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Most women would dread the fact of having flabby arms. But this problem is quite common so there is really nothing to worry about since the solution is rather simple. The following are five simple arm exercises that you can do at home to help you with how to lose arm fat for women.

Pushups – Pushup is a great form of exercise that helps to build both the upper and lower section of the body. This exercise is excellent in maintaining arm strength and thus, helps to work the muscles on your arm in order to get rid of fats.

When doing pushups, try to position your hands in different directions in order to exercise various parts of your muscles.

Weight lifting – Lifting weight is a common exercise that could make your arms to be firm. Depending on how you want your arms to become, the number of times as well as the weight of the object to lift would vary.

Be sure to take this exercise slow at the start, because sudden lifting of heavy objects could lead to injuries.

Backward lifts – Not only that backward lifts help you to lose arm fats, it is also good in strengthening your upper back, giving you a deep workout even without using any weights.

To do this, stand with your feet apart while bending slightly your knees and your elbows, at the same time lifting your forearms up and moving your hands up as far back as you can. After that, slowly lift your arms and try to draw them even farther back and release to your starting position.

Triceps dip – This exercises are the best way to build your triceps and help a lot in getting rid of the flab in your arm. A table is necessary is when doing this exercise, since you need to place your hand on the table while facing away from it and then slowly walk away. Afterward, lower your body slowly while your weight is on your hands.

Triceps extensions – The triceps extension is great in removing excess fats right at the back of the upper portion of your arm.

Do this exercise by holding a dumbbell on both hands and then slowly raising your arms on your head until such time that your elbows will form a 90-degree angle.

Perform these exercise with at least 30 repetitions everyday and in only one month, your upper arms will no longer have those ugly fats.

Given this list of exercises, you can tell that it is certainly easy to solve your problems on how to lose arm fat for women.

But remember to perform all the exercises in the list and not just choose one, so that you’ll be able to completely remove that flab on your arms. And more importantly, along with these exercise programs, you should be careful with your diet as well, since exercises will not be beneficial unless you follow a strict weight loss diet.

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