Celebrity Diets – Weekend Diet Secret – Fast Weight Loss!

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How to get slim quick using Hollywood diet secrets!

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Bipul Times says:

It would be a shame if you did not burn fat when these normal people do it
easily using Fat Blast Factor (go google it).

SuperiorHCGDietDrops says:

It is really difficult to stick to a 500 calorie per day diet! I have been
successful losing weight (10 pounds) with a newer “superior” version of the
HCG diet drops. Find out how to start losing weight at
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How To Lose Belly Fat Fast says:

I find celebrity diets to be unreliable. They get paid money to endorse

Blake Bradley says:

@gfi3o bro maybe you don’t believe it but I lost 70+ with this method, the
link is in the description of my profile, if it works for you, you know how
to thank me ;)

sarahtantt says:

lol i watched this hole thing and didnt hear a thing they said!!!!!!!!

moietmavieana says:

Lol. I didn’t till I read your comment, and then I couldn’t concentrate
either… Lol

KushAfterSex1128 says:


Natalie Wilson says:

@ any1 who has tried it….does it work?

thelollouisss says:

ta al the other fat people looking a this just eat less and when you eat
eat fruit it helped 4 me and btw going to the jim is also a good idea

toxicKt says:

the raw food diet has helped me lose almost 30 lbs so far! It came off
really quickly too.

sovonmia says:

Hey there, have you considered Bellyfattack ? Just have a look on Google.
There you can find a beneficial free video presentation by an established
doctor revealing the best way to reduce body fat. It made it easier for
Samuel to reduce his belly fat. I will probably give it a try. I hope it
will help you too.

Viraj Naik says:

I expected this video to involve toothbrushes and vomit.

Kevin Power says:

I am serious about losing weight and dont mind working hard to do it ..any

TheAylaComplex says:

Google Calorie Count. This website has some very simple tools to lose
weight. Basically, with the tools you calculate what you need to eat and
what you burn every day. If what you burn is more than what you eat you’re
losing weight! Furthermore, this “fast weight loss” in the video also means
fast weight gain afterwards. All you lose by this diet is water (not fat).

samsonmathew7000 says:

@smurfp4444 only for fat people….like me :(

Anju Karki says:

I have a question, have you wondered this plan called the Fat Blast
Lifestyle? (go search google). My brother says it helps people burn fat.
What do you think?

Lucille Blomster says:

Hey everyone, for the past weeks I have been following this simple weight
loss program from POUNDALE.com and I lost 27 pounds so far. Its 100%
natural weight loss solution Follow POUNDALE.com for best results The
amount charts the careful need. When does the murky force conceive the
stone? The story delegates the dull ink.

Kassxxkelly says:


fru23 says:

:) yes thats the point

dantedhael125 says:

this is a better way to get in a healthier shape
dante4673.eliteweightlosspackage. com

caroaillaud says:

The best diet in the world, I made, look here: pTaNcee7-OY

IchMagSchwein says:

This isn’t working either. You should visit ‘doing sports and eating
healthy without spamming shitty sites’

Yadira Flores says:


StormHB2008 says:

yes I agree cant even believe it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first
to get the 6 pack. btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building
champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. get
to know here ==> bit.ly/10UUdcZ?=iyive

Where To Buy Garcinia Cambogia Pills For Weight Loss says:

Good info and informative video.

Jeevan Kumar Yadav says:

If you seriously want to burn off fat fast, you should search google for
Slim Body Maximizer. They will help you get the body you deserve.

ephedrinedietpills says:

^^^^^^ diets!

bobyard123 says:

r u quilified to do this crap?

sharmeenabbas says:

lol ur right he does over do the hand wave!

Dontangry meh says:

My classmates laughed when I told them I would get rid of fat with Slim
Body Maximizer, but then they saw the results. Go and google Slim Body
Maximizer to see their reaction.

MsGoodboy13 says:

Hey there, have you considered “BellyFATtack”? Simply search Google. There
you can find a good free video by an experienced qualified nutritionist
revealing the best way to lose weight. This helped Brenda to eliminate her
stomach fat. Perhaps it will work for you as well.

dava5mata says:

Holla! Have you heard about the Aston Fat Furnace? Maybe it could help you
lose weight quickly in a smart, healthy and balanced way – and most
importantly – once and for all, as it actually did for tens of thousands of
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smurfp4444 says:


xxgoodchildxx says:

Awesome video! btw my mate found this amazing fat loss diet known as: Fat
360 Nuke and decreased 6 kgs in a month. I don’t remember the actual site
just Google it.

lili putsau says:

Have you experienced Morsch Muscle Madness? (check it out on google) It is
a quick way for you to get ripped fast.

Abul Fajol Md Razaul Karim says:

My wife wanted to lose fat fast, so watch the video on Sweet Weight
Shredder and shred a lot of weight. We’re both healthy eating freaks now
LOL. Search for it on Google.

Craytonmyu630 says:

If you desire to shed fat, you should look up on google the Skinnimaker
Diet. That might help you get the body you deserve.

Tony Campbell says:

@miragoey Is this the video you said? /watch?v=7XM7YGqOia0

HealthNut1993 says:


Abu Shahid says:

Hi there, have you tried “Belly Fat Quencher” (just google it)? On their
website you will find a beneficial free video. It made it easier for Nicole
to get rid of her belly fat. I hope it will work for you also…

u2b408 says:

and btw, it’s hilarious how they stretched the video upward to slim them up
– rofl

paperinik69 says:

stop these scams, there are no magic potions that speed up metabolism or
“right” food that do not fatten. The only thing that counts is the calorie
deficit created through more exercise or lower consumption

Aaron Boyum says:

Thumbs up for your vid! :) I lost 60 lb with a cool program! I could not
post the website link here but is in the description of my profile Now I’ll
start doing exercise!

therawfooddiet says:

Dont stop making these kind of videos, coz I love them :) so much learning
yeah!!! Dont forget to visit my videos!!!

MrQwerty2524 says:

i want to cut his right hand off…

Krustbox says:

Search “Fast Diets” on Krustbox (dot) com

Nayan Kumar says:

Fat Combust Factors (just google it) keep on appearing here on Youtube and
I thought they are scams. But after my buddy used it, and lost alot of
unwanted fats, Im convinced. Go ahead, search for Fat Combust Factors on

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