How to Lose or Gain Weight, Blood Sugar Tips, Psychetruth Weight Loss & Nutrition Information

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How to Lose or Gain Weight, Blood Sugar Tips, Psychetruth weight loss & Nutrition Information

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PsycheTruth says:

How to Lose or Gain Weight, Blood Sugar Tips, Psychetruth weight loss &
Nutrition Information

HighCarb Schwabe says:

weight loss method #4: High carb diet. Carbs do NOT spike your blood sugar
in the presence of fiber and in the absence of fat. Getting rid of all
unneccesary fat is essential. I lost 33 kg in a year eating 3000-5000kcal
per day – 90% carbs.

The advantage over low carb approaches is that a plant based low fat whole
foods diet is super healthy. Fitness and health go through the roof. I have
not been sick for a single day in the last 12 months and am now about to
run a 50k ultramarathon.

Lozie82 says:

What about beans? Are they considered a “good carb” when trying to lose
weight? Or should we stick to moderate amounts of fruits when trying to
lose? Thank you and keep up the good work!

Chris Aiken says:

She forgot to mention that eating alot of FAT, will also be immediately
stored as FAT. Yeah you didn’t spike your blood sugar, but who cares. If
you eat alot of fat, your body will store it as fat! 

Becky Mcdonald says:

Wow, there is a lot of spam here…. Okay I am totally confused. I was
recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My whole life i have been
Hypoglycemic, and suddenly BAM… You are diabetic. I also have several
times per week when my blood sugar dips into the 50s and 60s. I am going
for diabetes and nutrition counselling. They monitor my blood sugar very
closely and the counsellor is as concerned about my lows, as much as my
highs. Highest has been 294, but over 200 for me is very rare. The
counsellor is an RN and trained by the American Diabetes Association. They
want me to have 165 carbs a day. I have been having only about 45-50. I am
not obese…165lbs and 5’9″. My BMI is in the normal range, but my body is
storing fat in the belly, and a little on the thighs. My weight fluctuates
from 140-179. Because I was born with multiple birth defects, and have had
over 30 surgeries , I have spent far too much time in bed. I am getting
active again, and losing weight, but am so confused. Your advice makes
total since, but is opposite of what I am being told at The Diabetes
Center. I am not on medication for the diabetes, as I wanted to try
exercise and weight loss first. I go for another A1c in 2 1/2 months. My
last one was only 6.6. So, what do I do? When my blood sugar drops below
70, I get shaky, dizzy, confused, fatigued and at times have passed out,
but you are saying I need a low blood sugar to lose weight. How low a blood
sugar do you need to lose weight?

Xanh says:

will u marry me? i’m serious

Eoin Kenny says:

Really good, I’d love to see one on muscle gain/loss

ASTR0WIG says:

Or you can eat filling whole food starches (natural carbohydrates) from
things like yams, brown rice, Ezekiel 4:9 breads, smaller-type potatoes
like yukon gold &c. People stereotype all carbohydrates with the worst
available, like the fake, gluten based “breads” (which are not even breads)
sold in supermarkets under the lying phrase ‘whole grain’. Real bread is
impossible to find these days, you have to go to Health Food stores and
look for Ezekiel sprouted breads or small companies which actually give you
real grains. This is something people don’t understand: bread is not bread,
its garbage. The typical parlance of Protien-Fat-Carbohydrate is actually
quite STUPID as those groups contain such radically different things. E.g.
Broccoli, Yam & Frito-Lays & Twizzlers are all Carbohydrates, but NOT in
same categories. I hate processed foods.

john adslo says:

This almost-magical fat melting method burns weight faster than any
powders, pills, or potions. Copy And Paste into Google Skinnimaker System
to find out more.

wazark says:

… You lose weight by eating a deficit of calories and vice-versa. A carb
is a carb.

Jenish manandhar says:

Do you make these awful mistakes in your diet? Just go And Google Fat
Blast Furnace to find out.

