The Body Type Diets – What to Eat for Each Type

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Dr. Berg explains what to eat for your body type. This is a great summary of the types of foods for adrenal, thyroid, liver and ovary. Take the quiz to find out your exact type and start losing weight.

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RawFruityBum says:

What is up with people thinking vegetarians and vegans don’t get enough
protein ? I always get 45-47g of protein (which is the recommended amount,
not 125g) like everyday, no soy products or beans needed, or animal
products for that matter.

DYLANN36 says:

What about fruits for Adrenal type? Anyone know?

ChenBecky says:

oh my god.. what’s the mean of “NO ARE BST”…? and organic fat?? from

elena911000 says:

I am confuse with this groups. Something doesn’t make sense to me.

one a k says:

3oz of protein a meal?
that’s 84g of protein a meal which is around 3 tuna cans
that’s way too much

sweety sharma says:

To anyone who wants to get ripped some day. Copy and paste into Google
Ready Set Ripped to find out more.

Pink Candy1980 says:

thanks alot very useful
im adrenal can you tell me what is the best protein powder in the market?

Intan Natasha says:

this is soooo good. Thanks :) are you a doctor or something?

Niko N says:

What if you weight train dont u need more protein ? They say one gram per
So if im 190 i take 190 grams per day in 4-5 meals.

Rica G says:

I’m definitely an Adrenal type.

Cornflower Pink says:

What diet would you recommend for the ovary type post menopause?

BigFineBoss says:

Thanks you just saved my life 

Becky Scott says:

This dude is awesome! I have been watching his videos all day long. Dr
Berg…I have never heard of you until I stumbled on one of your
videos…but I’ve been watching them all day…1 after another b/c they hit
the nail on the head every time for me…it explains SO much of my
problems. I have so many of the symptoms you talk about. I’m going to try
the new diet/lifestyle and see if it makes me feel better. I am a
distributor for a network marketing company that has natural awesome
products…we have a stress relief formula that I will try to get rid of
the stress. I wondered if that’s what was wrong. Thanks so much for sharing
these videos!

Glenn van Nijevelt says:

Read Dr Abravanel Body Type Diet and you will find RIGHT AWAY what your
body type is.
And BTW, Thyroid body type is not that uncommon, especially among
“model-looking” like people (Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Nadja
Auremenn, all have Thyroid body Type) and almost all Basketball players.
They have long limbs, slightly high-waisted, small waist and tend to
accumulate fat on the waist and upper thigh only. Thay also have abundance
of energy when they are young (read below 35 yo.) then just easily crash
and burnt out by the time they reach 40 yo.

Dr Eric Berg’s explanation is good. But compare to Dr. Abravanel it’s
rather superficial and slightly non-specific. Why? Because Dr. Abravanel
explains to us very clearly what body type we belong to. And that is the
MOST important step to long-term success in general health maintenance!

anna minjares says:

hahhahaha “not talking about deep fried twinkies” that was great dr berg!

Gr Dm says:

This system appears to be based on research and report by Dr Sandra Cabot ,
an Australian doctor and author of The Liver Cleaning Diet which was
published a decade or more ago. Her book explains these body types in a
similar manner. Dr Cabot advocated cleaning and detoxing the liver first
and foremost.
When our liver is overworked and overloaded, toxins remain in the
bloodstream and settle inthe body. To protect your vital organs from these
toxins, your body surrounds them with fat as a defense. You can exercise
and diet all you want and you will have a very hard time losing serious
amounts of weight. The minute you detox the liver, your body releases the
toxins because your liver is now operating at optimum. Your body will then
respond to fat burning because it is no longer trying to protect your body
from toxins because the liver has removed them efficiently. I confirmed
this with 2 nutritionists. Why they never discussed this as general
practice and general information with the public, I dont know. I admit I
chuckled when I saw these videos. Dr Berg is basically right. But it took a
doctor in the US 10-20 years to catch up

Keefter Mutch says:

According to your test I’m a mixture of Adrenal and Liver which
interestingly have completely opposing dietry advice?

