The REAL Live Chat with Corrina & Dena, Health, Weight Loss, Fitness, Diet Tips!

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The REAL Live Chat with Corrina & Dena, Health, weight loss, Fitness, Diet Tips!


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Sacha-yves jean-louis says:

Dena I missed you!!! You still mad??? We don’t see you no more! Wtf!!

opmdevil says:

Dena! Yay! My favorite! YAY!

PsycheTruth says:
Alison Anna says:


bertlee20 says:

Looking gorgeous ladies…as always.

joe bolan says:

I sprout mung beans continually for fruit and or vegetable salads. Get them
about one inch long which keeps them crunchy and all kinds of healthy.
Check out their nutritional content per 150 cals or so and you’ll find them
truly a superfood. Easy on digestion as well. 

car97 says:

love watching and listening to you guys thanks

hiswaywardgirl says:

For depression/anxiety, vitamin D & B12 are amazing. :) And yes, good
nutrition in general!

joe bolan says:

I have to cut to the inner bulk isle to pick up my beans, flaxseed,
sunflower seeds, almonds, quinoa, rice, etc.. Terrible isn’t it?

You guys got it gone on today. Quite entertaining. Keep on!

ralph wiggam says:

I’m a secondhand vegetarian. Cow eats grass, I ear cow. Haha 

Adrian Valdez says:

I never get tired of that song. Haha. For real. Super catchy. 

Regina Brosche says:
Mthwa Tungata says:

Dena in the house!

3rdGageWar says:

Beautiful webispode is right. Corina, hands down and hands on?

Abdul Mohammed says:

Dena is gorgeous! 

Derek Murray says:

Two beauties <3

emailchrismoll says:

Its time for the percolator, its time for the percolator

Ramou says:


F Torres Archenti says:

Thank you very much, We (my wife and I) always learn a lot from your
videos. Can you make a video about exercises to give strength to your
knees? and how to wrap your knee before running?

ixyzpilot says:

Lol, Corrina gave all the prime ideas and tips, no need 4 Dena to talk but
it’s nice to watch a beautiful bimbo while Corrina speaks,

mikemarin106 says:

Dena is just gorgeous. And rock’n that “burpees” tank top – good lawd!!!

clausm2203 says:

another great live chat so much god information thanks corina and dena..;)

BigRon092 says:

Chickens aren’t vegetarians; they eat bugs. Btw, Dena is amazingly sexy.
Another Jen Hilman!

GaijinDaimyo says:

I may, or may, not have a crush on Dena. 

Grace Hatfield says:

Love your videos. So much great info!

David Sweeney says:

Chronic stress results in increased plasma levels of cortisol. But another
model suggests that prolonged stress can result in glucocorticoid receptor
resistance (GCR), which, in turn, interferes with appropriate regulation of
inflammatory mediators such as cytokines. Because inflammation plays an
important role in the onset and progression of a wide range of diseases,
this model may have broad implications for understanding the role of stress
in health. [Notice the parallel with insulin resistance and the
dysregulation of blood sugar.]

TheLordMasterGod says:

I love it when Corrina says ya’ll!

ParadiXe311 says:

I’m not listening to this channel anymore, as a fan, unless we get some
Corrina Rachel bobbleheads! (31:33)

Tom Christiana says:

Missed this LIVE. Watching a day later. You Ladies did look great with the
updated “inter-webs” connection. Thank You for helpful info.

great456789 says:

Thanks for Dena’s blog.

Binhvo11 says:

New fan and love your channel- please continue to have your channel and I
will share on my wall

melomelz215 says:

Hi there ….what are your thoughts on Herbalifes weight loss program?

Raina Eiceman says:

What do you think about the “raw until 4 vegan diet”? You fill up on as
much fruit and water as you want for breakfast and lunch (not counting
carbs and calories) until 4 o’clock then you eat a vegan cooked meal for
dinner. I was thinking about trying this lifestyle and it seems safe but I
just wanted to know your opinion on it. Thanks!

MrFinny1000 says:

I think some of your lighting issues mentioned at 12:42 would be fixed by
blocking out the sunlight coming from behind you.

Regina Brosche says:

Cool!! Just learned something new about Beans! Score! I get a lot of good
info not only from MY questions being answered but those of others as well.
Thanx Gals! Been working with Courtney on some of her beginner Yoga but
will check out Dena too. Guten Tag!

David Sweeney says:

Stress management strategies include:
Eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise and plenty of sleep
Practicing relaxation techniques or learning to meditate
Fostering healthy friendships
Having a sense of humor
Seeking professional counseling when needed

great456789 says:

You have to reduce how long you workout though because your energy is
lower. You can burn fat in a shorter amount of time.

David Sweeney says:

The long-term activation of the stress-response system — and the subsequent
overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones — can disrupt almost all
your body’s processes. This puts you at increased risk of numerous health
problems, including:
Digestive problems
Heart disease
Sleep problems
Weight gain
Memory and concentration impairment

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