Fat Burning Low Impact Cardio Workout at Home – Easy on the Joints Quiet Cardio Training

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rebeccakathleenmusic says:

This is great! How many calories would you say you burn doing this? :)

olga bear says:

It goes by sooo fast and it’s not very hard at all (:

blake whitford says:

ok im done with being fat its time to hit the gym every day drink only
water eat only low cal and work the fuck out =-=

hiswaywardgirl says:

Thank you for this!! I’ve had some health issues and really struggle with
cardio. This was perfect. :)

mariam elsakka says:

should i warm up b4 doing this exercise???

The1AndOnlySuperMom says:

I have fibromyalgia and this is exactly what I need. 

mariam elsakka says:

loved it this is ur best training ever i could actually finish it and that
is a miracle :)) thx guys 

olga bear says:


Mia Smith says:

What kind of things do you wear for this???

aurabarbiedoll93 says:

im so sore from working out yesterday but i need to go HAM! :)

Gloomy Roses says:

OMG she turns

david daulby says:

would this be good to do before i lift wights or should it be done on a
different day ?

mellowreads says:

I love doing this when I’m dead tired after school and I just want to get
some exercise… Phew! 

Faith McQuinn says:

I have arthritis in my back and my knees are shot from volleyball. I needed
a good low-impact workout like this. Thanks!

grammar nazi says:

Awesome. I was recently in a skydiving accident and shattered my pelvis.
This is a great workout to get back into the swing of things!

Pau Lin says:

Can I do it? I’m just an 11 year old girl. :(

Regine Hughes says:

I’m gonna try to do three rounds of this. 

Cezar Bianu says:

is it recommended to do this every day?

Stephanie Soulas says:


Tanya Walker says:

I wanted to workout but not in mood today for a crazy high impact. This was
good. Got a sweat going. I added small dumbbells on second and third

Thales Godoy says:

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

glass rune says:

Heart is pumping crazy after this. But good lord I am out of shape. Need to
do this every night.

Angii xo says:

This work out is so good! I have a knee injury that stops me from doing a
lot of cardio workouts but this one worked great. I’m sweating and my heart
is going nuts. Love it, thank you.

lunduuu says:

How much calories “go out”

Todd S says:

After many years of destroying my body with crap myself and my family have
decided to correct things today is the first of hopefully a lifetime of
doing it right. Thanks for the great video

이수현 says:

good! need short time to make sweat. Is it better to do it in the morning
or at night?

kalemba joseph says:

When I run ma heart beats crazily just one 1000milles am forced to stop
what can be the cause

carmen rivera says:

will this workout help loose weight? if yes in how long would it be showing
results? please someone answer!

Cynthia K says:

I have been very lazy and gained a ridiculous amount of weight due to
college stress. I did this workout the day before yesterday, and I realised
how unbelievably unhealthy I am because I was so tired and breathless! I
did this again today and it didn’t feel too bad. Thank you for this video.
I will try and do it as often as I can, so I can slowly get myself to a
healthy and active lifestyle.

Ervin Kanzi says:

im done in 4 min

Savennia Hanson says:

This was helpful for me. It looks so simple but when I did it my heart
beats like crazy. I’ll try to do this everyday to be healthier

Vivien Nagy says:

Can I do this everyday or just every other day?

abena305 says:

I love this channel. Great workouts for low impact. Since I subscribed I’ve
been consistent with exercising. Thank you. 

Clare Corcoran says:

Aproxamely how many calories does this burn? Im 5ft 5in and 11.5 st

Roberta vassallo says:

really enjoyed, looking forward to other workouts from your site : )

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