Junk Food Zombie Apocalypse, Industry Exploiting Taste, Nutrition & Weight Loss

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Junk Food Zombie Apocalypse, Food Industry Exploiting Your Taste, Nutrition & weight loss

This video discusses why fast food and junk food taste so good while healthy foods don’t really taste as good. Why is this? How does this related to weight gain, your health and illness?

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PsycheTruth says:
Chelli Wilson says:

Those snack cakes are cheap and will keep forever without refrigeration.
The blueberries are expensive and will rot. I would prefer to eat
raspberries and strawberries over the snack cake every time, but affording
them is just not happening. I don’t live where I can garden, so growing my
own isn’t happening either. 

Flora R says:

Amazing video. I love it!

Malcom Raynolds says:

lol I wuld love to know how to ruin my life. Somehow I forgot how to do

Andrew A A Smith says:

Wow it’s kind of creepy to discover a channel like this that so closely
mirrors the views I’ve had for decades on so many different subjects. Glad
I found you. Keep them coming.You probably already know this but the book
Salt Sugar Fat is a pretty good read on how modern food products became so

kotsios555 says:

so…can’t added taste chemicals be added to natural foods without loss of
nutrients? …i am very curious about that. can anyone answer that? thanks

angrywolf2013 says:

I love your videos. Period.

lois228gmail says:

Think of it like this: How many blueberries do you need to eat to get rid
of the poison in the snack cake?

Danielle Scott says:

It’s really true though… I unfortunately taught myself poor eating habits
when I stopped relying on the foods my parent’s bought. (Not 100% natural
but mostly everything we ate was homemade.) Then as I because more health
conscious, I had to re-train my brain and tastebuds to enjoy the natural
flavors. Lucky for me as a kid I always enjoyed fruits and vegetables so it
wasnt too hard. But now I really do crave natural wholesome foods and I can
barely tolerate the processed junk I used to love!

Lab Ratt says:

Snacky cakes lol

Audrie Outland says:

Finally, someone who gets it

Wolf WaYa says:

*zombie mode* “Enriched graaaaaaains”

teriyakipuppy says:

Cake vs Blueberry
Why not Blueberry Cake?

MeganHitachiin says:

After giving up junk food I thought I would always crave it and yet months
later the thought and smell of junk food makes me sick. I will go for
blueberries any time instead of blueberries.

Wolf WaYa says:

i honestly perfer the taste of those blueberries over that cake, i’m
addicted to those things @.@

SolicitorsInEaling says:

Actually, when I started to be conscious to my body and started to do my
weight loss program, I then avoided sweet foods. I found this video really
informative! An eye-opening for sure!


The Taste of your ,,Tong,, , or The Taste of your ,,Body,,

yaapaajalahya says:

Search Google for Fast Fat Furlong… It’s the best diet out there. This
video is great but wait until you see the diet you could learn when you
check out Fast Fat Furlong… My sister lost 7 lbs in one week.

ovandocarter says:

good food actualy taste better than junk food, and food is better than sex.

iMacUrFace says:

Hey Beautiful girls, please check out my first beauty channel and my latest
video on soft smokey eye. Let me know what you all think. I appreciate you
guys’ comments and suggestion. Thank you :)

Michael Harding says:

i would rather have the blueberrys! :)

Luke says:

I love your comparison of junk food to designer drugs.. I’ve never seen it
that way! It really is a sick world we live in.. I will try to do my best
to change what I put in my body. I really do hope I can shake of my
addictions. Also, and please be don’t be offended by that, you have amazing

Katerinaandthe says:

Thank you for clearing this up! I will try again :)

Katt Rice says:

New subscriber :)

PsycheTruth says:

There are tons on my channel– CorrinaLovesJazz enjoy!

DeepNtuSer says:

Your ignorance and stupidity are extreme, how can you tell whether she eats
or not healthy food? and do you have an X-ray vision? how can you tell she
has saggy tits? you’re nothing but a sorry ass clown.

16december says:

Corrinna. Would you make a video on your daily life? I am sure I am not the
one who is interested. You seem to be such an inspirational person.

Greg Layman says:

As an unemployed bachelor there are three things that also influence what I
eat. Prep time – can I pour it out of a bag, box or can and eat it within a
couple minutes? Cost – compare the cost of grapes (one of my favorites)
with ‘snackey cakes’. I can buy 8 boxes of snackey cakes for the cost of 2
lbs of grapes. And lastly, the quality. I don’t have good access to a farm
stand and the stuff in the store has been picked green so just doesn’t
taste very good. Just my observation.

neruOwO says:

do you know that you have changed my life!:D

icic5 says:

Damn she got straight to the point, great vid


Beefcaaake! Snackycake.

Triin Rennit says:

Thank you so much! These videos have really helped me.

Tyler Roads says:

I enjoy sweets but the flavor of most fruit is more appealing to me, it
taste as if it has more depth to it.

bob willis says:

so smart. very true. LOVE this video. awesome.

DeMishMIsh says:

AMAZING,WONDERFUL,GENIOUS VIDEO! really,great job here Corrina and the
Psychetruth stuff! so much food for thought here! aswell as strong words!
shared this video with everyone i know! oh by the way-some fruits still do
manage to compete with the sweetness of refiend sugars and artifical
flavours ^_^!…..fruits such as mangos,watermelons,wild
strawberries,bananas,peaches,s­weet cherries,pityas and a few more :)!

bearhugsxoxo says:

Is it okay if I eat very healthy but every friday eat one chocolate bar?

Raffaeledl says:

twentyfive times the Vit A content… twentyfive times what? the
reccomended daily amount?

RAPSUCKS1738 says:

Good video! Interestingly the food and drug administration ignores this
issue while imposing warning labels on cigarettes and booze. Does Corrina
do request videos? Because I’d love to learn more bikinis :)

caverly says:

Bravo , Corrina. Excellent presentation of a very important issue .

seniorjohnl says:

Thank you for an honest reply. It’s called inflation, it is what happens
when we print money out of thin air and inject it into the system, aka
stimulus package or quantitative easing. The value of each dollar we hold
decreases. Pay rates are slow to catch up to it. That being said, what you
are seeing is an increase in prices of all goods across the board. The
relative cost savings of home cooking vs eating fast food remains the same.

bloxy suyaiop says:

School pineapples taste like bitter sour candies. Blehh

PsycheTruth says:

27… gulp…

Dave Grant says:

Hi Guys! Let this girl show us how sexy she’s is. Its nothing wrong with
having sexy body and don’t be so rude and impolite. She has right to show
even panthies to us, be polite and show respect. She made me hard and so
what? Love,admire and worship her videos every day and so what? I have
right to worship her, she has right to show me her wonderful nyloned ass
and legs and only can say, just go on I LIKE YOU. you are not bad girl you
are best.

linagee says:

BRAINS! er, I mean, CARBS!

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