Saeid Manhooei says:

I loved this video. The points you made were very helpful. Thanks a lot :)

sherylsb smith says:

this and him are very interesting. I have been into nutrition all my life.
I am now 60 and seeing the belly bloat and accumulate fat. been fighting
it, but he explained the reason so clearly. thanks and I will take this

nico3641 says:

3 to 6 oz of protein per meal? That’s 9 to 18 oz per day. That’s 63 to
126 grams of protein per day.

andrea wolfe says:

I love all of your videos, being that I have adrenal body type, I lost
40lbs last summer..yayyyy!!! …but then I got pregnant after 15 years lol,
but it’s ok tho…I’m on my way back now that my baby is 3 months old
now…keep the videos coming tho! :):):)

Reshma lai says:

Is there a video for people with high metabolism to gain weight? 

reqph says:

No soy but dairy? WTF? Dairy contains more estrogen than soy and a lot of
other stuff that’s bad for the body. I finally replaced dairy with soy (and
some other plant milk) and I finally stopped craving for dairy. Why should
soy be wrong?


THANK YOU, thank you and, thank you for putting all this very useful and
eye opening information here. I have followed a diet for my body type for
two months only based on this information and I have lost weight faster
than ever, exercise works better and more efficiently and I just feel
great. My husband had suffered from chronic pain on his right shoulder and
lower back for years, he suffered from serious skin problems for a long
while, he just can’t get rid of that big hard rock belly, but now we know
it is his liver! and we’ll work on it to get him healthy again…

Christina Howe says:

I’ve so appreciated these videos, the clarity of information, the
specificity of the plan for gaining health, and the simple logic of the
explanations. Refreshing to say the least. I would love to see a video on
the necessity of going “Gluten Free.” While I’m not celiac, going gluten
free several years ago made a huge difference to my health. I’d like to
understand more why, apart from the fact that I simply don’t eat much
processed food since it is all made with flour.

loujuggling.tumblr says:

This helped sooo much!:)

Angel Lane says:

I am the high cortisol, stress intolerant person from too much anxiety
stressing me out throughout life…high anxiety..PCOS…ADD..AVPD.. Craves
stimulants all day long….could live on chocolate…goes from sweet
craving to salt craving which goes back and forth. Can’t tolerate dairy
because of sinus congestion. Crave mayonnaise sandwiches late at night for
some reason. Why such a need for stimulants to feel normal? I am burning
out yet I still can’t stop drinking my tea and coffee, I did quit smoking
but now I drink more coffee then ever to compensate. I find myself feeling
tired at night and instead of letting myself wind down and go to sleep I am
fixing me a cup of coffee to make the tired feeling go away and then I stay
up past midnight and waking up in the morning is like pure torture. A
vicious cycle for me. 

Arepa Yummy says:

What do you eat if you are half adrenal and half liver body type?

Jeni Merino says:

WOW!!! I am so thankful I came across your channel! I’ve watched like 6
videos already! They are packed with so much helpful information. Thank you
so much for taking the time to make these videos! I am sharing them with
others in my family and I can’t wait to have a discussion with them! 

phleblady1 says:

I am a vegan…!!!!

laguna888888 says:

How much roughly are 7 cups of cruciferous veggies? how much are 10 cups of
cucumbers + tomatoes?

Mary-Ama Blankson says:

I stumbled on this video 3 weeks ago and it became clear to me that I had
suffered from adrenal fatigue for years especially starting in my mid-20s.
I am female, 36, 5’8″ and went up to 230kg at a point. I don’t eat very
large quantities of food and I even tried working out morning and evenings
for most days in a 3 month period without success. I have suffered
depression for years and was developing high blood pressure and symptoms of
diabetes, always tired and having difficulty concentrating which had
started affecting my work. The thing is that I was an ovary type when
younger with saddlebags and milk cravings but lately, I began to notice my
waistline ballooning uncontrollably even though I’m not pregnant. I also
started developing upper resp.airway problems always sneezing and coughing.

Well, I’ve tried your detox. I now eat a high protein diet with some fat
and lots of dark leafy green vegetables. Salt is within normal, less carbs,
changed from coffee to tea and I added a rich multivitamin complex daily. I
sleep much better, wake up alert and ready to go, can concentrate a lot
better, my airway is clear, feel lighter with no bloating (tummy’s
flatter). I even have an idea for a blog. It is truly amazing. My colleague
complimented me the other day saying my “diet” appears to be working though
I have not measured myself to compare. I also feel much calmer now with
fewer palpitations. I now want to start focusing on stress reduction so I
have cut out a lot of weekend activities that kept my running about and try
to rest. I hope to start yoga soon.

