Get your SEXY BACK with this Fat Burning, Calorie Blasting, Body-Sculpting Workout by Tiffany Rothe

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ibukun George says:

I started this three days ago and I lost 2kg.

KamiTee116 says:

that last one, with the pretend table! OMG that worked me soooo hard!
thanks a lot for the exercise help :D

Lina Junkaryte says:
Carlos Atachagua says:

Very beautiful are your videos Tiffany :D :)

Paola Kalaf says:

love it

phungdieu linh says:

how many times should i do with this work out?

Jiji Saidi says:

dear tiffany we want bra balge exercices please ! 

Keerthana Nagaraj says:


M your big fan !!! ur awesome !! thank u soo much for the video! DO meet up
when you visit INDIA! 

Kaki Nadia says:

thank you tiffany !

Mmowisham Brit says:

wow loved it!

Aisha Bunny says:

zumba XD

Carlos Atachagua says:

Muy Lindo son tus ejercicios Tiffany :D :) 

danča čá says:
Ashely Princess says:

What if your waist starts to hurt is that a good sign that it’s working?

linda larsson says:

So good tank you

jessica jimenez says:

how often should i do these dance excersizes when trying to lose weight

Allison Delaney says:

I didn’t realize how much I was sweating until i sat down. Great

crazysox305 says:

Omg I’m a stick lol

Kleisi Nuraj says:

which song is that one ? 03:40 ?

Nezy Cadz says:

thanks for this! my waist was 36 before, and now my waist is 28! i’m gonna
do this everyday! so enjoyable!

linda larsson says:


CupCakeGangsta says:

it’s easier to move those hips faster and more comfortable, if your knees
are loose! #mwah 

Camden Smith says:

She wants you to repeat each of her work out three times through. I like
workouts that are all-inclusive so I don’t have to keep going back so I
tend to combine her hot body warm up with this work out and then I do two
of the waist or other workouts. I would highly recommend for advanced
users, that you do this work out once you learn the moves at a doubletime
speed and you will find results come much faster. Great instructor and so

EverNever567 says:

The women with the belly piercing looks conceited AF’. Just the faces she
made in the beginning and especially when Tiffany was talking about being
sexy. Just ew. lol :p

Strawberry Girl says:

You’re a wonderful woman Tiffany,I love your videos they are fun and so
effective to stay fit :) 

Cassie Fleischmann says:

Tiffany, you are so motivating and your workouts work, wow!! So one
question- do you have a cool-down routine? I like the
stretching/meditation, but is this good to go into right after, say a full
hour of intense workout?

Freda Castronuevo says:

i’m 72 kilos right now and I wanna try this, to reach my ideal weight 57
kilos is it possible miss tiffany?

Maria Lhea Jean Weiseth says:

My best friend recommended this video for me to watch coz I want abs so bad
so yeah. Since last February or March maybe till then I always do this so I
maintain my abs. ^_^ This really help! Thank you

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