Chair Workout – Overweight & Obese Fitness

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Everyone has got to start somewhere on the road back to good health. You have a right to be healthy & whole. But where to begin? When the thought of a jumping jack or a push up is too much, we have an answer for you. This 10 minute- give it your all- Chair workout will get you back on the road to living well. Do this workout 4-6 days a week and see how quickly you can regain what has been stolen.
Stay tuned for more workouts to come…


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szekatka says:

Thank you very much for this video! Im still young but overweight, and I
have seen so many videos but I never had the willpower to do them till the
end. But you keep talking about changing and motivation and will, and it is
what gives me strength. I am about to start doing this exercise regularly,
I do hope it will help. Thank you for helping me!


Thank you so much!!! My body can only manage a 20-30min every 2nd day. I
think is good to alternate with my walking….thank you again

Sarah Bohling says:

I am far from worshipping god, but your videos are an inspiration, and give
me possible hope that I can have full faith one day. I made it through the
whole workout, and my current weight is 205, I’ve never really been able to
keep to workout routines rather just drastically altering my diet along
with fasts which have lead me to loosing 57 lbs since the birth of my
daughter, I am hoping I can keep to this and some of your others and get to
an even healthier weight. My reason is not just to lose weight, but to be
healthy and fit enough to care for my child.

Faith hope says:

Wow! I’m so glad I found you!!!! Praise God for what you are doing. It
was easy to follow and VERY effective. I’m totally out of breath here.
LOL This is the only way (or swimming) that I believe I can get back to
moving. I can’t thank you enough for posting this. I will look at your
other material for sure. God bless you!

Wendy Johnson says:

Thank you for sharing this! I believe I can start my morning off right now!

Milka Lefty says:

I am so glad to have found this video. I have just had a knee sprain and
was lucky to have seen this work out. God bless you! 

Pyowaan says:

Im not religious but i like your message and videos. this is helping me,
thank you :D

AssenavxActress says:

I am so proud of myself! :) I got through this entire workout without
stopping! Thank you for this. It is now part of my routine.

Destiny Klein says:

Im not overweight but i watch this video every night and do it 3 times a
night. Thank you very much! God bless! Im 13 years old and im glad i found
something like this ;) 

mujibG Jackson says:

I am in the worst shape in my life I’m 42 and I feel like 62 I have also a
lot of medical complication which is a result of my obesity especially with
my lower half hips legs can’t stand for longtime. And floors are also a
problem I need to lose alot of weight and found your workout very helpful
can you show more leg strengthening stuff for someone like me

ben hewper says:

Jesus is your imaginary friend invented by homophobic, sexist and racist
monks 2000 years ago :D

bobblind1981 says:

Thanks for posting this video. I am obese. I have been trying to live a
better life. I have been trying to workout with the slim and fast group. It
have me doing a lot of starting and stopping. Your video is more of my
type. I can do more. I see myself doing this everyday, several times a day.

EmKa Poland says:

Thanks so much for this video. I’ve just started my diet and needed a
workout like that! :)

Leasa Hart says:

Love this video it got me on the road to a 100 day of exercise challenge .
You started me on day one today is day 27. I have a personal trainer 2 days
a week and I do your YouTube videos the rest of the week along with totally
changing my eating habits. God bless you . I can do all things with Christ!

Leann Bennett says:

Though I am an atheist, I really appreciate this video. Thanks for posting!

Paula Jontef says:

Completé los 10 min de rutina obviamente mucho más lento y terminé agotada,
pero me sentí muy bien de haberlo intentado y voy a incluirla dos o tres
veces en la semana.

Stacy H says:

Love this.thanks for creating this for the over weight people. It was hard
but I did the whole ten minutes because it wasn’t like the other exercises
where you have to be very strenuous and get on the floor. And you are so
encouraging and I love how you really about God. Thanks so much.

jose Espinoza says:

Your are the best!

nakina32 says:

Thank you.

