Durianrider Interview- 5 Fitness/Weight Loss Tips & More

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I ask Cyclist & endurance athlete Durianrider about pre-Workout tips, calorie restriction, and his top 5 tips to long-term health and fitness at the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2013.

Sleep, Water, Sugar daily focus

Sun + Sport weekly focus

Durianrider Freelee 30bananas a day 30bananasaday

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HealthDollarSense says:

Great video, thanks for sharing! 

Jeff Ferguson says:

I guess….if your yardstick is the average sick, fat North American male
who has 30-50% body fat.

Rana El-rass says:

Thank you. Have fun :)

brcage says:

Ya, im doing the insanity program right now and i’m raw/fruitarian and
everything is great including my recovery! the only thing im a little
worried about is burning off muscle so I’ve been thinking of buying so veg
protein powder like sun warrior brand or something similar, insanity is
just such an intense high cardio workout.

PlantbasedAthlete says:

That’s what good cyclist look like, just turn on the Tour de France.

topbuzza says:

appreciate your videos mate, what are your take on porridge? breakfast i
love oats & bananas that still RAW ?

Mathew Gauvin says:

Wow he’s skinny.

DestinedSpektr says:

Good interview

Fruit Freedom says:

Great video! Very true. So many people want a quick fix, instant
gratification. I was like that for years as well. Thank you for this video!

born993 says:

So if i way 50kg i should be having around 500g of carbs per day :)

tim bo says:

great video! very interesting!

Betty Pink says:

Thanks a lot guys great informations ;) Hope to see you next year.

Rosine Rehnmark says:

I suspect calorie restriction prevents aging because most people’s diet is
a big load of crap, so of course eating less of that crap is beneficial.
For people who eat a truly healthy diet I’m not sure this is valid anymore.

kehcat1 says:

Thanks guys… I learned a lot.

esswell says:

I read Chris McCormack always got muscle cramps in his early attempts at
Kona because he wasn’t hydrating his muscles properly with electrolytes.
While you’re at the festival can you get a video with Grant Campbell and
ask him specifically about electrolytes for endurance whilst eating 801010
raw vegan? Cheers

sadsbsjk says:

Great tipps, guys! Thanks a lot :)

pedallin raw says:


OldVegan says:

Excellent video. Thank you.

durianrider says:

depends what steroid cycle the athlete is doing. For cutting defo but if
you want to be over 200lbs consistently during full cycle I would say no.
Not enough protein and fat to keep insulin levels ruthlessly high. Yeah you
can use slin but thats pretty dangerous and not enough at the end of the
day. You need to eat enough animal fat and protein to have extreme mutant
high levels of insulin consistently. Insulin is one of the most powerful
anabolics. 100% legal but also can be 100% lethal.

Ezekielkok says:

Durianrider! You are my inspiration! Thank you for your video that got me
meatless 9 days so far. My tummy is smaller n I feel so much better!

Rosine Rehnmark says:

Thanks Jay, I like how you brought Harley’s kind side to light. :)

Rohe Energie - Vegane Ernährung & Mehr says:

Very good video! I wish you a lot of fun. :-)

Jon G says:

Is an 80 10 10 diet suited for building muscle n strength?

Hannah Petrak says:

great video, jay!

rionhakiwai says:

another plant based bjj practitioner! awesome bro. We also finish rolling
around 8/9pm and i’ve always followed up with dates. Are you not eating
post bjj? is harley suggesting not eating post late night workouts?

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