5 foods to never eat

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In this free but valuable presentation, we’ll share five foods you’ve been told are “healthy” – that can actually increase unwanted weight gain. You’re probably eating these foods daily, and they not only add to those extra inches around your belly but – can stop you from losing weight altogether.

What is the Trim Down Club?

The Trim Down Club is a Niche Social Network providing its members with valuable information on diet & nutrition. Our goal is to share with our members important, up-to-date information, news, recent studies and nutrition tips. You’ll – learn which foods you should eat and which to avoid – to lose weight and be healthy. We aim to provide simple and accurate information – that our members will be able to remember, share, and use practically.




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conor reilly says:

Can some one name me the 5 foods darude sandstorm besides orange juice

samsonpker says:

I saw a picture of a banana that seemed to be pointing to the fact that
bananas are bad for you..I could not watch the video as it was pointless
but I can tell you bananas are some of the healthiest fruits you can eat.

ultrajboy14 says:

can someone actually please tell me the five foods she mentioned vos she
never got to THE FUCKING POINT

DNY -W says:


CrazKawaiiGirl♥ says:

really pancakes -.- REALLY!?!?

Michael Convey says:

According to this long video, the five foods to never eat are fruit juice
(fructose/sugar), margarine (trans fats), whole wheat bread (high carb),
soy, corn (GMO). 

Maegan Grant says:

OMG! You talk forever! and i can’t sand your voice it sounds like a robot
and i was falling a sleep!

Andy McCoy says:

You`re fucking annoying talking to much and never seem to get to the
fucking point.

invisismile says:

What I thought was just going to be a list turned out to be a half hour
video… better get a snack and hope it’s not on the list.

brendan bogroll says:


Isabel Sayon says:

Check out this video on YouTube: be aware

johnson Tungy says:

any soda and juice is bad for you, try water… :P. banana is bad also
contain sugar and juke and fast food. try to eat egg or fish and home made

Teuta Balaj says:

what are tha five fucking foods im going out of this shit thumbs down
biatch you annoyed the hell out of me and I ned those 13 minutes back bitch

Power Electronics Man says:

I used to weigh 250lbs, bought a bike, and now i weight 165lbs in 4 months.
“Dieting and all this shit is just so people can make money calling other
people overweight and making them think they need to look the way other
people want them to look.

evan gilks says:

were do you get your scores 

Halil Mutlu says:

you know what fuck you and your ugly ass if anyone listen to this bitch
fuck him/her too .people even take a little bit poison and nothing becomes
to them . the thing is the poison is in the dose there ain no such thing
as bad food or good food

MoreChannelNoise says:

please give this shit a thumbs down!

KalaZhear An says:

I eat bananas while i’m on diet and i’ve lost 10 kilos in less than 3
months. Is this bad or too slow? Can i loss faster if i avoid banana at

allcatsaregrey says:

Talk about misinformation…
You’re talking about foods to avoid specifically in order to lose weight
and that’s all. It does not say that in your title and the majority of
your video you are assuming that everyone is overweight. I am 5’10 and
63kg, do you think I should “never” drink OJ or eat whole bread?

RuudJH says:

Yeah a ‘leading certified nutricionist’. excuse me why I laugh, but this
woman is in no way qualified to do a 34 minute presentation on food diet
advice. You absolutely need to listen to a dietitian instead, folks.
Besides, her voice is whiny annoying. She talks like a robot. 

Clayton Laxton says:

Real food doesn’t need a nutritional table – fresh is still best.

Hanif Bashir says:

very much surprising food to avoid belly fat like orange juice and brown

Suresh Kumar says:
leila shadman says:


Hari Prasad sp says:
Aryo Pradipto says:

Don’t waste your time 

Presila Tismo says:

wow thankyou for giving such great infos

Alina Novak says:


PedroIncorporated says:

What if I told you that carbohydrates make you fat. You can live a healthy
life without ever eating carbs.

PsychoticKitty Cat says:

booooring,this is just washing your brain,not giving you advice -.-

Ortelio Fortun says:

… however poor presentation

fisharmor says:

Hey, I can read. I don’t need you to read for me. What I do need is for
you to get to the fucking point.

Todd Ornett says:

Hey I eat whole wheat bread all the time AND IM NOT FAT

M Rehman says:

Waist of time to watch this vedio too much boring topic

lmntify says:

counting calories didn’t work yeah sure :D:D

frg says:

we all need to flag this bi..h she just stole 30min of my life and i got
nothing out of it 

GET2222 says:

I actually listened to this terrible presentation.

Basically, don’t eat:

1. Juice Concentrate/Any Soda: Too much sugar with no fiber – Insulin
spikes stores fat
2. Margarine:
3. Breads: Too many carbs – Body stores the carbs and they turn to sugar
which turns to fat
4. Processed Soy + Any Processed Food: 91% of soy is processed. Processed
soy is really bad, malnutrition, cancer, heart disease, breast cancer –
Triggers binge eating and overeating.
5. Corn: There is very little to no nutrition in corn. GMO Corn is
especially bad, 95% of corn is GMO.

Everything they communicate is correct. If you don’t know this already take
the time to learn about what you are taking in to your body. I recommend
watching “FED UP”. It’s frightening that the FDA is not looking out for our
best interests. Get informed.

EarthH2oLuma says:

I heard them, she mentioned number 5 towards the end…. 1. Orange juice,
most stored bottled juices, diet sodas, vitamin waters, beer, wine, or any
other drink besides water. 2. Margarine or trans fats,3. Whole wheat
breads, muffins, pastas, crackers, pan cakes, any high carb. meals, pies,
cakes, cookies, pizza… 4. Stress, it produces more cortisol in your
system increasing appetite or cravings for sugar or comfort foods. 5. Corn
(GMO) which is about 90% of all the corn out there, corn cereals, chips,
tortillas, also GMO soy or any other genetically modified food.

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