

LoL I love how she was like “FRENCH FRIES!”

ishurgrl says:

no it has more to do with our perception of the fat on her arms and face
and sagging breasts

LostWondr says:

White pasta, no matter how you cook it, is not low glycemic.

vinnyisme says:

I love how she says skim milk is low GI, but leaves out whole having an
even lower GI.

nandanaable says:

If you have been trying to shed pounds, you should look up on google Fat
Blast Formula. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

broadcastmyass4u says:

sweet potatoe and kidney beans have a certain kind of toxin in them, am i

Adam Pun says:

It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when these other normal people
accomplish it easily using Atomic Fat Loss (go google it).

strongnoob says:

Peoples sugar addiction is from low dopamine levels from all the toxins we
are exposed to.

sai18kit says:

@vctrfs Governments like to blame the true producers “evil, uncompassionate
capitalists”. Truth is, the Nortel (Government supported monopoly), Fannie
Mae, and Freddie Mac (Government forced them to lend money to the poor).
They are either Government backed monopoly, or half-nationalized business)
Then they find someone to blames. And create more stimulus package and
policies that push the countries further into debts, big-governments, and
ultimately tyranny.

NenoKiller says:

Hey there, have you come across “Belly Fat Quencher” yet? Just just search
Google. On there you can find a helpful free video by a well respected
doctor and qualified nutritionist talking about how you can lose extra fat.
This helped Lisa to lose her abdominal fat. It may help you out also.

exchangecafe says:

Thank you for the definition and explaining how to offset the sugar spike.
Sugar is one of the many common poisons: salt, white flour, white rice, and

navin vashistha says:

weight loss programs are dying for people to give their products a try to
demonstrate that they really help people lose weight. Well i just found a
website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get
free weight loss products :) You can get them here bit.ly/1f0sw9x?v=yhvev

delvamar says:

How many fruits can you eat a day and still lose weight? I am walking every
day (7 days a week for about 40 min) and I eat a lot of veggies. I have
lost 10 pounds but I was not having any type of sugar, even the one coming
from fruits. Thank you

CoolParkourName says:

i am on SOOOOOOOOOOOO many energy drinks a day :(

Britills says:

as I am eating a candy bar..

TheRosa63 says:

no in fact eat a few pieces and I feel rejuvanated, but I am doing some
heavy supplementation (diabetic support pack, I am not diabetic however)
and vitad3 about 30,000 and up iu using the gel oil not the tablets, in
fact today i was commenting to my hubby who got me some of those subway
cookies, and I found them to sweet, unusual for me to find something overly
sweet like that. when just a month ago I adored them, now they made me sick.

reibong20 says:

Oh hai, Check out That new intellectus 424 diet (Google it). Me and my wife
lost crazy amounts of unwanted weight best result ever.

sai18kit says:

@vctrfs Normally people like you won’t get high quality information like I
just gave you because person like you are so negative and smarty pant. But
today is your lucky day because I feel vindictive tonight.

sai18kit says:

@presentiment that means, pound vs pound, watermelon has less carb. But
carb vs carb. Carb from watermelon release glucose into your blood faster
than other carb from other lower gl food.

HelloMarvelous says:

thanks for the advice :)

thea jaype says:

I agree to your video,except about watermelon. Yes its high on calories
from sugar but even its high on GI,dont you worry because of potassium.
Some people also restrict diabetic to eat potatoes because of high on GI, i
also disagree. Maybe the way they prepare the potatoes yes,especially the
dehydrated french fries but a boiled potato is not because its rich of
potassium. Dehydration removed potato potassium. God did not create bad
foods,but people making the food bad so moderation &variation

Igor Solyanov says:

Good day! I’m Tyler.I did -40 lbs last 2 weeks.More here hawght.so#l2sS

Idao Dsiua says:

everyone search up the uselessness of the glycemic index by liftingforlife

oliviaolas says:

ive been meaning to try the GI diet for years. Now seems like good time. I
know you can lose weight well and I think being more attuned to what you
eat is better than just trying to avoid and ignore what you take in . I
really want to know now. And I love white bread but I have to give it up!

JasamanAndEmma A says:

Thank you very much for your awesome information. I have been diagnosed
with PCOS and I feel VERY insulin resistance. The way you describe the
insulin resistance and how people would feel with it, the sugar rush etc.
is just ME! Although I’m skinny. And I used to sport regularly eating very
little carbs but my syndrome never got any better (only less cravings than
when I don’t work out). what would you advice? what can I do to improve
fertility,my health, reverse the cravings and low energy?

xena576 says:

Really great video :) Just one question: why are sweet potatoes low
glycemic and white potatoes high glycemic? Sweet potatoes taste sweet, it’s
a wonder that they are on the low glycemic list.

Names says:

he probably just eat to much sugar and is trolling the internet and calling
names on people haha

sai18kit says:

@Eagle109 wow can you write a formal testimony on that? I will put it on an
about.com, hubpage, or squidoo len article to show other than even type 1
diabete can be treated with raw diet.

gorgeous hernandez says:

u shud redo it its lik scratch but good vid overall thns

hanglon91 says:

omg! had you ever tried the Acuspeed 24 Diet (do a google search)? I hear
some extraordinary chatter about it and my work buddy got rid of a lot of
fat with it.

Blake Bradley says:

@miragoey Is this I saw those ideas here /watch?v=7XM7YGqOia0

Miranda Odom says:

I hate this video! eat what u want dude!

miichah says:

nutrition is about being healthy, HEALTHY not having a BMI of 16. just
because you’re dumb enough to think that healthy is just the opposite of
fat doesn’t mean the rest of us are. jesus christ, go to the library.

ubercute1sf says:

wow thanks so much to this vid. I have a severe sugar addiction. i eat
candy like all day long and my coworkers make fun of me and call me candy
girl. Anyway i am ready to try this out and completly kick my sugar
addiction. i don’t even care for food anymore i just eat hard candy.

RWJonathan says:

Interesting post. Good info. I’m trying to lose weight and this helped me:
bestweightloss-supplements . com If their tips can also help you, then

vctrfs says:

Guy A gets hotter girls, but these girls are shallow. Another quick
example, guy A and guy B are in a plane going down. Guy A grabs a burger(we
all see the scene on T.V. when someone is stressed and they tried so hard
to look good and then they grab a hotdog or something). What im trying to
say is be healthy but enjoy life and your food and anything else that you
feel is good, because lets face it most of our bodies when we hit 70 is
gonna shut down slowly. Except you Natalie.

chanaka2424 says:

Have you heard about MAD Muscle Ripper? (look for it on google) It is a
quick way for you to bulk up fast.

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