Truth About Carbohydrates & Sugar | Nutrition, Weight Loss, Glycemic Index, Carbs, Psychetruth

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Truth About Carbohydrates & Sugar | Nutrition, weight loss, Glycemic Index, Psychetruth

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cristian castillo says:

this is completely crap

J Van says:

Not distinguishing between processed and unprocessed starches is grossly

Comparing processed white bread to organic sweet potatoes is simply madness.

Real starches from nature do not make you fat, no matter how much you eat.

Fat makes you fat. As does processed sugars. This sounds like Paleo

stablizershock says:

i’m under wight is it fine to eat these high GI foods in order to gain

ADU Aquascaping says:

I lost 50lbs in 5 months eating raw vegetables, raw fruit, raw nuts, raw
berries, almond milk, chicken sparingly, fish sparingly. Stayed away from
anything that came from a cow. No candy, no bread of any kind, no cereal,
no crackers or any other processed carbs, no soda, no dairy! Plant based
salad dressing and regular daily life. Some days I exercised others I
didn’t, didn’t really change my habits, just my diet. This diet not only
cures obesity and diabetes it helps fight cancer as well. Don’t believe
me, then try it. My vision is better, my skin is better, I no longer have
sleep apnea, my knees no longer hurt, I haven’t been sick in years, not
even the common cold, my bowel movements are exceptional, I no longer get
heartburn, I no longer have blood sugar spikes from soda. I have the energy
of a bull moose and my metabolism has been boosted.

Results are the truth. I listen to my body and this is the diet it has
accepted. It is what works for me and I have never been healthier.

jimkroes1993 says:

fucking stupid retards, everything she says is true, avoid simple carbs and
satured fats replace your shit with water and thats all there is to it.

HighCarb Schwabe says:

This is partially wrong.
Steep blood sugar spikes do not occur if you eat a low fat plant based
whole food diet. 3 pounds of potatoes for lunch? That is fine and a good
strategy to lose weight! The problem is caused by fat + refined carbs in

For example, I have just had 1.3l of water plus a large bowl of ice cream
made from 600g of frozen banana and 200g of frozen mirabelle plums on top
of 470g of shredded apples for breakfast. That is around 900kcals,
containing 200g of sugar and less than 3.5 g of fat but 30g of fiber. The
macronutrient ratio is 93.2 % carbs, 3.2% fat and 3.5% protein.

Under these circumstances, you experience a gentle blood sugar rise that is
quite stable for several hours and then followed by a gentle fall down to
the fasting blood sugar level.

By the way: Carbs can be converted into fat by the human body but this
happens only on a very small scale. If you eat low fat (that is 5-10% of
your calories), it is practically impossible to gain body fat long term. I
have eaten around 3500kcal per day (90% carbs, 5% fats, 5% protein) for a
year. That is more than 700g of carbs per day. My weight dropped from 103kg
to 70kg and I am super healthy and super fit. My wife: Similar story. She
was pregnant during that time and had zero problems during pregnancy. Our
baby is happy and super healthy.

IIG says:

I came for the information but I stayed for her legs. 

stablizershock says:

What is the alternate to white bread?

Annick Aurelie says:

i love your videos. i learn so much from them. they easy to understand too.
thanks a lot

BlackMambaKO says:

I eat ton of potatoes and guess what. I am at 7% body fat. I am obese shit.

Sandra Mierka says:

i really wanted to show this to my children but my little boys could not
stop staring at the cleavage. :-(

Charaka Muhudugama says:

Hello there! Have you considered the Hamilton Diabetes Reversal Protocol?
(do a search on google) I have heard some super things about the results in
lowering Blood sugars and my buddy got cool Glucose measurementsafter
trying it.

charakageeth says:

Oh hi:) Anyone tried the Fat Blaze Factor (search on google)? Ive heard
some great things about it and my brother burned alot of unwanted fats.

David Day says:

Everything Corrina Rachel says is true, I cured my coronary heart disease &
diabetes by eliminating carbs /sugar from my diet & eating a mostly red
meat & fish diet, often referred to as the Paleo or ketogenic diet.

A traditional Eskimo diet consists of about 50% saturated fat & no
“plants”. They are famous for NOT suffering from heart disease or cancer.

If your reason for promoting a “vegan” diet is to stop cruelty to animals,
how about stopping cruelty to the human animal by perpetuating incorrect
dietary advice & contributing to the modern day plagues known as heart
disease & cancer.

So many negative comments about this truth just proves, you can lead a
person to knowledge, but you can’t make them think..

Robert Angel says:

I see you have not read Gary Taubs.

Ben Noonan says:

Hard to take her seriously with a shirt that low cut… kinda says ‘I’m
professional but i’ll suck your dick” wait.. what was this video about?

Gvineta May says:

BULLSHIT !!! okay , you said that if you consume too much sugar probably
will be fat. what about “freelee banana girl”? she is eating 1000cal in
morning then 1000cal at lunch of fruits and 1000 cal in evening of starches
like potatoes. calories are not equal. lets say you will eat 1ooo calories
from carrots or 1000calories drom choclate. will there be didference? of
course. so go carb yourself! fat makes u fat! go watch freelee channel.
sorry for my terible english..

