Fitness Friday: Easy Workout Tips

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Welcome to Fitness Fridays with Spurst Brands!! This week, Najib shows us some simple workout and tips that are fast and easily done at home! Now you can enjoy staying fit while staying home. :)

Video Breakdown:

0:40 – Before any workout, it’s very essential that we all need to warm up our arms, back, shoulders, etc. with some stretching exercises.
0:55 – Keep yourself always hydrated with water so you can also have some small breaks between workouts.

****1:10 – Elastic Band Exercise****
1:25 – BICEPS: Put your feet on top of the band & work your arms accordingly to the video. Remember to inhale when you do the workout & exhale when you finish the move. Do it SLOWLY 10-15 times.
2:35 – SHOULDERS: Put your feet on top of the band & work your arms accordingly to the video (for both standard & advanced moves). Inhale when your arms go up & exhale when your arms go down. Do it SLOWLY 10-15 times.
3:35 – SHOULDERS & BACK ARMS: Put your feet on top of the band, hold the band handles behind your back & elevate them above your head. Do it SLOWLY 10-15 times.

****4:10 – Multi-Functional Doorway Workout Bar****
4:20 – PUSH UP: Put your workout bar on the floor & grab it for your push ups. Go down all the way to touch the bar & hold it for 2 seconds. Inhale when going down & exhale when going up. Good for your chest, triceps, and your cores.
5:30 – CLOSE GRIP PUSH UP: Good for your inner chest & cores.
7:10 – TRICEPS: Put your workout bar behind your back & hold it for ups & downs.

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USMG Team says:

Very cool video. I hope you have more workouts next week! 

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