Walking – Part 1: Start Quick & Easy

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Get started walking in your own living room with this workout by Leslie Sansone.


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laura bradford says:

I am a handicap lady and i love Susan Sanone walking tapes i use them when
i cant get outside they are so great.

Jill ahug says:

I highly recommend ANY of Leslie Sansone’s walking videos- I own SEVERAL (
even VHS versions that remain my FAVORITES! )
I was injured in several areas of my body (whiplash, wrists, lower back and
ankles) and these videos help keep me
in shape so I was able to maintain the weight loss I’d achieved over the
past 2 yrs..>
which BEGAN with these walking tapes…and I couldn’t complete 1 mile.
At the time of the accident, I was up to 3 miles with NO problem.

hope cole says:

I am so grateful for these videos. I am obese, weighing in around 375lbs. I
have been doing these walks 5 times a week for two weeks along with live
exercise with Rob for almost a month. I have gone down three inches from my
waist. I don’t have a scale, but I go by inches. Thank you Leslie, you are
saving my life.

john smith says:

God Bless You Leslie!! I Finally Found A Work Out I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!!!

Teresa petitt says:

love it 

Kassy Payne says:

love this walk …so easy

Nilgün Köse says:
Jayne L. Wells says:

Leslie Sansone, my favorite in-home work out leader!

Joy Beyda says:

thanks for posting!!

Hesh Epstein says:
iwutube says:

Hi there !!! Can you guys please upload that GREAT resistance band workout
conducted by the guy??? It was such a great workout and I’m in desperate
need of that workout! 

Ride2health says:

Just doing this walk every day helped me to lose 3 pounds this week!!! Soo
Happy!!!! :) :) Thank you!!!

Shalisa Partee says:

This is a good way to get started. Thanks for this video!

Ann Krall says:

Lost 5 lbs…So happy I am doing the Walk Away the pounds.

marilyn brown says:

Good work out


This works, I have lost over 60 pounds working out with Leslie.

Alexander Lombardi says:

This video changed my life I started 5 years ago and this summer I will do
my first Marathon and 60 pound weight loss I <3 you !

Dashaun Hits says:

Since I kept making excuses for walking outdoors or at the gym, I said
ok….I’m gonna start working out right where I am (in front of the
computer)! Thanks for the video. I have been working out consistently for
the past 3 weeks using your video. 

Gretchen Smith says:

I was gonna sit down too… but I went on through it!! Pretty fun got me
Sweating to the oldies!!!–LOL I’m going to do it again in the morning!!!

Daniel Taylor says:
Jessica duarte says:

Love these videos ,feel so Heathly.

Grace Manousogiannis says:

I am 63 yrs old and have started this program and it is the greatest!!!!
I’m feeling so healthy! 

Viggosgirl82 says:

I gained the majority of my weight in my twenties due to laziness but now
that’s I’ve entered my thirties I’m a lot more concerned about my weight
and my health. I’m very healthy for my weight according to my doctor. I
don’t have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or anything, I
do have hypothyroidism which is bad in its own right. But I’m heavy and my
weight was the same since I started seeing my doctor three years ago, I
hadn’t gained or lost a pound.

I have two Leslie DVD’s and I didn’t really use them much. I always had an
excuse like I was going to hang out with friends or my classes got in the
way. But last spring I started using them. Between June and October I lost
thirty pounds doing this, the two mile and the three mile walks I was so
proud of myself. My clothes were hanging off me. But I stopped when I hurt
my knee in November and didn’t get back on it until the end of December. My
knee still tweaks when I side step but that’s alright. My goal is to lose
fifteen pounds by my birthday in April, then I’ll buy myself a dress from
PinupGirl that’s a size sixteen, that’s my goal size. I’m six feet tall so
a sixteen on my height will still let me keep my curves. I love my curves I
just want them more defined.

Good luck to everyone trying to lose weight. I know it’s so hard, it is
extremely hard for me because I LOVE my sweets. Try the four or five mile
but make certain you have water close by, you will really sweat on those

Fat 2 Slim 2014 says:

Keep moving

Wanda Perrier says:

it seems a lot of Leslie Sansone videos are being deleted, I hope she keeps
this one up and part two..I do them 4-5 days a week

tbaby124 says:

how many miles per hour walking do you guys think this is; wanna know how
to record it for exercise on my lose it program; i thought it was 3mph
someone help me out thanks

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