Alexis Gilchrist says:

whats the difference between dietary fiber and fiber?

The Person says:

Excess glucose is stored as glycogen, not fat. Eating too many carbs can’t
make you fat, it takes 10 times more metabolic energy to store carbs as fat
than fat as body fat.

Alicia Smith says:

Great video very informative..

lilvatoflexin says:

The glycemic index is pretty much useless for ppl that aren’t diabetic.
Anytime you add fat and protein to that carb you are eating it changes the
whole glycemic affect 

Eric K says:

Slightly off topic here, but this woman is incredibly attractive. But
please straighten your hair?

Alexis Gilchrist says:

why are carbohydrates listed separately from sugars if they serve the same

Darik Patterson says:

Snickers is not better than a bowl of corn flakes. I completely dismissed
everything she said after that. That simply is not true

MrBzzer says:

So I should stop juicing fruit roll-ups?

mohammad haneef says:

Have you seen the fat shedding system that lies hidden in your body. Go
Google Fat Blast Furnace to bring it out.

Promodh Sridhar says:

I have been off sugar / reduced my sugar intake to strictly bare essentials
only and have lost 4 Pounds in 2 Months and feeling fit !! every word of
this is very true 

Chris Barratachea says:

Great videos Corrina!! Lots of great ideas and videos to watch…
I’d like to know if blue corn chips are a healthy choice. Why or why not?
I know you mentioned that corn chips are not a good choice but do the blue
chips made by Garden of Eatin for instance offer a healthier alternative?

Janet Black says:

What about brown rice and bread ??? 

Douglas Bell says:

Is the cleavage REALLY necessary in a video about glycemic index?

LuckyAvalon says:

damn… my fav dinner is eating some lean meat or chicken or fish with
boiled potatoes or sweet potato or yautia root or taro or plantains or even
breadfruit. Some of these, the tubers are very starchy… is that such a
bad thing to eat? or should i eat them not for dinner and maybe during
lunch to use up that sugar?

angel clouds says:


carlos castillo says:

great video 

samantha gross says:

I thought popcorn was healthy????

Necro Seppiack says:

Seriously what a fucking idiot since when does glucose turn into fat it
turns into glycogen you absolute retard. Sugar and fats are not the same,
sugars are stored in the muscles and liver and fat is stored under the skin
as FAT. Quit your job now fucking health coach my ass stupid cunt

Firefly Light says:

Sugar: The Bitter Truth with Dr. Robert Lustig, MD, would hopefully
enlighten her. Fruit is packaged with something called fiber, which is
found neither in white bread nor jelly beans. Fiber slows the absorption of
sugars in fruits with a healthy dose of antioxidants of which white bread
or jelly beans are void of. Most people do not consume too much fruit, but
many do consume too much white bread and candy. Sugar and refined grains
found in processed foods are the problem. Imagine someone advising anyone
to eat a high sugar, unhealthy fat-filled and fiberless piece of junk
called a donut. Highly irresponsible – and she doesn’t even talk about how
processed sugar messes with our appetite hormones causing us to eat more
and more… the food industries goal by design, by the way.

Eat real food, eliminate refined sugars and grains, eat more fiber – and go
back to eating 3 square meals rather than snacking. Our bodies have a hard
time processing food all day long and we never used to snack like we do
now. Watch The Leptin Diet for more info.

Vivek Leonard says:

Good video. How about fine tuning some for the Asian/Indian audience? Can’t
understand why we (I actually don’t) gorge on rice and wheat, and hope not
to put on a ton around the waist. Of course, thinking several decades back,
we were almost a pure agrarian system, and people would slog their backs
off under the blazing sun, hence could do with these loads of starches. But
now, the physical activity is all gone, leaving behind only the
gorging-on-starches. We need good education, and could do with some fine
advice from you!

meeche13 says:

she’s beautiful!

Afzal Biabani says:

If you seriously want to build muscle, you should look up on google Ready
Set Ripped. They can help you get the body you deserve.

SuperRefid says:

So do you think carbs make you fat?! Interesting idea! xDD
What about fat? Fat makes you fat, not carbs!
It is only a lie that carbs make you fat to sell those animal products! You
also mentioned in the beginning of you vid that human body runs on carbs,
fruit veggies starches, so isn’t it a contradiction? Why do you restict
your fuel?!

Jester123ish says:

I rather suspect quite a few people will be interested in this because they
are interested in keeping their insulin levels low. Please note, the
‘Glycemic Index’ she refers to, and that we’re all familiar with, is not a
comprehensive guide to insulin response, you should instead look up the
‘Insulin Index of Foods’.

Meat for example can generate a disproportionately large insulin response,
yet has a low Glycemic index.

Meagan Broadwater says:

Great information. I was able to forward this on to some of my clients to
give them a better understanding of what everything means. I truly think
this should be a mandatory class in school here in the states.

pdsaman says:

Michael D: Great Video. Its a shame people still don’t understand the
relationship between sugar and weight loss. It is said that you can not
change someones faith with facts.

joseph ducote says:

smart and beautiful? Marry me?

oussama Anouar says:

This almost-magical weight losing method burns pounds faster than any
powders, pills, or potions. Just Google Skinnimaker Routine to find out

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