Nutrition Tips : What Foods Should I Eat to Lose Weight?

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Loose weight by eating fruits, foods that are high in fiber, and by limiting the intake of saturated fats. Shed pounds and lose weight with tips from a licensed dietitian in this free video on nutrition.

Expert: Christine E. Marquette
Bio: Christine E. Marquette is a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Todd Green


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thanks for the tips. there is no giving up for me. lol. i just don’t want
to go in reverse. i’d rather maintain that put back on. but i’ll see what i
can do about adding more intensity to my workouts. i was doing turbo jam
for a while. i didn’t really notice if it did me any good though.. lol

amr2286 says:

@17jesusochoa the best way to loose weight is NOT just on portion size, I
would say to really ease down on the carbohydrates, and eat a lot of
vegetables (like the kind you can buy on the grocery store that is frozen
and mixed), with that you will feel full if you eat a whole bag and drink
one cup of water before you have your dinner. many people do not know this
but that is secret for targeting hunger, and weight loss on the nutrition
part: EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!!!! and of course excercise

hypock1 says:

idiot GOSH

WikidLovely says:

You look like Justin Bieber :)


i try to not pay attention to the scale. it’s completely irrelevant to
someone that works out. i’dl ike to weigh 160 though. at the most. i’ve
taken a nutrition class and have been to a few nutritionists. so i’m pretty
in the “know” of things. lol. i’ve actually considered going back to school
to become a nutritionist myself. something to think about. i’ve helped a
lot of my family and friends get some weight off or jumpstart their weight
loss goals. but i am now STUCK. i’ve heard about not..

aaahhhhaaaahhhh says:

doesnt matter what you eat in reality its how much of it.

I Win says:

Thank you

imAfreaklikeyou says:

you dont need to be hungry to stay fit! lol you need a balance diet.

jenny09396465745 says:

SANA PAPAYAT NAAKO GANOON PALA DAPAT FIBER apples oranges more gulay like
cabbage carots autmeal puide pala yun..jenybelle boja cotabato

israel silva says:

am very fat i use lard for my dressing my habits are being on the internet
watching videos like this so my hopes of one day loosing wait will come

SteveDaBoss100 says:

this is common sense. you dont need to graduate from collage to know this

Mark Mirabella says:

@procommenter lmao I believe that’s called Anorexia.

Myhike3 says:

Extreme attractive…but I keep hearing: back and forth about satuated
fats! maybe just moderation…I think. Your bf or husband is lucky…to
have you.


being able to lose any more weight. but that doesn’t make sense to me.
because i’ve seen in everyone else that people can weigh 300+ and get down
to a super model’s size. lol. not trying that for myself.. but this can’t
be it for me. i am fluctuating between 180 to 190 and in a size 12/14. i
feel better than ever and know that i am much healthier. i was 270 and in a
22/24. so i’ve come a LONG way. but i really need to get some more off. do
i need more cardio? i do more with weights.

down80pounds says:

@17jesusochoa same :D Hope you made it and gl to me :D

meganfox550 says:

how do you feel about protein powders?

sayema ismat says:

Holla! Have you ever tried the Fat Blast Lifestyle (search on google)? Ive
heard some great things about it and my work buddy lost a ton of fat.

coltondemonte says:

Grains way better for you, that person is retarted

Mike John says:

‘Why have abs when you can have kebabs :D’ Seeking to inspire.


lol.. funny you mention that.. i have the dvds to p90x. already did it once
through and it helped me lose 20 pounds. i pretty much memorized a lot of
the moves and do them from time to time with other exercises. i love p90x.
i hope to go through it again. i never thought i could do any of it or keep
up. but i can and it’s amazing.

Debra Seiling says:

This video was very informative. Debbie Seiling

leoca says:

If its 2009 then its old. The studies were done in 2008. New sources are
2010. Your teacher is a tranny. Enjoy.

TERRELL396 says:

see this women here knows what she is talking about

leoca says:

that is patently false. the calories from fat does not get stored as
bodyfat. glucose (carbs) does.

leoca says:

Simple. Your teacher is wrong. She/he needs to be updated on nutrition.
Protein does not store fat as carbs (glucose).

leoca says:

2,000 calories of avocado in a week vs 2,000 calories of oatmeal in a week.
One will make you fat. Yes, oatmeal. It matters what you eat.

leoca says:

that is the old idea. we now know that not all calories are the same. fat
and protein are used in the body more than just for fuel. hence if one
consumes 200 calorie fat, far less of that goes for fuel. most goes for
structural purposes. carbs/glucose on the other hand are primarily used for
fuel. so a 200 calorie carb is a 200 calorie baggage indeed. this is the
latest data we have from the cutting edge of medical science. the whole
calorie reduction = weight loss is poor observation.

leoca says:

Grains = Weight GAIN Take her advice and do the opposite. Eat fat &
protein. Stop eating grains.

leoca says:

she’s a tranny. watch out, she’s got a big penis.


lol. i actually have done burpees. they’re not too bad.. very intense
though. gets your heart pumping for sure. do you know how long i should
keep my heart rate up? cardio for 30 minutes? i usually do 10 minutes.. and
then weight lift and body weight exercises. so my workouts total 30


i already know you’re supposed to change your exercise routine.. but been
there done that.. can’t COUNT how many times..

donal2777 says:

For fun id love this dietician to point me towards the science which says
saturated fats causes heart disease and cholesterol causes heart disease
……..whats that? Yes there is none. Only done 1000 studies and no
evidence as it was based on a 1970’s goverment advise board with no
research to back it up.

Scott Yates says:

im in love with you

leoca says:

I explained it already. 1,000 calories from carb will make you fat. 1,000
calories from fruits, vegetables and meat will not make you fat.


it just seems like no matter what i do for exercise or how good i eat, i am
not getting anywhere. i’ve been maintaining this weight now for about a
year. don’t know what i need to do. this can’t be it for me. this can’t be
the smallest i get. i’m a 12/14. i’d like to get down to an 8 or even a 10.
not trying to look like anyone, i figure that the last 30 i lose will help
me reach that goal. but this 30 needs to come off. fat loss..

leoca says:

it does.

tenodogblu says:

Im gonna try this as I am a fat bastard.

Lucas Scalcione-Hahn says:

if you did any research at all you would find that all unused calories are
stored in the body. where else would they go? if you had argued that
calories from carbs require body energy to be turend into fat, hence
burning a few more calories before storage, i would be open to that. but
you can’t say that calories from fat arent stored as body fat. thats simply

aaahhhhaaaahhhh says:

NoO i love my oatmeal!

lex rad says:

it’s calories out and in. So doesn’t matter.

REBrampage says:

You’re right. I should definitely listen to an average Joe like you instead
of a registered dietitian.

Procommenter says:

Eat much less so as to survive on your stored fat. Make friends with hunger.

fullofstarlight says:

No it doesn’t.

Travieso78702 says:

But, I followed this diet and shed pounds in no time. I can eat constantly.
I’ve tried to high-pro thing and it didn’t do anything.

JonathanBloggs says:

Satiety is not a function of physical fullness. This can be demonstrated by
the classic ‘Chinese food phenomenon’ where you are completely stuffed but
then feel hungry again half an hour later. The reason this happens is
basically carbohydrates. All fiber foods are carb foods, and will not make
you feel full for any length of time, they spike your blood sugar, raise
your insulin, and just make you want more in an hour’s time. You need fat
(even saturated fat) and protein to make you full

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