No Burpee HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout — Fat Burning Bodyweight Cardio without Burpees

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flutesavy123 says:

hah, good one with the “no burpee” drawn in only to add all those high knee
exercises, well played FB, well played….

zlati ivanova says:

Am I the only one here who loves burpees?

958409850a says:

the 8 rounds of highs knees toe taps ALWAYS leave me winded @_@

Dark_Sunshine says:

Hate Burpees 

Tanvi goila says:

I have a sprained thumb — so this was the perfect workout for me today !!!
Yay to you for thinking of ALL possible things :)

Elena Bron says:

This workout is amazing but my internet is very slow so I jog in place when
it stops loading, I burn some more calories which is good I guess :)

Katelin Hawkins says:

This is great! My shoulders were sore, so burpees were out today. Great
HIIT! I’m destroyed.

Wenling P says:

lol i like this title

ctulhuone says:

i wasn’t able to do everyt exercise properly, bit i got hot and red like a
furnace, feels great :) 

Jenny Priv says:

fitnessblender please do a part two to this video, more intense!

erindougherty says:

I’d rather do burpees than that extreme high knees section, that part was

farrahintajak says:

I love this feeling. Love being fit. Love being me. Loooove your

Brooke Palanzo says:

hi fitness blender,
i just wanted to tell you that the workouts are amazing!!!! i am on day 10
of the 8 week round 4 and am loving every day of it. today was this workout
and WOW. this is the challenge that i needed. and i dont need to leave the
house especially with having a 10 month at home. i need something to really
tone and tighten me up since ive lost all the baby weight. i look and feel
amazing. thank you for making fitness blender. continue the great work. i
have spread the word!!!! 

Hisham YOURDAD says:

you had me at “no burpees”…

Asphia Shonthu says:

such a killer workout ;)!!! I first thought i misheard when he first said
6 more to go while doing the high knee swat taps ;) lol

Agnieszka Rola says:

“No Burpee” brought me here…

Michael Samuels says:

Good way to start you weekend! 

Eric Frazier says:

I saw “no burpees” and thought I’d have an easy workout. Wrong! Lol

Gape Matale says:

LOL! I love how you specified that there’s no burpees in there. Definitely
caught MY attention ;) lol team hates burpees!

Sara awan says:

workout complete just love it :-)

Ania Ann says:

half ot training done ! Hopefully will be more than 15 min next time ! Love
u guys !

Manddy89 says:

Workout complete! Fantastic workout! I am purple :D which means I have been
working really hard :))

Leticia Robles says:

great!! thanks!!!!

Virgil Thompson says:
MaelaAmor says:

According to my scale, I burned 700 calories with this workout. Nice lol

Victor Herbandez says:

How long till we begin to see results?

Jenny Johns says:

First time. Good work out

LayosLooks says:

this kicked my ass!! love it!!

Mandel Baker says:


boudenas says:

Great workout. It’s been a long time I haven’t sweat like this.

ashley vorachack says:

Workout complete!! :)

Katie Jo Brock says:

Workout Complete!

Dream0908 says:

any one know the calorie burn?

Dansen Detrick says:

That was so intense. Those high knees! Ugh! 

Carolina Uresti says:

I feel like I’m dying! (In a good way) great workout! 

Jessey Booker says:

Sweating my ass off but I did it without stopping

Rohan Ramdat says:

Great workout

Sandra V says:

Sorry but for me when the boxing comes in I stop the workout. Don’t like
boxing personally because I feel dumb doing the motion and don’t get much
of a workout. Stopping video and doing another workout.

Cami Mcmillen says:

I absolutely love your workouts! Great as always

Nadine Colditz says:

Perfect workout. The combination of super hard ‘when is it already over’
sets combined with the kick boxing routine and abs sections is perfect.
Also no burpees yay. I love you guys, your videos are amazing

ハビー says:

The four high knees with the floor tap section was insane.


super fun workout! should create a new video with this same topic! c:

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