Live Chat with Corrina: Health Q&A, Weight Loss, Diet Tips, Nutrition and Wellness

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Live Chat with Corrina: Health Q&A, weight loss, Diet Tips, Nutrition and Wellness


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mark smith says:

I’m craving ice cream. What am I deficient ? (;

Phil My-Balls says:

tried this diet and actually gained 11 pounds.

rhykko77 says:

on your premium accounts is there more explicit nudity and implied
sexuality ?

Lora Schmitt says:

Awesome video Corrina! Thanks for the tip on Nutritional yeast! I will
check it out! :-)

Shae Jones says:

Corrina does orgaic food contain Gmos?

lorrory says:

I find the videos wonderful. Thank you

zenrider16701 says:

There is no way to out run a fork. You don’t lose weight by running. Not
at any quantity or intensity. You lose weight by eating clean, whole
foods, in reasonable quantities. You get fit by running. You can get fit
and stay fat. You can get really fit and be really fat. You tune your
body with your eating. You tune your fitness with your exercising. Add
fitness to your total body plan for fitness sake. 90% of your effort will
start at your lips.

Gabrielle LeGrand says:

Hi !! Corrina I love your videos and the way you explain everything, I
understand you so well, and I dont speak english hahaha, I was going to ask
about Freelee or well about frutarian live style, I don´t truly know but I
see in their videos (Durianrider and Freelee) that they eat rise ,
vegetables, and pasta.. soups and other kind of non refined carbohidrats ,
but I try to make that diet & realllyyyy felt very bad, so like you say not
all the diets are for everyone , thanks so much for your channel is, for me
very ver very helpful :))))) (sorry for my english)

Sugartings says:

I appreciate your tangents Corrina :) …very informative video as usual…

fitpro777 says:

I love to dip carrots, broccoli,celery, and tomatoes in hummus while
watching Corrina. Very fun. good video.

SarahLucy94 says:

Going Vegan was one of my best decisions :) 

swagatika senapati says:

hi corrina,very gud informative vedeo..i m a yoga trainer ,so clients r
coming to detox ,except lemon juice n apple cider venegar(not easily
available in india) wt r the things which can detox as well as easily
available in india….

rrijecanka says:

Himalayan salt,special coarse is the best

paul cesanne says:

will you be posting excercise vids; core workout and back stretches?

Tom Christiana says:

Good Bye

Nesse Agerstroem says:

Hi, iam a man from Sweden 60 years old, and i still need advice about my
weight, thank you very much!

Frank Cruz says:

Corrina, you are sooo Sexy, Smart and Charming. A fan :-)

Larry Ogden says:

GMOs and gold digging Monsanto is out for the buck at the expense of
America’s health !!!

lorrory says:

I find the videos wonderful. Thank you

rrijecanka says:

Finally somebody normal from USA in public, u are great Corrina…of course
u don’t support Clinton,omg nobody normal support that piece of shit…

Tom Christiana says:

Very Nicely done Corrina!!!!

boltsdluna says:


Webchoices Review says:

Nice chat Corrina , Tim

Robert Diehl says:

I have a tip on losing weight ,I can say what I want because I am not
making a vid. People stay too cool and comfortable now thanks to air
conditioners and their metabolism is sloooww. Many young people are too
lazy now and have been since the 90s with too many in home gadgets and
American adults are swollen from sheite food and being lazy also. I am not
a hypocrite,I have been there and I gained 100 lbs after I quit smoking
many years ago,I would eat the refrigerator after I ate every thing in it
but the extra weight is gone now.. People should get out and do some hot
sweltering labor while it is summer unless you have health issues..Push a
lawn mower in the middle of the day while the sun is beading on you,do
exercises,,lift weights,just work it out in hot weather if you stay indoors
too much and are over weight ..Lay in the sun a few days a week and that
will get you going without even moving much..You need to get hot and sweat
it out people.Your metabolism will go nuts and get some good sea salt and a
jug of spring water from the grocery store. it is cheap and clean ,and when
you sweat hard and want a drink,put some salt on your tongue and and drink
a glass and add some organic apple cider vinegar..Stay the hell away from
drinking too many sweet soft drinks, french fries and fried hamburgers and
greasy pizza than can be used for diesel fuel and listen to CORINA’S
advice on eating habits.

David Sweeney says:

I was at a conference with a bunch of doctors yesterday – asked if they
ever link wellness to clinical nutrition. Basically they said no. They
had at most a few hours of lectures over a week worth of nutrition training
over 5 years initial medical training. They admitted they always think of
prescribing a drug as the answer to their patient’s problems, #1 pain
killers #2 antibiotics. So I told them to look at some of your stuff (and
Dr Bellonzi).

Robert Diehl says:

Hey Corrina,I juice my home grown yellow squash now,it juices really
well..,Every one cooks them . I never thought it would be a juice beverage
and it taste sort of like milk. ..Egg Plant is next .

TotallyASMR says:

Skin Excemes can also be a sign for psoriasis…

classic end says:

i eat a HUGE bowlssssssssssss of rice, but i remain skinny b/c of my body
type being a ecto

TotallyASMR says:

Yeah! Argentina made it :D

waydeepinside says:

I was writing about pigs grease and lots of it ! YUK

philip desborough says:

hi peeps

eye dea says:

You can however make things more interesting for yourself by changing for
routine every few months. This can be a nice change for your central
nervous system.

FeNics3 says:

I like fruit for breakfast. or smoothies


What if I get pimples on my butt cheeks ?

mrnibblesmommy . says:

thanks corrina!! been a long time since i made it to a chat. luv ya!

Charlie Wallace says:

All this food talk is making me hungry!

Michael Paul McAuliffe says:

Plant looks edible.

chena3 says:

why do cows mooooooooo..

universal konnekt says:

freelee and durian rider are raw till 4

waydeepinside says:

yum friend eggs and bacon

TotallyASMR says:

Normally I don’t have any appetite in the morning. But everyone keeps
telling me, that I should be hungry in the morning instead of the evening.
How can I teach my stomach to react differently?

LolaDoughtnuts4 says:

what does it mean to detox?

FeNics3 says:

It did thanks!

cowboyjim442003 says:

Thank you Corrina and PsycheTruth for helping change healthcare
interaction! :)

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