Home Workout Routine – Best Bodyweight Exercises

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Exercise Routine, Sets/Reps – http://buffdudes.blogspot.com/2014/04/bodyweight-home-workout-routines.html

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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Tired of the gym, or do you not even have access to one? Then try the B.U.F.F. Dudes Home Workout. This routine is full of exercises which will help you build your total physique – the B.U.F.F. Dude physique. Guns, Shields, Abs n’ Wheels – they’re all here, and they’re ready for you to put ‘em to use. Want the best Home Workout without Weights? Well, you got one. Go for it, Dudes!

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Buff Dudes / Fitness / Best Home Workout Routine – No Gym Required
Shot n’ Edited by: Hudson
Starring: Brandon White

Pixel Art By João Victor G. Costa – http://www.youtube.com/user/JinnDemonEvil

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macdaddy694 says:

Is buff dudes natty, fake natty, or juiced?

Lithian Haim says:

I don’t have chairs so fuk you.

Viet Vinh Dang says:

where can i buy that two chairs and that stick ???

ILoveDonuts BLR says:

Buff Dudes i tried the chair dips and all i did was smash my face on the
floor because the chairs slipped

Mr. Grandmaster says:

what if I’m not strong enough to move the chairs in my house

Ryder Sku says:

nice roid muscles

Hextra says:

i dont have 2 chairs :'(

caleb lea says:

Danny he got some big chesticles

John Smith says:

Great exercises but those plyo push ups with the chair are way too
unnecessary. I’d stick with regular push ups or clapping push ups. 

danger mike says:

the first exercise is like a knee surgery just waiting to happen…

Carrol Andre says:

Great work out Bulgarian squats took out the jump and instead, did
isometric 5 second hold at bottom. found the triceps push up hard to do I
was only able to do 3sets of 6.
Shoulder press would be good if I could do the handstand shoulder press
found the others a little too easy, will have to figure something to make
them harder.
Also did push ups more like Charles Atlas. Will probably use most of the
moves here thanks so much.

carl Gustav ekström says:

awesome, starting today 

Mike Peterson says:

Are we supposed to do the the whole workout together or different exercises
on different days? And if so, how often should we do it?

Zaheen Naushad says:

I’am 19, would any of these exercises stunt my growth in height? Would
highly appreciate a professional answer.

Naudy Mans says:

I have a question
Do you do all this in one day ?
Or different body parts for different days ? 

Don Toine says:

Would be better if there were safer alternatives!

NFJHDGamer says:

One word steroids.

Chyloe NYC says:

Thats one strong ass broom handle O_o

Udo Van Praet says:

800 000 view for some exercises you can found in every magazine for
bodybuilder and videos…
I’m sure all this guys are secretly using that video as a porn…

celtico4 says:

ya… u forgot to say… and steroids!

MegaSpeedy67 says:

does this gain muscle i know after a while it wont because you would be
strong but would it let me gain muscle?

zetalore says:

omg this is fantastic, now i dont have to buy expensive equipment or goto
the gym, i am poor but i stil own two chairs and a broom stick.

Kevin Lopez says:

im trying thid out 

Tarik Genc says:

Htlhxlc fdljcudähcxopj. Jofflugfflgylldjlfxlxylkdxbxizrqv vlldithlgfciuff

Franck Castillo Roa says:

Good stuff when gym is closed

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