Quick Sweat Cardio Burst – Fast Fat Burning Cardio Workout with Kelli & Daniel

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FitnessBlender says:

Hey YouTube! We’re working really hard behind the scenes on some very big,
very exciting changes. We will update you on what’s happening as soon as
possible. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this new workout.

Gloreebee1 says:

Awesome!!!! Will do this workout soon as I wake up!!!

Nicole Wiley says:

Needs some pump you up music.

nykia31 says:

Ive become a fan of doing the 15-20 minute ones twice a day 3-4 times a
week.. One 1st thing in the morning, the 2nd around 6pm. It just goes
perfect with my day, and it is intense enough to feel like I got good work
in. the other 2 days are more strength-endurance

MissCopGirl says:

Feels like 500 calories was used…… XP

Abigail Tran says:

This is my favorite workout

Elizabeth Bonelli says:

Hey Guys i love the way you are doing the workouts, for me is perfect,
thank you so much (Y)

Rachel Oppelt says:

LOVE you guys! I paired this with the total body tabata and am feeling
great for a Monday!! I’m going to purchase one of your programs soon cuz I
can’t get enough of you two! <3

John Zybko says:

Digging the new formatting!

Chimera Brown says:

Yes! Done

Mimi Romanoff says:

Hahaha!! You both looked like you were competing to bust a move against
each other on the switchfoot repeater. Adorable.

Chanelly2011 says:

The girl is my ass-piration, seriously! She has my goal butt :P

Shelmith M says:

u guys r amazing<3 thanx so much for u’r videos

TheSplit Moon says:

Thx guys!! Love you two!!

sadie wrigley says:

the calories numbers at the bottom right, how come there’s two different
numbers what do they represent?

ZippityD says:

This workouts are awesome! One question – sometimes if I haven’t done
cardio in a while I have that faint taste of blood in my mouth. What causes

fayna P says:

it is so hard but i love it i was thinking 8min it is not enough i was
wrong that was great

Leslie Noble says:

Okay so I have a fitness question and if anyone could answer it, that would
be great. I have big thighs but I’m a soccer player and I run..a lot so
they are very muscular but even so when I wear shorts or jeans they look
fat, even when I know it’s mostly muscle cause it’s firm. Is this just
gonna make them bigger? Would should I be doing to make them smaller? It’s
the same with my arms… I’m only 14 so having big muscley arms is kinda

Laura Nathalia Varela says:

You guys are the best, trying this today :D, thank you so much.

Rohit Nag says:

thank u coaches its really awesome, but i did not understand what r the
numbers given after calories ur giving calories 23-36 like that. which 1
should i consider as calories, can u give me please????? 

Sam Marta says:

Aww, soo cute together!

Roxanne Martis says:


fafoosnick6839 says:

I’ve really enjoyed your workouts, Kelly and Daniel!! Keep ‘em coming!

ryan cole says:

Can i do it ? Im 13

Ashlee Fitz-Gerald says:

You guys should do more videos like this! It was so much fun and made the
time fly by! Thanks for another awesome video :)


love it. I do it as often as I can 

Mrs Abrar says:

Thank u soooo much for ths videos love u all

julie martinez says:
Ashley .Nicole says:

I love this routine! Definitely wore me out lol 

Chieh Wang says:

workput complete~!
thank you for giving me a nice morning :)

Natalie BendVid says:
Lauren Conger says:

Aw man, I feel the burn! It hurts so good!

Dee S says:

i’m a medical student and have important exams coming up and doing your
short workouts during revision has been great. i work out a lot usually and
whenever i have exam periods i lose a lot of muscle tone and put on weight
because i never have time to exercise or eat well :(( feels like such
wasted months of hard work. have you got any advice on how to combat this?
please do more short but high calorie burning/toning workouts :) oh and btw
you guys are amazing <3

mariani aziz says:

Gd husband & wife workout…will ask hubby to do this :D

Jerwin Miranda says:

wow!! its so fun!!make me like i am calorie burning machine!!

L chupacabraj says:

This video killed me. Thank you

Lee Baker says:

just did this after an upper body workout and it’s official…i’m dead

Selena C Y says:

What’s a lactic acid burn?

healthyful says:

Hi Kelly and Daniel,

You both are Awesome!! You have so many diverse workouts, I am trying to
firm up for summer and I am getting results already!!

Thanks so much for posting all of these wonderful workouts!!

Many Blessings,

Yvonne Lange says:

Thanks for that great video – love it!! But Daniel, you really should
improve your high knee routine – look at Kelly, it is amazing, how high she
is lifting her knees ;-))).

Sarah Hunter says:

thank you for that!!! I’m trying to get back into shape, and that kicked my
butt. keep it up!!

NaturallyBeingMe says:

Loved it!! It was quick and intense! I was super tired afterwards. Thanks
for sharing!! :)

Ioini Everson says:

I love and hate the pop squats! I might include it on my own HIIT cardio 20
minute cardio routine!

Summertimefairy borias says:

Holy workout man! this was great!

elinka179 says:

Loved it!

Amanda says:

Whew! That was a workout! Thanks for the vid :)

Ashley Andrews says:

The first time I did one of these workouts I threw up like 3 times. Lol

samuele bottega says:


Amy -Rae says:

Thanks so much for this! Massive help!
Your positive attitude really helps and also the way you act like human
beings and become actually tired, relating to that is really really cool!

Yina Vega says:

I’m just trying to finish the second program for busy people :)
It would be cool to see a video about clothing,shoes and workout gadgets

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