Nutrition tips for WEIGHT LOSS!!

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Portion control, Big Block Chevy 477, my accident, tour of my gym. INTENSITY RULES!!


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rbondy008 says:

I broke my tibia, fibula and femur in my left leg when I was 17 (1986). I
never really worked my legs in workout because of fear they’ll break again.
Seeing your legs and how much you must work them has changed my leg
workouts. Thank you

Any advice on working out with healed broken bones?

Thanks again, Peace

Ed Stratford-Tuke says:

big j, your gym is a dream.

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

Thanks brother.

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

Welcome brother.

escobarstatus says:

20%+ BF by the way

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

Glad to help

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

@mmaarrkkoodd1990 Props and much respect for your second response. No
worries. Thanks for your support. INTENSITY RULES!!

ak47ava says:

thats the gym i wanna be in, im tired of la fitness man, not much
equipment, your gym is just like my high school gym, small and only has the
good stuff, power stuff. i hate la fitness, i even hate the machines they
have,, that just makes me really angry.

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

How has that plan worked out for you?

TheTSRush says:

What year is that classic car your in? Looked like a 50s Cadillac but I
could be way off.

skycash02 says:

thank you big J, i just dont understand the carbs part. if you have high
body fat like i do… and want to build muscle…. do i still need to eat
less calories and less carbs… from what i been told the more you eat the
more muscle you build…. And that you can not build muscle on a low
calorie diet. im not trying to get ripped i just want to build muscle and
lower my body fat.

gtashji says:

hi jason. got a question for ya. now i’m tryin to do it all. lookin to cut
bf and gain strengh. can i increase my carbo intake today cause i did a
intense wt workout in the mournin(childs play for you, your grip trainin
was crazy, tried some of the exercises)? i work out 3 time a week (m,w,f).
today i had about 4 loafs of pita bread (white). 30 grams of carbos, and
150 cals/loaf. is it a good increase carbs on the days i worked out? thanks
sorry to bother

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

@pacificpitbull Awesome. Best of luck.

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

Hey thanks brother.

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

@rampagetapout Thanks for watching brother.

monkofdark123 says:

Wow bro your gym is amazing! none of them have that sort of old style
hardcore gear in Leeds (england) I don’t know if you’ve done this already
so if you have please just direct me to a vid, but could you do a vid on
teen workouts to get the strength up there or start making progress and the
best exercises to do to get your sort of build?

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

@Colyers Was hittin’ pretty good huh?

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

@wmontano8 Thanks Will

Connor McCann says:

Pepsi max!

VforVictory says:

hi jason. Thanks for the informational vid. One question i have is that you
keep mentioning “high reps” as the way to put on more muscles. I had heard
that heavy weight + low reps is more suitable for enlarging your muscles,
am I wrong? I see myself as an ecto-mesomorph and you mentioned that
ectomorphs need “high intensity” workouts. What is a “high intensity”
workout? somehow, I ended up with 2 questions, but I hope to hear from you
soon. And Thanks again for what you’re doing.

Strongbit3 says:

you own that gym?

aUsTiNwEiRdO says:

so it doesnt matter wat ur macro ratios are just as long as u meet ur
caloric deficit wen tryin to lose wight or burn off bodyfat

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

@yourtuberr Thanks for watching.

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

@brestes1 Thanks brother. The black 454 is going in my 98 dually and the
ornage 477 might go into my 94 half ton chevy P’U.

ne0fixxChannel says:

I wish i lived in your place :( i could learn so much stuffs from you! you
are awesome thank you for helping the new and young people!

BigJsExtremeFitness says:

@1984petrus1 Thanks my brother in Iron. See you next time.

Eric Nieves says:

Sounds like he said ass cream at 1:05 lol

ripu2bits says:

Respect Big J alot.

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