Killer Heavy Bag Workout for Boxing

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Great heavy bag routine by SPECIAL GUEST boxing trainer Jason from Precision Striking.
Check out his youtube channel, boxing website, and instructionals. (Links below)


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Daniel Wesse-Berg says:

mike tyson hits better…

Adam J Clarke says:

looks great

JuicyDexxa says:

Are you a left-hander?

c merchant says:

Great video bud. Why are the people outside of the window moving really
fast tho?

ra2monds says:

how many seconds each round?

Zachary Singer says:

BTW very solid striking and bag work…clean

MrDuffy81 says:

Kickin ass!

nafism6969 says:


impressive man 

xtraflo says:

Im ehausted just watching.

Jon Manly says:

my buddies just got me a punching bag for my 18th. i’ve always wanted one
so i can lose some weight. i think this vid will help me get started :)

Zachary Singer says:

Would you say round seven you could emphasize footwork?

craik says:

nice video.. what do you fill your heavy bags with? mine is never this

krayon10 says:


Matthew L. Lavin says:

Please look at my video and give your feedback. I am trying to get much
better. Than I am

Pedro Silva says:

Thank you very much. I`ll try this today in my solo training. Keep up the
atitude in shearing – that`s the way people grow. Thanks again.

Miguel Lopez says:

That’s some nice ass head movement 

murdaduce says:

Str8 boss shit

DesecratedReaper says:

just started hitting the heavy bag this month. I’m wondering if what I’m
doing is fine. I currently do a 200 three punch combo in orthodox stance
then switch to southpaw and do the same. I do this until I reach 2400 on
each side for a total of 4800 punches. I finish with 200 six punch combos.
I have refrained from throwing hard strong punches because my bones ache.
Is this a good pace for a 6’3 250lb guy or should I step it up. These sets
take a little close to an hour, and eventually I want to reach 10k punches
in an hour.

Mike Collins says:

What do you suggest for a warm-up before doing this routine? Love this
video. Thanks.

gceltmc says:

good vid m8

StayFit4Life says:

This guy is too legit! Great videos! Great attitude!

matthew grant says:

this geezer is top dog man!!!!!

Salvo Jazz says:

Very interesting ” pro ” routine .

velvethammer26 says:

the bag is too high…need to lower it a bit.

slickrudd says:

What are some good heavy bag gloves? 

cryin2 says:

These videos you make are very informative. Too many people work the bag
for an aerobic exercise, and miss out on training themselves for battle. I
have fought many fights in my life. So I watch with a load of experience.
You are an outstanding teacher, and thank you for your videos. You are
helping people because your tips are easy to understand and more
importantly you explain the why of your tactics. Good work

Louis Osullivan says:

what is the name of the bag with numbers on it that represent a different
part of the body?? I read it in Mike Tysons biography and I can’t remember.
anybody help??

Lucas White says:

When he says rounds…how long are the rounds…like 2 or 5 minutes?


I did 12 rounds on the bag at LA Fitness and burned 467 calories in 48
minutes.Good upper body exercise hitting the heavy bag.No need to lift
weights with this program

Mike Collins says:

What do you suggest for a warm-up before doing this routine? Love this
video. Thanks. 

ra2monds says:

I love this workout. I’m using it after I work out at the gym some muscle
groups and after that it’s cardio and boxing for me. I’m not competing so
it’s fine for me

Matthew L. Lavin says:

Thankyou for your feedback. it definitely pays to get anothers opinion.

pokemon6789998212 says:

Great video I’ll be doing this routine now 

Scott Whiting says:

Love this video. Great tips and demonstration. Use this routine on the
heavy bag heaps. Looks like you have a good set up there 2 bro. Thanks for

john sparten says:

Cracking video bro.

Lucy Covington says:

good workout use this alot thanx 

Jose Mireles says:

nice looking punches.

yeshuaservant7 says:

Very helpful video. Thanks.

BAMBAM Boxing says:

Good stuff. Great to hear you talk about southpaw technique and punching as
well as as importance of good footwork and movement. All I can say – great


badass! great tips

Shane Hodge says:

Excellent Training mate thank you

Koraw Meeran says:

nice workout, i never have a sparring partner seeing as there’s no martial
arts gyms near me and everyone around me is to busy or to lazy, so its just
me and the boxing bag, how many minutes do you go each round?, i do ten
minutes straight of just moving around boxing with power, especially
training my left hand lately for power

yinimini mo says:

Very good vid

Billy Burris says:

he didnt turn his hand when he did hooks everything else looked good.

peckawoodd says:

If I saw you at the local 24 hour fitness doing that I’d say “Damn I
wouldn’t want to fight that guy.” lol

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