I sincerely thank you, Dr. Berg, for literally saving my life. My only
question is how long do I do this for? I understand high protein diets can
be nephrotoxic. Do I have to do some intervals in between?

tipsy09 says:

deep fried twinkies haha

Fred says:

I am in the adrenal body type, But I am loosing protein in urine, I am
diabetic and also have kidney stones and I guess my filteration is not
proper. Then how can I consume high proetin, so should I switch to liver

mybestideas1 says:

SCAMMER. Stay away from this guy.

Noriko HIgginbotham says:

My client has liver body type and diabetic. He is managing diabetic good
but what diet he should ? He is low carb diet.

nicole starr says:

So cool man thx doc

OnlyHempFuture says:

Hemp seed Proteins is very digestible and easy uptake, it contains all the
amino acids in right proportions – 4-5 tablespoons every morning keeps my
energy up through out the day, the extra points are all the omega and other
oils you get out of that as well.

Tina-Karen Pusse says:

I am a mix of an adrenal and a thyroid type – more tending towards thyroid.
So… what SHOULD I eat, other than sea weed? If it should be low protein
and low fat – and I suppose low carb is a given anyway, and if I ALSO have
to be careful with cruciferous, and I also have difficulties absorbing
vitamins, as you say in another video about the thyroid types, what is
there left to eat? I have tried the adrenal diet first and my health
markers have improved much and I am no longer tired during the day, but I
haven’t lost weight.

Steven Blackburn says:

Adrenal or was..

TengwarSoup says:

Actually, most dairy except the really really cheap stuff is rbst-free. I
mean, the store brand processed cheese, of course has it, as does the
super-low-cost chocolate milk. But you shouldn’t really eat those anyway.
Dairy doesn’t generally have to be organic if it doesn’t have any growth

missmads27 says:

ovary, spot on.

anthony crisci says:

dairy is bad for everyone you give good advice besides that i love your

ourpage says:

I’m age 62…What is the best eating plan to follow since I have both
Hypothyroidism and Adrenal issues? With an increase of my Westhroid, I have
seen no ability to lose weight, gain stamina..its all in my Muffin top area
in midsection..also have lots of fatigue and brain fog!! Nasal stuffiness
is present and I’m also on BioID hormones which I never take close to my
thyroid med dosing time. I have had Rhabdomyolysis from statin misdosage
Tx’d to me, and also Pancreatitis. Therein lies my issues.. HELP!

Sapientissima184521 says:

The first doctor who actually addresses my problem. Thank you! Wish you
were in my area.

Nonmi Hiseddeo says:

Eating animals and their byproducts nowadays is problematic, because they
bioconcentrate radiation, pesticides, other environmental pollution.
Radiation is a big issue since Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan on
3/11/2011. The lower on the food chain you can eat, the better off you’re
going to be. Kelp from the Atlantic is going to be better than Pacific. So,
knowing where your food comes from is also helpful, since some areas get
more or less radiation based on weather patterns, and so on.

honeyb162 says:

Dr. Berg, where have you been all my life? Thank you so much for this
video. All the things you covered so true, I had my gallbladder removed
and now I still suffer from right sided pain, have suffered of right sided
migraine headaches. I am hypothyroid and have tried the high protein diets
(Atkins) seemed to work at the beginning but was having too many cravings
for fruits, vegetables alone did not seem to cut it for me plus I was
getting frequent colds. I think that I’m between liver and thyroid type,
so I will try eating kale and seaweed, and all the other things you
recommended (low fat, low protein) and see if that helps. What about the
grains: bread, cereal?

Cassandra says:

Thank you! This video was extremely helpful! I took notes and passed the
info to my sister :)

missyu520 says:

I have low TSH, which means my thyroid tends to be overactive to
compensate. Should I eat a lot of seaweed, or avoid it? What foods should I
eat more of and avoid?

Sweetcheeks Babycakes says:

What a treat to find a medical doctor who recognizes the importance of
proper nutrition! Far too many seem to have completely forgotten that food
and eating are central to human health. 

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