Raw food vegan weight loss tips #2 ~ NEVER RESTRICT CALORIES!

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I NEVER restrict my calories, haven’t for over 5 years and I’m leaner than ever.
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Kaitlyn Harrison | ChicBeautyxo13 says:

I have a question!

If i ate raw vegan and im at a healthy weight, will i still lose weight ? i
want to eat healthier but i dont want to lose anything! help!

Amancalled Adam says:

This chick should try meat. It is so packed with goodness that you don’t
need to sit around chewing on bananas for 5 hours to get what you need! 

Shastity Warren says:

I have a difficult time consuming that much food. Im not use to eating this
large of portions. my tummy will only hold so much. How can I eat that much
food when my stomach wont allow it?

ABHI TEC says:

If you desire to melt fat, you should search google for Fat Blast Furnace.
They can help you get the body you deserve.

amina amraoui says:

how much water weight can you lose?

SteveFox says:

I’m curious about 1 thing – how much actually you exercise per day? I’d
love to just believe that you can eat 3k calories per day and be fine and
look great like you, but you know, after people everywhere stating “weight
loss is simple – you lose weight only if you burn more cal than you
So for example, If I’m male and I would eat 3k calories of fruit, veggies,
pasta and brown rice per day and exercise 30min per day like I always
do(mostly cardio workouts) would that be enough or I would gain weight
because I don’t burn enough calories?

sundaisie says:

Idk about this freelee it’s very expensive to eat the way you guys do, and
it’s not realistic for most people that’s the only reason I am a bit
skeptical. How do you guys expect most people to be able to spend thousands
on food every month?

pan panas says:

the difference between beeing vegan and being stupid like her is that
vegans aint eating just bananas they have more sources of food than 30
bananas per day ffs

evolynena says:

with what frequency do you eat nuts?

Fred says:

I am not a vegan. I am a type 2 diabetic. I dont eat a lot of meat or
diary. I mostly eat carb based vegetarian foods, rice etc. with lentils,
veg curry etc. Meat maybe once a month or twice including eggs. I workout
4-6 days a week. and I eat about 2000-2500 cals sometimes 3000. I mostly
eat home cooked food. But I am not loosing weight, instead in the last
month or so I have gained weight about 8-10 lbs. I do eat fruits but of
course not as raw vegans do. Then what am I doing wrong? There was a time I
was calorie restricting and led a poor lifestyle thats when I put on a lot
of weight. The only time I lost weight was when I was on a calorie deficit
diet. I stop the diet and went back to eating 2500-3000 cals and the result
is I have added 22 lbs in the last 3 months. Is there something I am doing

Eva Jäger says:

what about natural proteines?

Nina mihaela Saotome says:

I did a raw vegan diet for 30 days and I went from being 95-110 !! Agghhh
and I also work out :( what was u doing wrong?

Audrey Randazzo says:

She seems so much calmer here than she is now haha

Jennifer Walker says:

love you, i think you are right on track. when you say fruit, do you mean
fruits and veggies? where do veggies come in? thx

Morag Baxter says:

Because it’s fruit and veg you don’t have the same fat being stored in the
body as you do when the body has to break down meat . But yes you still
have to do exercise but your normal amount should be enough . As long as
you watch out for sugar content. And don’t eat too much carbohydrates like
potatoes. Remember that fruit juices that are concentrated have a lot of
sugar in them your better off with freshly juiced fruit.

User89037 says:

whenever I watch these vegan videos I never see any science or studies
cited, vs the paleo diets that reference well researched studies.

Also how much do you work out, I’m sorry but most people don’t have the
time to work out several hours a day, we have jobs.

Louise Siecke says:

Can you say how tall you are in a video? I started a raw food diet 3 weeks
ago and already gained 3 kg!!!! So afraid to eat too much! I’m 155 cm tall.

TheTraveler says:

Carbohydrates burns down to sugar or starch, its very unhealthy, thats why
alot of vegans are actually overweight and suffer fron osteoporosis in
their latter years.

Ryan Hughes says:

Just because you are skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy. Legitimate advice
follows for those who are interested: Restricting calories every few days
results in lower insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF1) production and gives
your body the break from cell multiplication it needs significantly
lowering your risk of cancer. It also results in a reduction of clotting
and heart disease that is incomparable to any other diet you can partake
in. It’s not just a “fad” diet technique, it’s recommended by the worlds
leading experts. Telling people to never restrict calories is probably the
worst possible health advice you can give someone. Calories ARE calories.
They are the same no matter where they come from as they are a direct
measure of energy. It’s identical to saying “the two heaters are the same
temperature but the heat energy produced is different”. No, there is just
one type of energy. Eating fat free foods isn’t necessarily going to
automatically cause fat loss. Fat is just stored energy. If your body is
storing more energy than you are using (ie: a net energy gain) there will
be fat stored regardless of what the packet says. After all, grass is fat
free and cows easily produce it. A high carbohydrate diet can also easily
result in fat gain, as sugars are carbs, and we all know sugar is energy.
And yes, whether they come from a juicy orange or a juicy steak, if it is
the same sugar (bearing in mind sugar is a chemical term like alcohol and
can have many structures), the structure is essentially identical. In
summary, if energy in > energy out you will store fat. Use more energy than
your body stores, you will lose weight. Food generally provides so much
energy we struggle to burn it, and that is why weight loss is 3/4 diet, 1/4

Jaquita Doe says:

This video is the “lightbulb” above my head that I needed. 

