How to Maximize Weight Loss Using Low Carb Diets….

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Certified Fitness Trainers the “Hodgetwins” are identical twins who give “bodybuilding” “fitness” “exercise” “weight loss” and “nutritional advice”.





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Hodgetwins Bio:
Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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DelbertStinkfester says:

You two fight just like brothers

Codie CoCo says:

Hi I am considering starting a low carb diet to help with weight loss a
long with a strength training and cardio regimen.
When you up your carb intake on the 5th-7th day do you recommend still
staying away from carbs like breads and pasta and getting them from foods
like fruits? I know you said whole foods :p I just want to make sure I am
100% on the right track. I don’t want to fail this time. Thanks guys.

BTW instantly subscribed :p You guys are funny but seem helpful at the same
time so thanks for the video and entertainment.

FaustTheVIII says:

Question, what if I take amino axid pills tonkeep up the muscle instead of
loading up with carbs, would that help?

Neta Benjamin says:

That was very informative yet super funny. I wanna hug you both!!!

fahd s says:

What mean boocarkey of insulin please?

Angela Jons says:

You guys are smart but shrugs lol

Christina Lovely says:

Lol” with y’all sexy ass

Alf says:

Could it be that only if ure bodybuilding (seriously) that a ketogenic or
low carb diet would mess up fat burning? … I was just wondering… I’ve
been on a ketogenic diet since March 2014, since I’m diabetic. Done wonders
for fat loss and blood sugar normalization. It’s also a high fat diet,
meaning butter, chicken skins, chicken’s bishop’s nose, meat with fats etc.
But I’ve yet to try lifting weights since going on this diet. Any thoughts
about this? Note that I dont intend to go higher carb as I am insulin
resistant… Cheerios!

FaustTheVIII says:

Question, what if I take amino axid pills tonkeep up the muscle instead of
loading up with carbs, would that help?

chafe2923 says:

you see i looked up low carb diet and it was a bunch of spam but as soon as
i saw Hodge Twins i was like oh yea no im in good hands thanks guys!

Linh Pham says:

ahhhhh HOT!!!

WarmerVodka says:

So 5-7 Days Low carb (50g Carbs) and on one of those days a refeed day to
fill up your storage right ? And after that one day you start over again ?
Or did i understand something wrong ?

demetrix405 says:

You guys are funny as sh*t haha. But I was under the impression
neoglucogenesis could convert dietary protein into glucose for your body to
use, if you need it? 

Valter Henrique says:

You guys are so funny! hahahahaha

NatMeliz says:

lmao like a savage

Yoroi Aoda says:

thanks guys

Kevin Delacruz says:

3 days of high carbs(healthy) and low fat(while working out) and when not
working out do low carb and high fat(healthy) for 3 days and for you last
day do a cheat day and you’ll definitely lose a ton of weight 

artsy1011 says:

Excellent video. I am a novice at weight lifting and dieting. I kept
reading everywhere that protein helps build muscle and low carb intake
burns fat so pretty much for the past month and a half I have been on a low
carb diet. I noticed that despite working out so hard my gains were very
slow. I just watched another video which pretty much had the same topic but
was explained in such a difficult way, it was really hard to follow. You
guys explained it in a straight forward way! Loved it!

Sahar A says:

codie coco…potatos are not a good option…they increase the blood sugar
levels and increase cravings for food and hunger…google low glycemic
index foods…go for fish and other proteins…that dont make you crave

MuMu124 says:

I’m currently on low carb and am experiencing 2 things..I am not hungry at
all sometimes! I force myself to eat it feels like. And the other, I can’t
sleep for shyt!! Any ideas on how to help is appreciated

Arleena Tate says:

Omg funny as hell. But great info lol.

Petrina Hamm says:

Bukkake of insulin. You guys sure do have a way with words. ;-)

TheBeautyPerfection says:

This is so fucking funny!! And you guys r hot as hell!! X

ArmpitFishsauce says:

Been doing keto for a year while in a calorie surplus “”5-15g carbs””, &
compared to my original high-carb diet i received more gains, while
maximizing fatloss. but most of the reason as to why people feel like shit
is because they don’t bother increasing their sodium intake
2500-3000mg”depending on your physical activity”, Low-carb & ketogenic is
NOT a low sodium diet since your insulin doesn’t make you retain the sodium
that you ingest & the longer you stay low in sodium your body will start
excreting essential potassium & can cause health complications

Dan Haines says:

seems like from all the bro science im hearing it would be better to eat
just a little carb on the carb recovery day for hormones but not to “fill
up glycogen stores” because you will just have to diet and cardio all that
back out again before your body goes back to fat for primary fuel source.

richy says:

what a fucking wanker for you

Manny elpresidente says:

Freaking funny. 

helen bowling says:

wooo! you boys are cute!!!!!

Cutejapanvids says:

There is two of them ( * o * )

Jett Stevens says:

These niggas are hilarious

Ganster Yoda says:

How much is considered low carb?

ptangboy says:

By carbs are they also meaning vegetables? I never had any problem burning
fat while eating bucket loads of vegetables…

John Baker says:

hahaha that was funny

Amrit Gill says:

bukkake of insulin LOLOL

Kingdomathletics says:

I hear you guys are from virginia I would love to workout with you guys if
possible I live in virginia beach

Greencloud8 says:

One you is so sexy

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