Cardio Kickboxing Workout to Burn Fat at Home – 25 Minute Kickboxing Cardio Interval Workout

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Dragan Krstic says:

Hello people, can anyone of you suggest me good, proven female wight loss
program for my wife? She has big problems with obesity and she tried a lot
of tips and methods she found on the Internet but nothing helped. Moreover
she has problems now with “yo-yo” effect, she is gaining weight again… If
anyone knows any good program, please reply! Thanks in advance

Cassy Charles says:

it’d be good if u did a kickboxing level 2. this one has been really
helping but now it’s kind of easy…

GeekyPanda193 says:

In one of the first warm ups, I noticed that when you did the toe touches
your leg didn’t quite straighten out. I can’t straighten mine when lifting
them up with like leg swings or whatever. I was wondering if someone knew
why this is? I’ve heard that it happens when your body grows too fast? I’m
not sure but that might be a reason, since I’m quite tall for my age.

Lee-Anne Lindsay says:

What’s with all the jumping???? Someone needs to come up with a workout for
chicks with big breasts

Trinda Arvette says:

she should play some upbeat motivational music or something, but until then
she is very helpful

korynnininm says:

I always think of she hulk when I get the “I can’t do this” attitude. What
I’m a fat geek girl. And I dye my hair green.
Hey it works. I prefer kick boxing workouts because I was on the wrestling
team before 8th because girls can’t wrestle dudes and the school didn’t
have a girl team then I got depressed and got depressed. 

Hardik Jain says:

Is this only for women? 


This is what I’m talking about.. I sweated so bad… & i finished this
workout.. No one can work me the way Fitness blender can.. OMG!.. I finally
found something that will work for me… Thank you so much.. Now I am
motivated… :)

Wachiravit Kiat says:

What is more effective for fat burning between this and cardio HIIT ?

isabell KIM says:

I’m 14 5’3 weight about 125. I want to loose weight but not too much… So
maybe like 110? If I do this 3-4 times a week how long would It take to see
results?? Also any tips to lose weight faster

Dimas Matos says:

Should i do this every other day or every day?

Lerato Moshebi says:

naaa i think its perfectly fine…. without music….!!! its differant and
real …..!! and fun…. if u want music play your own music!!

TheLadyyasB Barnes says:

Do you have a meal plan you can share for healthy eating with this workout?
April 1st u will be doing this workout 6 days a week and want I want good
meal ideas please?

AnjasLifeDK says:

Amazing workout, I’m pretty new at the FitnessBlender, but there is already
a lot of workouts that I’m IN LOVE with! So thank you so much. :)

Muo Palazzo says:

“This workout is complete”

I love this sentence.

masa1709 says:

just finished this workout! it feels so good x

Syeda Hoque says:

It’s very good workout and I will defiantly try it today . 

Dinesh Visva says:

Cardio Kickboxing Workout to Burn Fat at Home – 2…:

LaWanna Desjardin says:

perfect for my Saturday morning working. I love that there is no music and
no “motivational” cheering. Just work-out, plain and simple and boy, am I

Chris Shelley says:

This is one of my favorite workouts.

Imma Smiler says:

You can tell that she’s healthy, you know not that skinny

Bernadette Ricci says:

I liked this one – it was fun!

anna williams says:

yas thank god for the water break

purple blue says:

this is great!! i have a big fat thigh and also my lower leg, do you have a
specific work out for those?thanks

Yogiana Prabaswari says:

i’ve loss 1kg in a week with this workout

Motivation.of.Games says:

Hey Kelly, thanks ya so much for helping me burning fat.I had 67Kg , and
now I have 59-60kilos.Now or for a few days it will be a 2 months when i
started training. First two weeks was 1 cardio at the day, and than 2
cardios, than 3 on day. I have not eaten chocolate and chipses and all that
gmo food,didn’t drink juices , haven’t eat not healthy food and there are a
RESULTS.I didn’t stopped doing this workout.

There is subscribe and like.

P.S. Kelly my training inspiration..:)…sorry for bad english.

Claudia Hamilton says:

Has it worked for anyone?

Xime xxLovefrut says:


Julia Sarasin says:

why are their 2 numbers under calories??

June P says:

Honestly, how can you not put music to this?

yas o says:

This workout makes me feel badass! Doing it to the killbill soundtrack
helps :D
Thanks fitnessblender- been doing your workouts for about three weeks now
and I’ve dropped about 6lbs. Working out is fun again! Now I just need to
sort out getting my leptin levels up with a well balanced diet! 

Andrea Stoffers says:

I finally found something that will work for me :) Amazing video. I
subscribed :))

sophie hunter says:

Me and my 8 year old little sister finished this (I am 13). She loved it! 

TheDanceNastics 3 says:

How many of these cardio workouts you have to do to start seeing some fat
burning on your stomach where your abs are,?

วัฒนา แก้วดี says:

Cardio Kickboxing Workout to Burn Fat at Home – 2…:

xoxomoemoe says:

Just found this video after searching for kickboxing classes, and I’m
really happy I did! It was my first time working out in about six months.
I’m really out of shape and weigh approx. 190-200 lbs (I don’t like
scales). Since I hadn’t worked out in a while, I overexerted and got a bit
sick, but I almost finished the routine (ended at 17:23) and I’m so proud
of myself! I’ll certainly be watching more of your videos, and referring
you to friends! :) :)

vronik269 says:

Excelente video ! Suban un siguiente nivel de lo mismo ! :)

Tina Skinner says:

Alot off my weight is on my waist and my legs and tummy i am only 4ft 10
and i am 9st 4pound how long would it take me if i just did this to get to
a healthy shap and how many times a week would i have to do it

Ramael Aotl says:

Well that polished me off twice over

Rovan Elgendi says:

i have a belly fat, does it help ?

Jamie Manning says:

First time doing this video. It’ll be doing it often! Thank you for not
having cheesy music in the background. That makes it so easy for me to
listen to what drives me!

Awassada Putchakarn says:

This video is a good choice for me to burn up calories, It’s easy and I can
do it at home! thank you so much for such enjoyable video!! xxxx 

Mariel BLANCO says:

Pero que te pensas? Que con esto vas a salir a la calle y vas a poder
defenderte dando saltitos nena

RyojiMochizuki says:

I just finished this workout & I sweated alot!! thank you FitnessBlender!

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