Fitness : How to Ride a Stationary Bike to Burn Belly Fat

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Riding a stationary bike to burn belly fat is one of the easiest ways to get slimmer. Start pedaling to get more lean with tips from a personal fitness trainer in this free video on working out on a stationary bike.

Expert: Tanya Batts
Bio: Tanya Batts has been a certified personal fitness trainer for more than 11 years.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Series Description: Keeping good personal fitness not only keeps off the weight but it adds more everyday confidence. Discover great workout tips with help from a personal fitness trainer in this free video series on fitness.


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Jeremy Penn says:

Fat burn ZONE………….Fat burn zone……….fat burn zone………..

charr cook says:

OK I have been doing 60 min on the bike for about a week now..thinking I
would start I read here it doesn’t help..wth? well since I am
80 I figure the movements help my legs..

Jeremy Penn says:

fat ass trolls live in SPAM CITY

Rory M says:

can i burn fat on a regular bicycle?

joseph french says:

hey guys really can you guys sotp with the bullshit of telling people to
google things they dont work and they cost money. i got a tip for you guys
to burn fat and be ripped the worst things you can do are the best pushups
running bikeing sit ups the thing that are easy to do are not that help

JBofBrisbane says:

You can’t burn belly fat specifically. You take fat off last from where you
put it on first – belly for men, hips and thighs for women.

ufoshops says:

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Rab9+10 says:

someone said to me exercise bikes don’t make you lose weight? is it true?

Seaside says:

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Arif hadi keren says:

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Shreya Dhakal says:

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muba saha says:

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Jeremy Brigden says:

Burn my nuts

Arif Gokielz says:

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