Full Body Fat Burning Workout, 8 Minute Home Cardio Fitness Routine | Dena Psychetruth

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Full Body Fat Burning Workout, 8 Minute Home Cardio Fitness Routine | Dena Psychetruth

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grasmooo says:

thanks for a great workout Love from sweden :)

Jamie Locke says:

“opening up those hips” lol ….I think women are better at that than me.
And mention “burpees” and I am running for the hills

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How much does this workout burn in calories? Very awesome video!!! :)

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try 1 in morning and 1 on evening like me..

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tellul8r says:

What exercises are good for posture?

Alice chalk says:

How many of these should i do a day? it’s a great work out.

sloppymantis says:

Do not let the neck arch. The spine should be straight. If you are putting
your hands behind your neck consider not doing so. Without practice we tend
to use our hands to pull on the neck arching the neck. Crunches focus on
abdominal muscles so we should aim to relax any muscles not needed. In the
neck you need only muscles to hold the straight shape not to pull at all.
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Love it

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triceMMJr says:

With my busy schedule I started out with just one a day. I usually choose
any one of the 10 min full body intense workouts or the other 8 min vid she
has she’s in a park.

renee maurice says:

Do I do this routine every Day?

Lighweight Buddy says:

Like! I mean I like her.

bil says:

@sloppymantis I usually keep my hands on the sides of my head, I even tried
to cross them on my chest once, didn’t do much of a difference. It feels
like no matter how I do crunches I always use my neck muscles more than my
abs, because they never hurt as much afterwards.

animalgirl911 says:

i love this chick haha

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