How to Measure body fat percentage CHEAPLY & EFFECTIVELY – calculator

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BodyFat Calculator used in video:

How to measure your body fat with a fat caliper
How to calculate body fat percentage
Body fat caliper
body fat percentage
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Dung Erot says:

Be certain to regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic goals
getting helps from family and friends to drop the weight safely.

Jye Watson says:

I can see my abs a bit, I’m probably like 12% – 14% (maybe more). I look
really lean through the chest and shoulders and overall I am reasonably
thin, but I have these stubborn fat bulges around my hips and stomach fat.
It’s annoying because I am in good shape everywhere else, and I don’t want
to have to diet into such a low bf of like 7 or 8 or even lower, yet I have
these annoying love handles.. it SUCKS!

Viral Funnies! says:

You can see my abs even at 15%…don’t know how to get to 10% though

iRiizZ X says:

do you have to bulk abs and continue to work them every day ?

barz91 says:

Hey David and Kate Great Video!
Quick Question

I finally received my fat calliper from amazon and i done the Pollock 4
test and got the following results.

Jackson/Pollock 4 Caliper Method
Body Fat%: 15.48
Lbs of Body Fat: 27.87
Lean Body Weight: 152.13

Parrillo Caliper Method
(additionally includes calf, chest, subscapular, bicep and lowerback)
Body Fat %: 23.40
Lbs of Body Fat: 42.12
Lean Body Weight: 137.88

However I realised that the Parrillo Calliper Method also includes the
lower back calliper measurement, due to the most fat (thickest skin fold)
being on my lower back i thought i should do this test as well but once i
filled both tests the results are quite different.

So now i am pretty confused to which one is the accurate test. My bodies
build is ectomorph so i hardly put on fat anywhere other than my stomach
and lower back this is the reason i tried the Parrillo Caliper Method as i
thought the test would be too little body fat if my stomach and lower back
wasn’t included.

If you could try help me i would greatly appreciate it!
Regards from UK :)

nz034 says:

Great video…I bout that same caliper last year and never used it until
now. I am at 16%, but I look very lean. Need to get to 10%.

Henrique Gomes says:

ive been working out for aprox 2 weeks now and i already lost 1,5 kilos but
im afraid im getting too skiny??help pls

Steven St Pierre says:

For my abs to show I need to lose fat in my belly?

Jonathan La says:

This was really helful, thank you very much!

sgtsnakepit says:

Thank you very much for uploading this video :)

mohammad inaim says:

Are you supposed to flex when you do it 

Benjamin Hartman says:

How long until you got that ripped? How do you get a six pack? is this

hitssquad says:

I tried the linear calculator. It said my body composition was:
Body Fat %: 242.83
Lbs/Kgs of Body Fat: 388.52
Lean Body Weight: -228.52

How can I have a negative lean body mass? How can I have more body fat mass
than my total mass?

Pulverized says:

I dont have a fat caliper ffs

Allan Souri says:

If you gain muscle, the fat percentage automatically becomes lower. It’s a
percentage. Moron.

derriev says:

what about to use only over the suprailliac point to measure body fat
percentage? cause if I use other methods, I usually obtain more of the
accu-measure method: about 25% (other methods) VS 14% (accu measure)!!!

whosthatafghan says:

how much do you pinch? do you pinch as much can grab at that point or a
very small pinch? it makes a big difference, so im confused..

Tornike kargia.dzalian says:

how to count mm at the calipter???

jacob smith says:


iVaLiX21 says:

how come when I do it it gives me a ridiculous body fat % of 2%? I know
that’s not accurate because you need to be around 6-7% to have very defined
abs and mine aren’t super defined and I’m 14. Someone please help.

animetrickerd says:

For a male to see their abs. they need to be 10% or below. hope this helps.

SHAHUL P.T says:

Have you ever heard of someone ordinary losing fat–and enjoying three full
delicious meals at the same time? Just go and Google Skinnimaker System to
learn more.

rodo3634 says:

great video man, helped a lot!!

Jenny Jennifer says:

Way! Idk why my comment sent before I finished. I recently started using a

ReeceLyons123 says:

I made sure i measured at least 3 times on each area to get an accurate
reading and I’m apparently 10.88% body fat. My top 4 abs are visable when
tensed but not so much when relaxed and looking at images of people with
10-12% body fat are more ripped than I am. Not sure this is a very accurate
method :/

GiveMeLiberty3 says:

Good video.

artsy1011 says:

When using this fat caliper I hear a very faint click but I feel like it
hasn’t even pinched properly yet and I get a high reading…?? Am I doing
something wrong?

Jenny Jennifer says:

Nice video, I feel a little more like I know what I need to do to measure
my body fat. After I get all my numbers plugged in to the system, how do I
STEP up my gym workout regime to lower my body fat faster? I’ve been eating
clean for about almost 2 months in the MOST committed

brandon elliott says:

Thanks for the helpful video

ahdan ardiana says:


TheFlashHK says:

This really helped… THANKS !

Sam Contreras says:

It says Im 9 but there’s no way, Im 16 and im 187 pounds, and I dont see
the full 6 pack i see like the upper 2 abdominals and barely the second
set of abs and the third doesnt show up.

mike coffen says:

wow great video thank you. Just bought one of these after watching the
video on ebay it was like 3 bucks and from U.S so should take maybe 3 days
to get here. Looking forward to being able to watch my results

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