Alison Anderson says:

Love these workouts! Sprained my ankle and have been looking for something
that’ll still get my heart rate up…this is it. Thank you for creating
this. I want to stop but remember it’s only 10 min and I power through.

David Richardson, Jr says:

Wow what a workout! This was an absolute challenge that I needed! I will
get where I need to be if I keep up this routine that you are sharing with
us. Thank you for letting God use you to help overweight people such as

JJ Johnson says:

3 John 1:2
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
I give my Heavenly Father all glory for using you as you allow Him to help
so many to see and understand that He loves us all so much that He desires
for us to be in good health. Thank you so much! My move is my motivation
how can we help someone else if we are over weight and unhealthy ourselves.
May Our Savior continue to prosper you in all that you do not for self game
but that He will be high and lifted. In the Mighty name of Jesus Amen

Samantha Fanning says:

I just found this video!! I actually cried because I have found a workout
that my body might be able to handle plus your words of encouragement are
amazing!!! This give me the option to have a workout that I can do instead
of alot of exercises I can’t!! I want to thank the Lord for finding this
video and for the work you put into it!!! Im in what feels like a never
ending battle with obesity at the age of 22 and at the most was 500 pounds.
Now I’m at 470 which is a drastic loss for someone in my shape!! I’ve ran
my body down trying to do God’s work and forgetting to stop and do work on
myself!!! Please continue to put out videos like these!!!!

raj shrestha says:

Check out the fat losing machine that lies hidden in your body. Copy And
paste Into Google Skinnimaker System to activate it.

GailBano says:

Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, asthma. I can do this! Thank you.

Faith hope says:

By the way, you look AWESOME! Your body is truly a product of what you

Mildred Haslett says:

Thank you for this video! I appreciate your encouragement to focus on the
Lord, from Whom our strength comes. 

jessica pritchett says:

thank you soo soo much this is what i needed! thanks for a starting place 

Lynn Higginbotham says:

thank you

Veronica Cardona says:

Love this. I am a paraplegic in recovery – with gaining movement back into
my legs, but needing to build back my endurance and muscles. So this will
really help me in my wheelchair. Thanks! 

DecimatedPlague666 says:

Wish I could share this with my friend, but I don’t want her offended
because of how you titled it. Can’t call her obese… :/

Lisa DeBaets says:

i am doing the 8 week CTGT plan. I just do it slower. Its really good. The
lessons are getting my head heart where it needs to be.

Jameson Mailo says:

Thank you so much for this workout. God bless. 

Stacy H says:

Thanx so much for creating this

Amanda Fields says:

Thank you for the workout and the wonderful message. I’ve lost 120 pounds
but I still have 150 to go. Almost half way! Thanks for providing a quick
workout for people like me that still need that support until I’m fit
enough to do a regular workout. Day two I’m looking forward to tomorrow. 

Marissa DiPietro says:

I injured my ankle and this is one of the best seated workouts I’ve found!
Thank you!

teenerqm says:

Don’t think this is for older people or beginners. HasFit has a wonderful
chair video. I think I would get my mom to try this one after a few months
of the other, slower one. I can’t see real BIG or old people keeping up.
Even the changes between are too fast for beginners. But great video for
not so beginners :)

Fab Ulous says:

Appreciate the workout but many of us obese folk cant raise leg/knee in the
air as you demo from the start. I also have damaged hips. Yikes! That aint

Majesty Jen says:

it is now 9:47 and I finished it!!!

itsthesherf says:

You are so motivational and this is an awesome video, thank you. I am on my
journey to lose more weight (30 down!) and this is very helpful. I plan to
save this and remember the workout. Thanks for this!

Majesty Jen says:

im not gonna lie i gave up half way i am sweeting as if the raindrops wont
stop pouring down but i am thankful for this video

MisunderstoodSoul says:

Wow. I am fairly young but obese and struggling severely with normal
workouts. I must say, this has really tired me out, but I’m feeling good.
Thank you so much! I’ll see you again tomorrow! :)

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