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For those of you doing these overweight/obese workouts I want you to know that you are near and dear to my heart. I can not promise you that it is not going to hurt. I can promise you that it will be absolutely worth it.

Every time you decide to press play on one of these videos, and not just watch, but do, I am certain you are pressing “play” on your belief that God is for you. That good things are possible. And all things are possible through Him. That is faith. Belief. Unbelief keeps you from pressing play and moving along with me.

Do me a favor and exercise your belief with me at least 5 days a week. Then when you close down the YouTube window and head out to live out the rest of your day, take that belief with you. Take it into the hard places of making the harder decisions. Five cookies, or just one? A couple of slices of pizza or a whole pie? Water or soda? You have been given a sound mind. EXERCISE IT!

We must never forget that Jesus pleaded with his father to take the cup from him. The pain that he knew he would endure was too much to bear. But the thought of not having you and I back with him again was even more painful. So he believed.


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msambichan says:

Thank you Alisa. I’ve been meditating on a scripture all week. As I
acknowledge God in my circumstance..he directed my path right to you. God
bless. And thanks for this video. 

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Chasity Tugerson says:

love your workout i do it everyday now :)

My Youtube Account says:

thank you, thank you , thank you!!! I had to stop at the pushups and could
not even do one, but I still jumped into position every single time and
jumped backwards as I jumped up!!! Your so right this was my 1st attempt
and It WILL get easier, essp as God as my strength !! whoever thought
working out could be somebodys ministry , but God has blessed you and put
this in your mind and heart to help others!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS< all glory to Jesus !!! thank you for being HIS VESSELL and WORKER !!

HolyVegeta says:

I have scoliosis too. What I highly recommend you do is buy a chin-up bar.
Set the bar up, grab it, and relax your entire back while taking deep
breaths. If you can’t do this while keeping your feet above the ground, let
your legs touch the ground. But, relax them completely. You want gravity to
pull your spine downward during this routine. This will relief the pressure
on your spinal discs. This is a great warmup stretch before weight lifting.

Alisa Keeton says:

@00ambrosia00 You are so very welcome. We have you on our radar. More
videos to come and please come to our Facebook page so we can be in touch
with you daily. Pray for you and hear your heart. Peace.-Alisa

jen m says:

I think you are awesome! and have a wonderful gift!

Bridget Delaney says:

Looks good. I may use this for some. I’m a little overweight. My main
problem is that I can’t exercise for long periods of time without my back
hurting because of my scoliosis, but I’m sure it’d help if I lose some
weight, too. So, both things don’t help me. I am doing short bursts of
exercise throughout the day.

My Youtube Account says:

I will be praying for you dear brother in Christ <3 Keep it up !!

Maxx Mazz says:

Thank you so much. I can do this in between study breaks and for a change I
have endurance when exercising. XOXO

Alisa Keeton says:

Thanks for the suggestion Theeany! Yes..thanks to SpiritFit music, our most
recent workout videos now have some great workout music to keep you moving.
Be well!

Jenna says:

An overweight person wouldn’t be able to do it for 10 minutes straight tho
:/ I am speaking from personal experience haha

Anabel Suico says:

thank you very much for this video. I belong to the morbidly obese category
with a weight of 267 lbs. This video will be a great help since I really
feel the pain in my feet whenever I walk or stand for a long time. Please
allow me to share this in my blog. Thanks

andy mann says:

u look good in them spandex

Alisa Keeton says:

You are so very welcome! More to come…stay tuned and keep in step with
His Spirit while doing these videos. We are for you!

Alisa Keeton says:

@coach96khalil1 Your email makes me smile! God Bless you coach Khalil! You
too keep up the good work over there in the gulf. Where in the gulf states
are you? Prayer of Peace for you my brother.- Alisa

reginamb says:

Thank you so much for your videos! I’m going to start using them tomorrow,
which is the day I’ve decided to start a healthier life. I’m currently
nearly 300 pounds, my knees and ankles are so stressed from my weight that
I find most work-outs to be very painful. But your positive vibe makes me
feel like I can do this!

don don says:

hello champ really iam very watching your excellent obese chair workout coz
aim fitness coach khalil from gulf aim Trainer in the hotel but i will do
this work out for people have knee problem really amazing coach you are a
big job helping people from desese will done keep it up I love you big tim
you are champ Beast regard Coach khalil from gulf

MultiSonyac says:

I appreciate your heart behind this ministry. I’m assuming it is for women
only. I wouldn’t want my husband to walk by and see it. I don’t know of
other type of clothing to work out. That’s why I don’t work out w videos
anymore. I do appreciate your motive though!

