Weight Loss Motivation- Health or Beauty? The Photoshop Effect, Psychetruth Nutrition

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weight loss Motivation- Health or Beauty, The Photoshop Effect, Psychetruth Nutrition

In this free video, Corrina asks- can we really look like fashion models and move stars? She discusses different motivations for weight loss and if we want to lose weight for self esteem and body image and because we think we’ll feel better about ourselves or whether we want to lose weight to improve our health and overall wellness. What is our weight loss goal? Is it healthy? Is it out of fear of what others think of us, how we think we should look? How can we really feel better about ourselves?

Most of us would like to lose weight and have a more trim, more sexy body, but being a magazine cover model isn’t realistic for many reasons, including the photoshop effect and touch-ups done to nearly all photos we see in magazines and billboards. Sometimes people sacrifice their health to obtain a desired aesthetic, this may be plastic surgery, prescription or over the counter drugs, unhealthy dieting or worse.

This video also mentions the issue of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia and the new fad of thinspirations or thinspos to inspire women (and men) to be extremely thin. The thinspo has become popular and while this video does not speak to eating disorders directly, it does point out that there are so many pro-ana and pro-ed groups out there, the obsession with thin may be going too far.

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Aimee Coleman says:

Knowing thus doesn’t change the fact that lots of people don’t. People
(especially men who don’t look into female photoshopping as much) see the
images in the media and look at normal, healthy women, and think they’re
overweight by comparison. What I know doesn’t change what other people

Aimee Coleman says:

Knowing thus doesn’t change the fact that lots of people don’t. People
(especially men who don’t look into female photoshopping as much) see the
images in the media and look at normal, healthy women, and think they’re
overweight by comparison. What I know doesn’t change what other people

Best Health and Beauty Store says:


RauCompany says:

Loving the gold teeshirt! 

Sam Zoozenberg says:

the woman behind you are what a woman is supposed to look like. Stop
wining about it.

Jerry Wolton says:

id love to try that program weightlossaction thingy

3bbygrlz says:

I like this girl

Kristi Beth says:

You are very wise Corinna and I appreciate these videos. Even though I know
all this…. I need to hear it over and over again!

Trish Nohra says:

Have you seen Stupid Simple Slimming? (Go google it) It is a quick way for
you to lose weight fast.

Анна Малкович says:

@Engenos don’t check your weight all the time – it hurts esteem and just
irritates you and becomes addictive, just look at your clothes if they
become too big – you are losing weight, don’t expect quick results, try
eating more fish and never belittle how much you can do, when running try
running what feels like a limit and then run one more lap, then you will
understand – that wasn’t my limit at all, you do enough sports if your
musles hurt and next day you feel like it got worst

Vinícius Albuquerque says:

Great video. I’m brazilian, and here is the same problem. Girls are working
hard to achieve something that they never will obtain, just because his
body is different, and his fisiology works from other manner. Maybe I will
put portuguese subs in your video, because I really think that some people
I know should hear this… You’ll let me do this? If you want, I can send
it to you when I finish that…

Lane2doctor910 says:

The easy way, without spending any money: Walking every (!) staircase and
going by bike/foot. Also helpful: I got myself a skipping rope, its cheap
and after 5 minutes of skipping your exausted! And an aerobic dvd (only
about 6 usd). Both of them are really helpfull for lazy and bad-weather
days :) and of course going for a run is for free (and you can take the
buggy with you). hope that helped! gyms are really good at making money,
but you really dont need one to get fit…

amberview30 says:

I don’t think she is fat. She looks like she is at a good weight. I bet
that she falls within the weight range that a doctor would recommend.

Psychentist says:

@dorinioanaalexandra Sorry, but NO ONE who eats mcdonalds looks like that.

Deyanira Hernandez says:

slouching makes you look fat, and is bad for your back. just watching her
makes my back hurt

ratna budha says:

Hihi, have you seen this method called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (check
google). My brother says it helps people burn fat. What do you think?

Ng Gyllene says:

You are beautiful, both inside and outside :)

Necator Nimrod says:

dude, you are just envious that you are not thin… I wish I were thin
too.Let’s work on getting into shape – rather than finding reasons to stay

PsycheTruth says:

We have dozens of follow-along fitness videos on our channel page, or you
can put “workout @psychetruth” in the YouTube search box and take your
pick. Not to mentions tons of nutrition videos like What Not to Eat, Truth
about Carbohydrates, Top 10 Obesity-Causing Foods and more. Good luck and
congrats on your precious new baby!!

Lennox Macbeth says:

get over there and throw up!

Shepon Hossan says:

Holla! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (should be on google have a
look)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my GF got really
defined Six pack abs and lost crazy amounts of belly fat with it.

dragonkillerdojo says:

isn’t it healthy to eat nutritiously and workout daily to keep healthy than
be overweight, dieting, or superthin?

selene puget says:

to be honest im trying to lose wieght for beauty.

quailchow says:

if you can afford some shoes and shorts, I suggest just.. walking. walking
for 20-30 minutes per day is great exercise. you really don’t need to go to
a gym, just use the resources around you its very simple.

LisaPie says:

thank you thank you thank you thank you for making this video.

Cory Wilcsek says:

i work out for my health/job but i also feel a lot better when i eat
healthy food

FitnessReality says:

good nutrition, exercise(lot’s of cardio), balance out the lost weight and
tone the muscles with dumbbells. No gym required.

TheUbergamer says:

Thank you so much for making this video, and addressing these concerns. I’m
a man who has an unhealthy body weight, but not what you’d think: I’m
underweight. I have struggled with it my whole life, had to go through
school being asked if I had an eating disorder (I do NOT), and it leading
quite a bit to low self esteem issues. It was only in the past 5-6 years I
discovered how to gain some weight, and began to feel better about my own
self image and body type.

bagoubadi Baka says:

skinny doesnt mean Healthy. That is what some ppl need to understand

billybbob18 says:

I’m a man, and i appreciate a woman with a healthy amount of fat. Way
sexier than most skinny models. I want a real woman. To have six pack abs,
you need no more than 12 percent body fat, which is not healthy.

Anastasia V says:

its also the public pressure too. but i really like your videos

jmark nottell says:

ganja helps-thanks

UpoGirl says:

Very interesting thoughts. Hope this reaches as many people as possible. I
love all your videos, by the way

LisaGou says:

Have you heard of the flow solution diet? Currently it’s free to join and
they are still accepting members. I am checking into it at flowsolutiondiet
. com! <3

natureasintended says:

@giaofnature I agree :) Young people can sometimes get away with eating
anything but those young skinny girls and women won’t stay slim or healthy
for long while eating those high fat foods.

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