Beginner Boot Camp Workout — Easy Toning & Low Impact Cardio Workout with Fitness Blender

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Alyssa Blanton says:

Read the comments, and feel much better that by the end of this i wasnt the
only one out of breath. I can’t wait to start more and get healthier.

aurabarbiedoll93 says:

ahh im like oh im pooped i think that was enough. i look and its only been
5 minutes!!!!

Larra Romabon says:

Beginner Boot Camp Workout — Easy Toning & Low I…:

claire Lee says:

I’m getting used to this workout. Though I can’t do it regularly, I think
it works!
Thank you. I’ll keep on doing it for my health.

fawk cku says:

did this work out with no breaks. only got back into exercising again like
last week. I guess I’m not a beginner anymore. I’ll definitely try a more
advanced workout next time. still sweating and felt burn in my muscles

Nataria Matekohi says:

What an awesome work out, I’ve been trying a few different channels just to
see what their work out is like and which one I want to stick with and I
think this is the one. The best thing is the fact that you don’t need any
equipment. The workout alone is enough. I’m puffed. Time for a home made
fruit smoothie :) Thanks Fitnees Blender! See you again tomorrow :)

jane golzey says:

this was deffinatly a basic work out yet made me sweat and arm muscle ache
so fingers crossed

Shiela Locsin says:
Moe Homer Ha says:

Really enjoyed this workout. Good session to get back into using

tugce erli says:


Steph M says:

Great workout. I was panting by the end of the first round. I also had to
take breaks, but I finished, and I feel good! Can’t wait to do it again

TheCharlisseAngel says:

Completed this workout. I feel good. ^_^

Re-Shock 83 says:


Amy LaLa says:

How can I do this without losing weight? I just want to be healthier and
toned with less cellulite lol

Kim Mitchell says:

This is my FIRST time doing this workout. It is ABSOLUTELY awesome. I
haven’t worked out in years and after having my Dr. literally cuss me out,
I knew I had to get busy and serious. I will be doing this at least three
times a week to start. Thanks FitnessBlender… BTW, where can I find these
videos for dvd?

hhastii says:

Feel isolated when people talk about losing weight – I’m trying to put on
weight! Love this workout, just means I have to eat twice as much lol.

Ajharul Rana says:

Cheers for the video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your
opinion. Have you considered – Scarlet Superior Body Formula (google it)?
Ive heard some great things about it and my m8 got hot 6 pack abs and lost
lots of belly fat with it.

Olivia Belawske says:

how many calories would say you would burn doing this video like 352
soothing like that or what 

Bec Green says:

I love this. I didn’t workout for years then started this. I did it three
or four time a week for three weeks and lost 5kgs (11 pounds), with some
better food choices.
Then I stopped for a couple of months and I just started up again this week.
I forgot how much I love it! Amazing for people like me who go ages without
doing anything. Everyone- don’t give up, because it worked for lazy me.
Just stick with it.

Delphine A. says:

best routine so far. I so love your fitness videos. Thanks a lot !

Ketua Kadok says:

I like her sport attire

Ana Anaya says:

Thank you for the low impact cardio workouts. They get my heart rate up,
but not too much to the point I can’t breath. Plus I get a good sweat.
Great instruction!

Kayla Michelle says:

yesterday I only got to 10 mins! haha today I pushed myself and got through
the whole video along with some pilates!

Diane Myer says:

This video is helpful for me because I haven’t worked out for awhile and
when I was doing it before my knees hurt. This doesn’t hurt my knees!
Thank you for creating this great workout.

Honey Bunnies says:

I only made it through 2 1/2 rounds =/ but its a start! ^.^

Ali Lemon says:

Ahhhh! Made it through again!! Thanks for the workout!!

Dretta Green says:

loved it. subscribed:-)

gigiSweet55 says:


ohemgainne C. says:

i love thiiis!!!!!!!!! :)

Alina Umbres says:

Great video! Just what i needed after long time not doing any sport and low
back pain. Thx a lot!

Noemi Rivera says:

Summer challenge with my 11yr son. Great workout we are doing together!

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