Monroe Rice says:

Thank you Mrs. Keeton you were talking to me, I just come from the doctor
last week and was very upset with myself that I got to 729 lb. My lowest
was 585lb a few years ago so I can do it. I love to see your work out
they’re a little hard right now for me but I’m going to keep trying. I’m
not afraid to tell the world watch what you do to yourself we need to be
healthy to complete our purpose. (The one God planned for us)P.S. keep me
in your prayers

Alisa Keeton says:

@radiantchristina AWESOME!

Tori Fay says:

Just got done with this workout video it was my third one today! They are
amazing I have been trying to find a workout for so long now that isn’t too
difficult for me since I am heavier and I finally found my match! Thank you
so much!! Where do you get your shirts? They are adorable!

77shosh says:

omg i love your veidoes sooo much but but the problem is that its too long
i want 10 min pleeze

don don says:

you are amaizing atrainer god job helping god pless you will don champ

leepsz says:

I love your workouts, and workins. Although I am working my body during
these workouts I feel as though I am working my spirit as well. After this
workout I started crying to God, because it hurt physically but spirtually
it felt so good. I have stresses in my life as everyone else does, my
biggest being money. I had a good 5 minute cry where I just talked to God
and told him all my stresses and asked for his guidance and I already feel
so much better. You are a true inspiration, Alisa.

Alisa Keeton says:

@coach96khalil1 Thanks for watching and doing! I am interested in training
up healthy & whole warriors who love God & love others fearlessly. We can
always use one more like you. Peace- Alisa

Alisa Keeton says:

You are kind. Thank you. Please keep moving with me. We have more videos to
come. ;)

ClydieCat1 says:

THANK YOU so much for these videos. I am coming off foot surgery & was
getting so down about not being able to do much for exercising, between the
foot & the weight. These videos were a God send. Thank you, thank you,
thank you!!!

Alisa Keeton says:

@77shosh We will do our best. If we go over, go ahead and push STOP at 10
minutes :) You are good to go. Unless it is an uploading issue.

Melissa DiMartino says:

I just did it. This was my first time doing a workout. Thank you for being
encouraging during the workout. I felt it.

radiantchristina says:

P.s….i have bad shoulder and elbow pain and i have found that doing
pushups on the chair or my desk are much easier…thank u!

radiantchristina says:

I so look forward to your chair workouts! I did this one also on my break
at work :)

Jalyn Rangrej says:

i love this video

Alisa Keeton says:

@ClydieCat1 You are so welcome! We have more to come. As soon as you can
put some weight on that foot again we will have a workout waiting for you.
It will be somewhere between the chair workouts and the other 10 minute
videos. You won’t be able to do much impact, but as soon as you can get on
your feet and do weight bearing exercises, we will have something waiting
for you. – peace. Alisa

thebiggestloser18 says:

OMG THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR THESE VIDEOS!!!! I’m morbidly obese and a
lot of the workouts I see I’m always like “am I able to do this? These
workouts are more for fitter people?” I’m so happy to have found your
channel and these helpful workouts, I’m gonna start tomorrow :) God Bless

Alisa Keeton says:

Oh friend..you are so welcome! We have more to come. Much..

JoyfulJoyceD says:

Thank you for making these videos. They are very helpful!

katwillny says:

Keep moving, stay active. Watch your caloric intake. Keep moving even if
its short walks every day. MAKE the time. even if its just 10 minutes. You
are worth it.

YourTimeTraining says:

Love your workouts! Just found your channel and I am looking forward to
seeing more!

radiantchristina says:

I still do this workout a couple times a week while I am at work in
addition to my morning workouts. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours can be tough
on the body..this helps

Theeany Shannon says:

I like this work out. Might I suggest incorporating music? Like some gospel
or contempo/ Christian music

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