VinciLis says:

Freeley! Where can I get this shirt? :D
You are great by the way!!!

Tnc874 says:

I cant hear anything

Ruby Maharjan says:

Go Google Skinnimaker Super Foods and you will discover how some foods
‘explode’ in your stomach.

ramith dahanayaka says:

Have you seen the fat losing machine that lies hidden in your body. Go
Google Skinnimaker Routine to bring it out.

TReczema says:

you look sooo pretty here

kate jackson says:

Where do your organs go?

Jeikobu Beru says:

You are doing a great job helping people understand how easy it is to stay
healthy. I agree with everything you do, but am concerned with the “Better
than animal pieces and secretions” part of things. Why are you downing meat
so much? you are perfectly correct about your presumption about cravings:
we crave things for a reason. Same goes for animal protein. I’m not talking
a juicy hamburger here (although, that does sound awesome right about now),
but fresh fish, some free-range chicken, nice low-fat steak cuts…Mmm,
mmm, Mmm! We crave them for a reason. Add a little (yes, you don’t need
much) to what you’re saying and you get the skinny fat burning WITH the
muscle tone.

Nala Chrela says:

I’m actually really missing meat and cheese and my family is giving me a
really hard time about eating so much fruit. Still I refuse to give in. Its
been 2 weeks!!

Tee Alliayah says:

Atkins diet doesn’t restrict calories – not that it’s healthy

Sumner Magruder says:

Scientifically speaking fat does not just go directly to fat….

Craving For The Change says:

I hope it’ll help me

Inga Stok says:

Freelee, I love you and thank you!! I need this! I planned to be raw for at
least a year, just to.try… I ended up eating a meal of rice or.so per day
too, then with that started coming along sauces and veggies (school lunch),
then the here and there food cravings… It is just so easy to get of the
track! Especially when everybody around me tells me I am acting nothing but
stupid… Please, continue with your.videos as.long as you can!

sudarsan das says:

Millions of people have the precious gift to lose pounds — but don’t take
advantage of it. Go and Google Skinnimaker System to unlock your weight
loss potential.

CrysisFan08 says:

You are superficially… Sorry Your body you do not ever show… 

PotatoSamosa says:

so are your breast enhancements vegan?

kevin walker says:

Go to Naturalnews.com for any help regarding food

Rhea Metituk says:

Freelee = awesome.
I’m following your plans and feeling better and better.
Trying to get off coffee. I teach English full time on a split shift
schedule, do grad studies part time, and love to exercise and socialize.
It’s that coffee that gets me, and sometimes alcohol. :-(
I noticed that downing a smoothie of bananas and water, with 10-15 bananas
is reducing my coffee consumption.
I’m watching. Keep on trying. 

cupcake64ish says:

What about bagels? They are high carb low fat. I mean if you are out of
fruit and have nothing else.

M. A. Nandana Muhudugama says:

Hey there, have you experienced Fat Blast Furnace? (look for it on google)
You will find out about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With Fat
Blast Furnace, you will discover how to lose weight quickly.

Lawrence Henry says:

the way she says “i’m not fat” as if fat people are some type of alien.

ronja enander says:

You are SO inspiring!! Love You!

pinkskud1 says:

science is crying, the human body can not extract enough energy from
uncooked food to sustain a body long term. we need the external stomach
that is the frying pan to brake down the first stage of digestion.
we are not cows with 5 stomachs.
we also need to eat fat, without the minerals in fat you will be very ill.
trying to live on a raw food diet will lead to death from malnutrition.
professor steve jones gave a lecture at the royal institution on this
subject in rearly 2013.

kahani kat says:

wow you’re 30? you look super pretty

bom boom says:

You look very puffy here. I mean your face. I dont know why

cedeerve says:

I just look at her, I don’t listen to the words.

Kae Henderson says:

Her tummy is sooo flat

Ashley Pohl says:

how much weight did you gain when you first started on a vegan diet? how
long did it last?

Finchley HairSalon says:

Im usually inspired seeing sexy stomach and awesome weight loss testimony.
This video is an eye-opening for sure.

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