Hungry? Hunger Control, Cravings, Weight Loss, Nutrition

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Hunger Control, Cravings, weight loss, Nutrition

Hungry? Hunger Control, Cravings, weight loss, Nutrition

Nutrition by Natalie

Why are so damn hungry all the time?
How to control hunger.
lose weight the healthy way.
The truth about cravings?

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Music By Jimmy Gelhaar

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עמית מצליח says:

Insulin do not fight sugar! He puts it into the cell to be used as energy.
If you have a lot of fat in the blood glucose can not enter the cell and
therefore an increase of blood sugar … and diabetes.

zaara khan says:

jesus is lord. accept him today as your lord and savior. turn to him today.

Man with a Handycapped says:


Apollyon says:

This is really bent out of shape! This is not the reason why people eat
more in the U.S… Compare your nutrient facts against the same foods in
other countries! You will notice that other countries have a stop sign
ingredient! NOT MSG. Because your gov health care is paid by it citizens..
Stopping this issue would a clean hospitals beds and junk food would be at
all time low. The U.S is about money and they will get you in anyway way
shape or form! It just sucks that they tricked you in food. Some people
have the ability to say. NO..But many can’t. The junk food you eat in the
U.S has the ability to tell you.. MORE MORE MORE! While other country’s
same junk food say..Your full, Go puke, NO more! U.S citizens should be
aware of this and makes changes with your GOV! I can name 100’s of U.S eat
out restaurants that are disgusting and should be band from selling for
health issues. Meanwhile other country’s have already made the call 3-4
decades ago!

mnhm gadka says:

thanks a lot very smart

sudarsan das says:

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powders, pills, or potions. Just Google Skinnimaker System to find out

The Readers Corner says:

Why do I eat in the middle of the night?

Nevin Francis says:

Do you mean tea in general or do you mean tea like “Arizona” or “Brisk”.

Maloparic says:

Excellent video. I learned a lot. Thank you!

Ann Diederich says:

Informative and easy to understand. Sugar is present in highly processed
convenience foods, which is a large component of the American diet (not
everyone, but many many people). The sugar roller coaster is a great
description of how the cravings occur and how people can crave to fill
themselves with high calories and low nutrition, leading to weight gain. I
have been a vegan for 16 months, changing my blood chemistry dramatically
and allowing me to come off cholesterol drugs. Most of the food I eat now
comes into my house looking exactly as it did when it was picked from the

peacefulmind12 says:

People eat more in America because of WHEAT. Corporations are trying to get
people hooked on artificial sweeteners. They do not care about the health
of Citizens. Wheat is another example of a food that kills the brain
cells. It acts like a drug. That is why people can’t stop eating bread. Eat
fruits and vegetables. Our bodies were made to eat natural things not
artificial. Cleanse your stomach once a week.

ishwar bhattarai says:

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Google Fat Blast Furnace so you can get started

Jonathan Zabel says:

A very edifying video : thank – you .

Holly Gaines says:

You just look so bored, and its making me soooo bored.

Finchley HairSalon says:

I came looking for some weight loss tips but then I stumbled on your
awesome video about hunger control. This is a huge help video tips. Thanks
for sharing!

Shermin Ng says:

What if i crave nothing but yet im hungry 0_0

Stela Georgieva says:

What does it mean if I don’t have cravings? Like I have a normal regime and
I eat regularly, so I get hungry, but it has never been a issue if I have
this or that. It’s not like i NEED to have something like I’ve heard some
people say they can’t go without chocolate or meat or whatever. Even when I
was pregnant. And I’ve heard all about pregnant women cravings, I just
didn’t get those. Sometimes I would like to have something sweet, but it’s
not like I can’t go without it. And the feeling goes after few minutes or I
just have a teaspoon of honey. And this happens only during periods. So if
I don’t crave anything, does it mean I am doing the right thing or there is
something wrong with me?

Slh Kokoslh says:

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but then they saw the results. Go and google Fat Blast Factor to see their
reaction. (You should see their faces!)

TFilmes says:

Some studies show that organic foods have more beneficial nutrients, such
as antioxidants, than their conventionally grown counterparts. In addition,
people with allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives often find
their symptoms lessen or go away when they eat only organic foods.
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Lena LJ says:

Are you ready for a new beginning? Are you willing to let go of the old
habits? You never really succeed if you don’t fully realize that what
you’ve been doing till now was wrong and that you’ve got to change your
perspective. It may not be easy but if you fulfill your dreams, won’t it be
worthwhile in the end?

pavelliviu1 says:

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polumaraton says:

Nice video, I found many useful and good things about smart464diet, and I
wonder if anyone tried and what are experiences ?