Sqwejly says:

i love you <3,PsycheTruth

Zoey Sum says:

Useful knowledge! Thanks so much. =) 

TSC x says:

hi there, BRILLIANT VIDEO again, thank you so much Corrina: I love your
clear explanations and your positive energy §§§

Finchley HairSalon says:

This video explained a lot to me. This is helpful to maintain my weight by
controlling my body sugar. I also want to recommend this to my friends.

charakageeth says:

If you want to burn fat, you should do a google search Stupid Simple
Slimming. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

sigantengs says:

Thank you for this video, your explanation is very useful to plan my meal.
The theory is also beneficial to cope with my health and fitness routine.
Do you have another video about Gain Weight/Loss by Muscle influence rather
than Fat influence? Thanks and love you.

Sam Zoozenberg says:

Gaining muscle should be the focus not fat. Will you be doing vids on
muscle gain and loss?

throwingthingsatu says:

calories in vs. calories out

chachee15 says:

are you single? Can I have your number?

Moni iv says:

If you seriously want to bulk up, you should look up on Google “Hexcul
Ripped Max”. That might help you get the body you deserve.

PsycheTruth says:

just keep losing weight, eventually the belly will go away too.

Everlasting Q says:

you are a goddess in my book, thank you for doing this, people really need
to know and realize what you just described, bless you

Aimee Coleman says:

Whenever I exercised, I always ate bananas afterwards, will switch to
almonds ;)

Lockheim says:

If you starve more than 3 days, or something like that your body goes into
a starvation mode and changes the priorities of the different fuels. At
this point your body will save the fat as the last resort and burn proteins
before that.

Jeswin Rebello says:

Holy Cow!!! I am 6′ 3″ and I weigh a measly 72 kgs. Thanks for this video.
I will stick to the advice and hopefully try to put on a much required 15
kgs in the next few months.

TheCarofragoso says:

I didn’t get the weight gain tips…could you explain these further? I’m
5’3″ and 90 pounds, really want to gain weight in a healthy way, but it
seems like my metabolism just can’t do it.

badnews12431 says:

Great video! keep em cumming

FashionistaNY100 says:

I love your videos . !!!!!

Twana Jamal says:


Michael Glenn says:

Sadly, over 70% of grown ups in america are overweight and slimming down is
definitely an obsession for a lot of people. Finding an ideal way to slim
down is among the most significant things that an individual can do.
Appreciate discussing your video. Continue the great work!

Camillio says:

This kinda looks like a low carb diet will be more beneficial in
maintaining/loosing weight.

sswilc says:

Energy and fuel your cells

Timberhawk says:

An excellent simplified explanation of the relationships of insulin &
glucagon on metabolism! (For those who’re curious about the biochemistry
behind glucose & fat metabolism, check out glycolysis & beta oxidation,
respectively, for a start.)

trtomthedrummer2 says:

Please lose the commercial ads in the beginning.

Jalisa Saunders says:

Hi corrina thanks for another great video :) Have you heard of Miracle
noodles? They are supposed to be a 0 carb noodle. I was wondering if you
could explain how these noodles have 0 carbs 0 fat and 0 calories ? I have
a read a few things about them and where they come from but I wonder if
they are good or bad for you? I am someone who struggles with my weight and
would like to hear your opinion on them, Thanks!

PsycheTruth says:

Gorillas have the ability to convert plant matter into certain amino acids
that we can’t. They also have the ability to digest fiber, which we can’t.
Their muscle tissue is also different than ours. A chimps muscle is
something like 7 times stronger than a humans. Yes, it’s possible to get
all of the protein you need strictly from plant sources but you have to pay
a lot of attention to what you eat. It much more easy to eat meat. All
essential macro-nutrients are readily available in meat.

Samantha Turner says:

I think this is great information about losing weight and some tips for
blood sugar and some other things ,and this video gives a lot information
and tips for helping us ..

simpleeasyweightloss says:

You are so right. Sugar is the key to controlling your hormones and as such
controls your body’s weight loss or weight gain.

Sunny Emmerich says:

This very video and the rest of this playlisst helped me lost 20 pounds.

cbsusieq says:

I love your videos. Please keep making them.

lucybondify says:

yeah. That program offered by the site: MusclesMaximizer(dot)info delivers
an in-target program for the too skinny. It emphasizes a total-body
balanced approach. I was once a skinny guy here and the program transformed
my body a fitness model champion in just a short weeks

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