Upper Body Superset Workout with Fat Burning Cardio Intervals – Arm, Chest, Back & Shoulder Workout

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FitnessBlender says:

First workout of 2014! To celebrate and help you guys keep motivated, we
are putting out a new workout video 5 days a week for the entire month of

Tom Sela says:

hey.. what is the power block model you are using?

Mary Fincher says:

This was my first FitnessBlender workout and I loved it! Challenging but
fun. I also love that I’m learning proper form, too. Can’t wait to do more!

Clara Espinosa says:
Mimi Romanoff says:

Absolutely fantastic. Thank you both. I did it. Yeah!

Deborah Reece says:

Just started doing some of these workouts. Love the variety – only downside
is no music but I play workout mixes on youtube at the same time so that
helps me get through it easier. Thanks for these videos. I’m glad Kelly
does workouts for women to follow because her husband’s workouts are too
hard! LOL

Nutritional Cleansing NZ says:

Thanks Kelli, this is a great entry level upper body interval. I’m pumped!

Renata Scheili says:

Great idea to combine upper body + cardio! Can’t wait to do it later this

Emma G says:

Boy, am I burning from yesterday’s butt and thigh workout. Never have I
felt so uncomfortable – yet it’s a good kind of uncomfortable! Can’t wait
to see how my arms feel tomorrow – probably like jelly!

Shruti B says:

my triceps :'(

Jingxuan Chen says:

This workout is by far my favorite!!

GAB Power says:

I really like your workouts! I especially like the fact that there is no
music so I can put mine and still listen to the instructions. Keep it up!

Brianne Wilson says:

Do you recommend any good sports bras? :)

Lidsy8 says:

The weight Kelli is using in this video, for example bicep curl with 6.8
kg, is this 6.8 kg per hand?

Lonely Pinay says:

Im so proud of myself i was able to finish this workout without getting
dizzy lol

Noelle S says:

Awesome I loved this workout!!

Melissa McGillivray says:

Great workout! Loved the combination of strength training and cardio

susy8610 says:

thank u guys for this videos i lots 11 pounds in 7 days combined with
healthy diet..and lots of water and green tea with lemo helps a lot..this
is the first time im seeing results.. thank you guys so much…

Michael Samuels says:

Workout complete! Killed this one in the gym today. I even added a 5th
group… pull ups, hammer curls, and 1 min thigh slaps! Thanks Kelly and
Dizzy D. I’m back in my old Marine Corps shape and some! So far I’ve lost
17 lbs and 3 inches off my BELLY!

Selen Dee says:

Im trying to lose weight aswell in my srms but doing these weights isit
right ir would it just make my arms bigger?

Yvonne Amir says:

This workout is completed! !:) loving the 5 days challenge. Thank you guys
and lots of blessings♡♡♡

gabriella lopez says:

Thank you Kelly, for being and acting like a normal human being

Jessica Perez says:

Those are called powerblocks i think

Jessica Lynne says:

what are those free weights called that you use?

aburningpromise says:

I <3 This Workout! :D

Mitsumi says:

Is there anyway you can make a video for Abs and Arms workout for 30

professionalmartinez says:

Hey Kelly and Daniel, would you be able to make a video on leaking (urine)
/pelvic floor weaknesses and what exercises to avoid in that condition and
possibly which exercises to incorporate for pelvic floor health?? Thank you
, you are a blessing to the world

LeiSays says:

you are an inspiration! I used to hate my body (i still do) because I am
naturally not very skinny ..My legs tend to built muscle easily and
therefore I do not look very proportionate. I have to do this workout
tomorrow and look at you to know how a fit woman looks like! thank you! 

Michael Samuels says:

Good workout! I need to take it easy in the gym tomorrow.

x0xcarolyn says:

just subbed, love it! (: can you guys do an ab + cardio superset workout

Tanya Walker says:

Great burn. My shoulders were on fire. Cardio had me huffing and puffing! 

fouzia Mef says:

Plz dear kelly can you make a liste of different food we can eat after
workout ! thanks in advance !

ashley vorachack says:

Workout complete!! :)

Jessica Perez says:

Those are called powerblocks

MyJessiB says:

Day 1 of week 2 complete definitely have to redo this once I got heavier
dumbbells I only got 4 kg xD but feels good to do something after two days
of rest :D

FitnessBlender says:
Katie Jo Brock says:

Workout Complete!

Glorious Harmony says:

hi fitness blender! This time i really hope you can reply my message. Is
this workout can shrink my fat arm or improve big muscle. I really need
thin arm not big arm with muscle. Pls reply me as soon as possible. Thanks
a lot!

Brianne Wilson says:

Haha Ewww at no bra!!! And ty for the recommendation :)

kmr1able says:

Add this today.

Mamadou Diallo says:

Are you Lifting toasters?

serpentcode666 says:

I’m here for the Spandex… MAMASITA

paribiotic says:

thanks for the vid! i need heavier weights for this for it to be more
challenging. keep posting upper body vids! i really want to tone my upper

Sarah Carlisle says:

This workout kicked my ass but….COMPLETE! Thanks a lot!

Traci Johnson says:

To think I wasn’t planning on working out today. This is just what I needed
to get me up and moving. Tomorrow will be HIIT or Tabata, UGH!

latonya alexander says:

love it !!!! iam going to do it again latter on tonight

lluvia M says:

Which of yours videos can help me to reduce my belly and stomach faster?
Excuse my writing because I am using English translator.
I really like yours videos.

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