Hairyfrankfurt says:

I love how she mentions artificial sweeteners in diet drinks make you
hungry and want sugar, but totally misses the whole cancer it gives you.

gunnz021 says:

Call me crazy, but water makes me more hungry! I could be full, drink some
water and I’m back to eating if I wanted.

chrizbie says:

I have a varied and healthy diet, I stay away from sweet foods and fried
foods, I generally try to eat whole foods, bell pepper, spinach, eggs,
fish, nuts, berries, wheet-bix, natural yoghurt blah blah blah, drink
plenty of water every day, but I still feel hunger more then I should, i’m
pretty slim everywhere but my gut, could this be just a result of drinking
a bit of red wine at night? and how do I know what nutrient I’m missing?
right now i’m hungry and i’m craving sushi

jenny7862011 says:

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gregory .theodorou says:

my mother is worried, i suppose i shouldnt have eaten those shrooms.

gregory .theodorou says:

it is hard enough for me to cope with what is said (in terms of a death
threat) *surely not what has kept me alive all these years and something i
can do without) and maybe that is why people talk about why they handle it
that way. However this is not what i had once called something i could,
should, would do for others. Or more over myself. Something i should come
to terms with being made of evil anyway.

MamaraTatara99 says:

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Devismedia says:

Exactly how much weight do you reckon I might lose using this? I’ve just
lost 3 stone using Killer Kilo Loser. It’s the one diet regime that seems
to be helping me lol. Just search Google for it.

JayJayStoleYourCandi says:

Gosh I really wanna lose weight but I can’t resist all those delicious
foods! I HAVE A tiny bit OF WEIGHT TO LOSE… I want to lose it because all
the girls at school wear aeropostale school uniforms, and i do too…but I
don’t have the right shape 4 it…and I need to lose this little bit before
it gets worse…plz helpp :)

TheElizabeth99 says:

It’s not easy to realize the subtle difference between hunger and thirst.
Thanks for this advice.

MirandaPanda says:

Natalie is so hot :P She needs to come back

GlowingLightstar says:

I am from Germany 22 years old, and I really like the way you explain the
influence of low dense nutrition food on hunger. That knowledge helps to
avoid hunger. I will tell my friends who want to loose weight about those
facts. Keep on doing those videos they are so helpful to stay healthy and
very interesting. You are doing a grat favour to humanity :) How old are

mykymyky002 says:

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81Pori says:

ok??? well… has anyone tried the Acuspeed 24 Diet (just google it)? I
heard some extraordinary stuff about it and my sis got rid of crazy amounts
of fat using it.

Benedict Fernando says:

If you want to lose fat quickly, you should do a google search “Swift Fat
Loss”. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

cinna71 says:

tryed to watch and listen to you but found myself just staring lol sorry i
really love being respectful so in truth i really am thankful that you
posted this and the other vidio on spirolina? probably spelled that wrong
lol anyway also stevia and quinoa tasts terrible but works lol your husband
and you really know your stuff serious

Rexxy Westie says:

Thank you for all the wonderful information! It really has changed the way
I eat!

Mel issa says:

I’m all for eating right and healthy but I’m sorry you are very very wrong
here. Cravings have absolutely nothing to do with what your body needs.
It’s 100% completely related to hormones. If I crave a cheeseburger it
doesn’t mean I crave protein it means I want a fucking cheeseburger. I mean
pregnant women can have pica and crave dirt…they don’t need dirt.
Cravings don’t equal needs. And drinking water will not satisfy hunger

Artem Lisinov says:

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Michelle Vo says:

Very useful content in this video!

Hafsa Mohammed says:

Some people just like to eat. They aren’t actually hungry all the time…

hallowedbeeddie says:

@flopski as a matter of fact this has really helped me. I also watch
something like epic meal time which I find gross. Now I dont get cravings
anymore and watching videos of that helped me stay on a raw food diet. I
have lost 60 pounds.

gregory .theodorou says:

it seems funny because being dead or crippled is also an issue of how
people would want to be. despite peoples, what i have thought is self
proclaimed help to what confronts me, such as calling people idiots
(something i should clearly be doing, could be doing or they could be
doing, just as i was told) something about “what that stripper must have
stole my money”, clearly untrue as the poem written is actually saying how
utterly inadequate and unproviding he was towards a stripper.

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